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The ultimate financial red pill is your bicycle. Car cucks spend money on insurance, registration, taxes, gas, oil changes and maintenance. For the select few Chads, bicycles are the ultimate chad move. For me personally it is the Kona Splice. I live in San Diego. We live in HCOL areas so we can bike everywhere. Report in with your city and your bike.

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I live in Alaska, ski's are the best decision I've ever made.
Bike is $1,000

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fuck cycle-fags

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I just ride trails on my cheap trek I actually busted my shit up two days ago when I was on a trail under a bride that had inclined concrete and I rode on it then the bike slid out from under me and I slid bare skin on concrete for like 10 feet

Be safe out there biker bros

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Look, another city dwelling faggot

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boystown, assblaster 3000

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what about pic related?

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t. Cyclist

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For me it’s the Honda Grom.
You need a car for rain/snow/shit weather though.

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Cannondale Capo. Dad has worked for the company for 20 years. Lightweight. Ridden thousands of miles without any maintenance. The patrician American choice. My wheels are red tho.

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>people actually use cars to drive 5 miles to work
>people actually use cars to drive what would be a 15 minute walk
>paying for insurance
>paying for fuel
>paying hundreds for maintenance
>putting your trust in a 2 ton metal box with exploding pillows to protect you from the other 2 ton metal boxes
>choosing to be fat
literally incomprehensible to me

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This, I just don't understand the purpose of. If I were a cyclist and someone did this to me, I might unironically shoot your fucking tires out. I have a hard enough time breathing as it is. Fuck you.

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fuck cycle-faggots

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Actual fucking sociopathy. Maybe I'm a sociopath too, and maybe in that sense this is a kind of "fighting fire with fire" kind of thing—but again, I'd shoot your tires. No hesitation. It'd be an instinctive reaction. You challenge my breathing, I challenge your life and your wallet all the same. Couldn't give a fuck if you're hauling lumber, livestock, consumer goods, various parcels—I'm shooting your tires right the fuck out, and you're gonna have to deal with whatever consequeunces occur. If you stop whatever you're driving and try to attack me, I'm shooting you, too.

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pissed off enviromentalist

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No, you half-literate fuck, you manifestation of a reversion back to nigger genetics—it's my lungs and my sinuses. My respiratory system just doesn't do huge fucking clouds of combustion residuals while I'm sitting, let alone walking or biking. My sinuses close up. I see red. It's fight-or-flight—and in the moment, not really caring whether I live or die (not that I don't have things to live for—I do), I'm putting your tires out—and if you wanna escalate the level of violence and I see you reach for a gun, I'm putting you out. I'll feel terrible afterwards—especially if you had a wife and kids—but it's like trying to strangle someone and not expecting this kind of response from them.

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