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Pretty much completed. Reconfirmed by the following clip


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Hopefully staking goes live by EOY

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Wen staking tho?

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September 20th

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Don't do this to me bro, I will kms if there is no steak tomorrow.

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Think positive. We're all in this 2gether.

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Make that 3gether fren.

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You are a maniac (:

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Make that fourgether frens.

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This french fuck is breaking all the news early lol, I wonder how Sergey feels about him.

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>Chainlink videos on youtube maybe have 5k at most views and that's on videos over 2 years old

It's crazy that we are maybe a group of 100-1000 people that know about and follow chainlink. We certainly are the early adopters

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Make it fivegeather guise

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This entire palo-it meetup came completely out of the blue.
And it seems that people still aren't aware of it.

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Probably before or same time as sibos.

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Is there space for a sixth?

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That's always how it works. Anything else like the sibos and web3 hype (and following disappointment) is artificial market manipulation by paid shills or discord trannies.

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Sibos is gonna be a nothingburger?

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If there is place for a seventh there is for sure a place for a sixth..r-right guys??

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I had previously thought so but in this talk they quite explicitly say there is a swift/chainlink oracle. It could be illustrative rather than material but i now think the odds are GPI link is chainlink. If it is i would think we'd see some proper sign prior to the event.

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Chainlink wasn't even invited to Sibos, so most likely it will be nothing. The OP's clip provides reassurance and SWIFT is integrated Chainlink though.

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>imagine hitting enter two times for a one line response

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>imagine hitting enter, ever.
Never gonna make it

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have sex lmao

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He's done a number on you mate

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also dilate

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what happens if staking is an absolute buggy piece of shit

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