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guys its time to buy holo
holo is our future
holo is luxury life
holochain is freedom

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holo is our only hope
holo will save humanity

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yes buy holo

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Why, yes, I do hold over 50 million Holo. How did you know?

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it's time to sell isn't it?

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i know all>>15645550
no no no time to buy

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Holo is better than Stainstink.

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>don't see tits
>6 replies

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tits for holo, buy holo then tits

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I've got a big bag, tits now.

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prove it

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Not gonna give info to agencies. But it's a big enough stack.

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Show tits

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Holo shill threads are becoming more cringy than BRAP.

Tits or gtfo whore

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No time stamp. Disappoint. Nice tits though.

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gtfo with brap, it shitcoin with fat none girls>>15646123
thats my post

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Yes holo good

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buy holo dont be faggiet or betacuckld

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im not indian

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Whatever drifts your "boat" India

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holochain in binance, retarded

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i agree holo best

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yes holo is future

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dont worry i own 500k

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holo good sirs please buy holoports will be delivered I promise it's not a scam

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tiny bag, I own several millions
oh god fucking cease my suffering

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it will moon

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Holochain is going to pull a ripple and rocket to a level beyond your current understanding. All your pajeet ass jobs right now is to amass 10m at minimum.

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Holochain is unironically dead. Since the beginning of the year the HOLO team have embarrassed themselves in various ways, including but not limited to selling people hardware and not delivering it. Unfortunately this was probably their best move. If they would have shipped the (now outdated) warehouse PCs they sold people, it would be painfully obvious that they have no working software and no cryptocurrency outside of an ERC20 token. Holoports would have been declared paperweights and the dream would have been dead six months ago. So not delivering looks bad, and it killed the project, but it gave them six months to squeeze out that last PnD so they could at least dump on you fuckers. At this point there is zero hope for this zombie project and the slow exit scam is underway. I guess that's what happens when you steal your product strategy from a parody show about Silicon Valley. RIP Hippies.

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fuck ripple

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yes goy sell
before it got started and got a normie adoption sell
sell before normies get the holo radiation
sell before 1000000000000x
jews will rule for ever because they are just more patient
they got the long term planning intact unlike gentile apes

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This. Software is far from being ready. Ports aren't coming this year.
t. Insider

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This, there is a reason that Junto had to go forward without the correct node software

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It’s obvious from this latest shill campaign this the the exit PnD . Get out while you still have some sats left. This is going to sub 5 sats as soon as the devs decide they can’t pump it any higher and dump on u. They already stole the holoport and ICO money. What do you expect?

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there is something to be said tho for having enough money to afford being patient

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Can't you all see they've been lying to you from the very beginning? They took your money and gave a timeline, only to turn around and say they're rewriting the software from scratch. Mary said ports were being delivered at the start if this year. Latest video update months ago said they're in the final stretch to delivery, even though they are barely into closed testing and can't connect more than a few nodes. Lib3h was going to be the final push to connect thousands of nodes, but it's just another attempt to delay the inevitable and won't fix anything. The project is dead, they cannot complete their vision, funds are running low and Holo will be just another failed crypto that blatantly lied to their community.

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it will moon, i bet ure like stinky linkies

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t. pajeet who bought at 40 sat
bro dcaing is more profitable than fud every time

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Let's ignore the fact that Link is the best performing asset across all markets over the past 12 months. This is a Holo shill thread. At what point will you wake up and realise it's over? When it's 2020 and they are still telling you the software is almost done, will you still believe?

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its a token printed out of thin air not backed by anything

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Let them suffer, seriously. We have been inundated with port refunds the past few months. Those who are intelligent enough to see through the bullshit are leaving and it will be only the most deluded bagholders left when it crumbles. They deserve it.

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ofc sergay is the best in sucking fat cocks

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HOLO WILLL MOON! repeat with me an it will true. HOLO WILL MOON!

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Holy fuck I decided to do some more research into the executives. I've found some grade A fud. I'm going to save this and see if I can find more, but if you roll trips I'll reveal the person it's about so you can find it yourself.

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Please don't. I know who you're talking about.

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Wtf why? You've been fudding this shit yourself

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>shills shitcoin



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This will ruin the person's personal life and I don't hate them.

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There was another "insider" that said they could be coming this year

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How much hot are you holding

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It's damn obvious they won't be coming if you cared to follow progress.


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Confirmed. xD

Have fun

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All these shill accounts talking to each other.


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What exactly are the roadblocks? Tell us something a larper couldn't know.

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buy holo

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>muh feelings

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ITT redditors expose themselves for not knowing the how 4chan works

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you realize that putting "femanon" in the name is FUD right?

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i born with a cunt. so im a girl?

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top 3 sell signals:
1. niggers
2. women
3. reddit

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Buy a brain.

oops can't do that.

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Even ether's own creator said blockchain tech is to old and bad for the environment and slow -

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dont use gayddit, im not a nigga >>15648511
buy a penis, oooops thats why u fuck asians, pedo

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More gibberish.
Good luck with your brain xD

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xD- autist trolling.

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kek please continue

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get a life

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Networking is the biggest roadblock for Holochain. This is known among all developers so not really a secret. Some think their approach is unsolvable and I raised issues with the core team in the beginning only to be ignored. Now the issues are being realised and they're trying all sorts of bandaid solutions. If it magically works, it's not going to work well. This will impact the performance of Holo hosting.

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How is the final exit pump going? Are you getting enough volume to dump this once and for all?

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HOLO and Stegos are my picks to change the world pajeets.

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yea right, everybody is an ex employee expert with all the answers

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The Challenges & Opportunities in Distributed Networking

from today


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>tfw it touched 10 sats today

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we going back there soon, it waz a hint

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I've never trusted a woman before and i'm not about to start now!

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then stay pooor

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Honestly the only project to see 100x gains in the alt coin season / bull market... yall dont love money if you aren't already invesitng in HOLO

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It’s only been less than a year and a half since the ico and I remember link was 15 cents for two years at least. Holo about ready to start flexing

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holo is going to hog the entire bullmarket for itself

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Yep... holding very strong at 7-8 sats, definitely double would be doable near term. Loaded up yugeee bags.

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when stegos IEO?

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>replying to a womyn
what did they mean by this?

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Get a brain.

>> No.15653458

Time stamp or it didn’t happen.

>> No.15653734

>this the the exit
Kys ranjeet

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This project will take the world by surprise


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>>15653362 i have it. thats why ure a poor
>>15653458 holo loves feet not tits

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LARP life works for some creatures.

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im a white

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Good luck with that.


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stay pooor

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Daydream some more, it clearly helps your day.


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why ure sooo gay?

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Are we still salty about not having any brain?

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rolf reply to urself... stupid fag

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Sirs, how much you need to break even? I'm not asking those who have been holding for years

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yes I agree holo good

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