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I founded /biz/ back in the day by spamming mods to create this board and making threads on /pol/ and /b/ even started my own board site to make them Jealous and finally my board died and i went mad and lost everything. Should i kill myself?

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Not even sure what you're on about kid.

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it was a while ago before the gook took over 4chin

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let's do a business process model. After all, we are on biz.

draw a diamond

over the diamond, draw a rectangle. in that rectangle, write kill yourself.

draw an arrow from the diamond to that rectangle.
next to that arrow, write yes.

above that rectangle draw a circle with a thick border.
draw an arrow from that rectangle to that circle.

now draw another rectangle below the diamond.
in this rectangle, write: explore other ventures.

draw an arrow from the diamond to this rectangle.
next to that arrow, write no.

now draw another arrow from this rectangle, going down, pointing to nothing in particular.

left of the diamond, draw a circle
below this circle, write: I'm having a crisis.

draw an arrow from the circle to the diamond.

now, next to the diamond, write: "is this my life's work?"

now draw this, and post it.

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