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I really hope everyone on this board is at least 90% in LINK. If not you are a complete fucking nice guy. I am comfy as hell. Ever since 2017 I knew I was destined to be rich after buying my first 3k Linkies. How does it feel linklets? Even if by chance we were to drop below $1 you wouldn't have the BALLS to buy any. Ive held through worse times than this and have developed massive iron hands and brass balls. And I am never, EVER fucking reading a goddamn thing, or selling. Fuck jannies.

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Nice blogpost bro.

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sell all my gold etf to buy more if this shit hits below 1

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I buy every day, this token have the best fundamentals and could easily hit 1000$ in the next bull run. Comfy as fuck.

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ho lee based

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kek the team still owns 98% of the 650,000,000 tokens they allocated themselves. And they are aggressively selling anything above $2.

By buying at these prices the only thing you're doing is providing liquidity for the team to dump on.

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Fren, you have to post fud and pink wojaks, we need to give the signal that we are capitulating. Otherwise we'll never bounce and recover. So please delete this