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Does anyone else feel like you're connected to fellow Link Marines? I feel like right now, something big is coming, it's like my mind and body is sub-consciously anticipating it, I feel as if we're all connected together, that we're in the same ship and we're about to take off.
I'm not joking, last night I was having flashes, it was dark, there was static in my vision, but I was getting flashes of the ChainLink cube. Over the years, I've not felt like this before. Something is coming lads, it could be good, it could be bad, but we're literally all in this together.

For the love of god, don't sell your Link now.

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This is a sign to sell.

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You are literally a psycho. Take your meds. It's an virtual erc token

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That's our collective astral thought form.

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Something big is coming... another 700k dump

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Im still commected, in fact im chainlinking right now. I love getting fucked in my ass while i fuck my bfs ass

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Have you heard of the fundemental factors of chainlinking? Fundamentally, it involves your mother and 5 niggers.

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Checked. We're all in this together!

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i remember right before i fell asleep one night, i had a vision of all the people who cause pain on a mass scale (pedophile elites, pornographers, etc) were all standing in a gigantic congregation to satan, then, out of nowhere a giant cubic obilisk-like meteor perfectly crushed every one of them. Like they were in a perfect square and it landed in an exact way to destroy them all at once. Literally had to get up and think about it.

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Ok guys sell

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Every time I coom I think of my fellow link marines

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The average ‘linkmarine’ everyone. A literal lunatic with delusional schizophrenia.

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You have floaters. Go see a doc.

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no. i don't.

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Im going to tell a roastie this one day

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I had a very comfy Link dream last night. Btc dumped to 3k and Link rose to number 1 spot with 300 billion market cap. It was a little weird though there were many link prices, one time it was at 7$ and other 25$, but very comfy still

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Racism is a spook.

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Youre feeling whats called "gay"

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Agreed. It might happen today or in two weeks, but something is coming for sure. I can feel it down in my plums.

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connected to the street you all shit in more like it

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Coomers must be charging the sigil again

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