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fake and gay

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GOOGLE "link day trading starts september 25 kraken" IF YOU DON'T WANT TO CLICK MY LINK YOU BEAUTIFUL GAY PERSON

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What’s chain link?

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>link day trading

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A gay sex act, no need to do more research.

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kraken is fucking grabage

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You're garbage.
They're the biggest exchange and fiat onramp for Euros, with a much better reputation than Coinbase.

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The fuck is a kraken lmao The Used lead singer is selling chainlink now? Lmao

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kraken is a shit exchange. Also sergey said they dont have any talks with exchanges what so ever

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Quoracles: Quantum Resistant Oracles for Decentralized Financial Applications by Ari Juels, Sergey Nazarov, Steve Ellis, and Thomas Hodges. Jan. 2020.

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Phil McKraken

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See >>15697433
you absolute copelet

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Kraken is a great exchange actually. Made life very simple for me when I was sending funds from my business. Very responsive and far quicker to declare the arrival of funds than CB

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>”we don’t communicate with exchanges”
>sends 700k to binance

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hope they offer margin trading so i can finally short this shitcoin to the ground

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wtf are you talking about, its great to convert FIAT to crypto and vice versa.

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The absolute state of /biz/ rn baka

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so then sergey is a liar then?

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Why is he a liar?

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Don't be shy now, you can use your own words.
Why do you say Sergey is a liar?

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im not going to spoon feed you a youtube link faggot. I dont care to prove a point to anon

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Why is the link fud such poor quality anymore? I first thought it was an army of paid pajeet nigger discord trannies, but now it's looking like coping faggots who sold the bottom or missed out completely.

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The real news here is Dai, the best stable coin. Who cares about chainstink?

At least I can short it now

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Nulinkers, anon.

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lmao, gg no re

>The real news here is Dai, the best stable coin.
>Who cares about chainstink?
Dai cares. lol

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>no one cares
>here's why i care

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can someone explain what the kraken effect is?

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Kraken is (after Coinbase) the largest fiat onramp. Especially in the EU.
And their reputation exceeds that of Coinbase because they focus even more on compliance.

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Literally a nothingburger. How is Kraken supposed to provide liquidity for fiat purchases if I am NOT FUCKING SELLING?

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It makes buying a lot easier.

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Cool, good for them. It's a good project. Fuck tether.

Partnerships and investors don't mean a project has a future.

>shorting something means I care

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Kraken is the go-to exchange for crypto normies and they are listing link TOMORROW.
All the normies will see Chainlink mooning today and the news from Binance and they will be buying like crazy tomorrow on Kraken!!! WE ARE GOING TO THE FUCKING MOON GUYS!!!! THIS IS IT I AM NOT FUCKING KIDDING

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The moon means like, $2.50 tops

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Somewhere on this board there is a person who sold their LINK because a smug little anime girl made fun of them.

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Will there be a "kraken" effect tomorrow

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My body is so ready.

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this, it'll hit $2.50 for a split second and then come right back down to whatever it is right now (by the end of the day)

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Holy shit.
I got to admit the fud was getting to me lately. Wasnt even thinking about selling but I stopped buying every new dip but.... HOLY SHIT I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT ALL THE DIPS!

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Fucking quads. See you all in Valhalla marines

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Duly checked and noted.

It's going to be so werid firing up Kraken tomorrow and seeing "EUR/LINK" right there in the layout that's been etched into my brain since I got into crypto.

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The Moon is hollow.

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it's really happening, isn't it?

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Does this mean I can margin trade link? I have a kraken account but never used it all my stinkies are on jewbase pro

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>Kraken is the go-to exchange for crypto normies and they are listing link TOMORROW.
No, that's Coinbase.

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Shitex lists shitcoin

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Fuck yeah, another way for Sergay to cash out to fiat.

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So Kraken doesn't allow USD deposits without KYC? Is Coinbase the only exchange that does?

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Oh man, these fucking announcements are getting more and more lame.

$1 EOY

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Coinbase has KYC too.

This but ironically.

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Kraken is better than Coinbase. Smart money and large capital use it because its the fastest FIAT gateway and is not monitored by banks or IRS.

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maybe if you read the article you will know the answer, fucking dumb retard

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