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You said chainlink wouldn't be at Sibos.

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This is it boys. This is it. We will make it after Sibos.

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CTRL+F10 'CHAINLINK' = 0 result

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Where? Are you implying Microsoft or Digital Assets will announce there?

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This isn't how you spell Chainlink faggot

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This is the coming out party. Every single one of these will demonstrate or describe that Chainlink is their solution for interoperability, oracles, etc.

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Nothing will happen stop hyping shit up

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It's literally fucking nothing. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH LINK. Fucks sake.

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hyperledger fabric had this from he start

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And where exactly does it say chainlink, you illiterate retard?

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> they don't understand hadera and link's relationship
Fuck off newfags

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I kant reedz

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" Chainlink and the final solution. "

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It’s not that they don’t understand. It’s that they have no idea.

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reminder: nothing ever happens

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Yeah we know hedera said it will use chainlink for off chain info however none of those talks are about that use case. Also it's not chainlink at the talk.

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Fuck off fake news, not everything that happens in crypto is related directly to chainlink and oracles

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I will cut my pinkie off if they mention chainlink at sibos 2019.


Link >$1eoy

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I know their relationship, dipshit, but what does that have to do with chainlink you larping faggot?

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Cant cut off your dick its already been mutilated. Go dilate.

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But Quant (QNT) is.
Stinky linkies absolutely irrevocably BTFO.

Chainlink will slowly bleed out and die, one 700k dump after another - meanwhile QNT will go to 1000$ and beyond.

Only a select few linkies will understand this and repent, while the majority will unironically have to go work at McDonalds until they're 65 years old.

Screencap this.

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