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We have just a few hours before money skelly and money belly go at it. During the panel skelly gets angry at belly's bigmac farts. Skelly will stand up and go full power ETH $500 USD per coin. "Ahahaha" says Sergey "You were much stronger a couple years back, truley pathetic." Sergey then flash powers up and sends the skeleton flying off the stage with a flick of his pinky finger. And quickly returns back to his resting power. Sergey snaps his head over and sees someone in the crowd recording the whole thing. "NOOO STREAMS!!" He screams and then immediately rapidly pushed the 700k dump button fast as fucking lightning. "Let this be a lesson to all you wage keks." *BBBBBBRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPTSZPTZRRRRAAAAAPPPPP* The sound as he lets out the smeliest shart, knocking out everyone in the audience. 3 hours later people begin to wake up. One of the men in the crowd was looking at the price of LINK during belly in full power. His phone was frozen. The price of LINK: $61,288.87 USD. Never ever fucking selling.

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