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Nice. Less cyclists, the better off our world is.

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based and replied

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based, cyclists are fags

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fuck clean air and fuck healthy lungs

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Fuck ate shit three days ago on my mountain bank and slid down like 10 feet bare skin on concrete

I'm in pain

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cyclists are kinda annoying but cagers are absolute trash , only based people on the road are truckers


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look at these retards

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i cant see webms on iphone :(

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amen brother

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You've got to be some type of fucking retarded to dress up like a gay clown, mount a $1500 gay piece of aluminum and pedal around at 10 MPH on a freeway acting like you're doing the rest of the world a favor.

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>acting like you're doing the rest of the world a favor.
those are just dumb cityslicker "urban" cyclist, the rest don't give a fuck about the environment or anyone else but them, they just want to pedal endlessly

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Checked. I guess someone should tell them that it's possible to get fit without being a massive queer.

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>Be driving around in my modern automobile complete with airbags, crumple zone, etc.
>Some asshole in front of me on a motorcycle going 10 miles under the speed limit.
>If i bump him slightly, he will probably crash and die.
>Mfw i'm 100% responsible because some asshole Republicans decided these fucking deathtraps are stilled allowed on modern highways.

Motorcycles are the fucking worst. It's not 1903 anymore assholes. Motorcycles are outdated fucking technology. They're loud as fuck when they don't need to be, and most of the people that ride them are wannabe badasses or satan worshipers. I don't get how something so unsafe is allowed to share the road with the rest of the normal people that drive around in something that can actually save them in an accident.

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liberals think america is Amsterdam because they say so.

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>be an average cyclist
>have to choose between three different routes to use
>a: on the marked bike path constructed separate from the actual road that crisscross this county and we spent million of dollars on
>b: on the shoulder but far enough away that you don't interfere with car and truck traffic
>c: right along the goddamn fucking white line so every vehicle passing has to swerve to avoid hitting your goddamn fucking retarded ass

Which do you choose?

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Tell those fuckers to ride their bikes on the sidewalk with the rest of the children.

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This is bait.

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Thats rich considering motorcyclists are the biggest faggots on the road. I have no sympathy whenever one of you lane-splitting faggots gets rekd

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makes me lol every time

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C of course

It amuses me to wake early in the morning during rush hour to take out my bike and slow traffic down for the wagies, they should appreciate me giving them more free time in their cars.

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Rednecks are so based.

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>he larps being a NEET on his lunchbreak.
>still less pathetic than actual cyclists.

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I grew up in a country town and by the time I was like 11 I knew I hated "Yuppies". My understanding of "Yuppies" were that they were people from the big city who ate sushi and used cell phones, and who were really stuck up.
Obviously I grew up and now I fucking love sushi, but I wonder where the fuck I got the idea, at such a young age, to hate these people that I had no fucking idea about.
And this is just the same shit. This generations version of that is they "hate hipsters" and hipsters are people that cycle, and drink lattes, and are really stuck up.
But when you come into the city you realise that the people you hate don't hate you back. Hipsters and yuppies are just enjoying shit because it's actually good. Sushi is delicious, cell phones are great, lattes are delicious, riding bikes is great, and the people that are doing that shit aren't thinking "Oh my god I'm so much better than country people in their trucks".

But for some reason the country people have the idea that there's this huge rivalry, or culture war, when the "other side" are literally just doing shit they enjoy without thinking twice about what other people are doing. It's a weird one sided hatred that seems to come from an unjustified insecurity that you're being judged by the people on bikes, when 99% of the time they're just thinking about their bills and their family and all the other shit that everyone thinks about.

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Cyclists are subhumans.

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every motorcyclist i know gets knocked off his bike and sent to hospital at some point

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realistically speaking this is nigger tier behaviour but i also hate cyclists so its comedy gold

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post your tits.

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You DO realize we shit on others to fill a void in our hearts?
The "we" is anyone with a void to be filled, cyclist and DIESELCUMMINSTRUCKBRO alike.

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>Sushi is delicious, cell phones are great, lattes are delicious, riding bikes is great
Liberal homosexual detected. I don't care what you do in your own home just keep your propaganda away from my kids.

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Dw about the kids they will probably discover your gun closet and off themselves

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leave 4chan, you don't understand it, you probably will go on a fucking killing spree at some point because you are an actual autist with no self awareness

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I hate cyclists because those slow assholes insert themselves into the lives of drivers as a liability, because if the dumbass cycler falls off his bike or swerves into the street, the cycler will be crippled or killed by my 2 ton vehicle, and I will be responsible for it even though this retard is the one putting themself in danger in the first place.

Just stay off the fucking road, it wasn't designed for you

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>we better upload this here attempted murder to facebook.

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Imagine being the kind of loser who thinks its funny to do this.

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god yes

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The answer is C, so when someone bumps into me, I can sue them and never have to work another day in my life.

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Alternatively, if they outright kill me, I still don't have to work another day in my life. And neither will they! That's what I call a win win scenario.

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>But for some reason the country people have the idea that there's this huge rivalry, or culture war, when the "other side" are literally just doing shit they enjoy without thinking twice about what other people are doing.
Lmao you nigger only city people are constantly screaming to make shit illegal. Your whining of moral superiority is the opposite of real life.

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Yuppies don't hate the rural poor? Funny, by the way they vote, you'd think they do.

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>this is what sergey has been up to

straight from sergey's youtube channel

based sergey

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This might be bullshit but I have heard that the reason these fuck sticks do this is because there is an actual speed limit on the bike path and if a cop catches you flying down that thing you will get a ticket. There is no speed limit at all on the shoulder for pedal powered bikes but the closer you get to the actual road the cleaner the surface is. If you get too far away where the street sweepers do not regularly get to you will mess up your tires with nails, broken glass and whatever.

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this, i fucking hate earth and breathing

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motorcycles are fine except they're hard to see and they put stupid stickers like "start seeing motorcycles" on their other vehicles. Just start seeing mosquitoes! They don't hold up traffic though.
but cyclists fuck them. always in the lane, just barely, taunting you. Either you gotta slow down to 10 mph or pass them by, forcing a blind spot check. and if it turns out someones there you still have to stop, or do a super close manuever where you're barely not hitting either one. I wish it was legal to hit them

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Sushi is good and so is bike riding on secluded rail trails (not in the city though). Try to enjoy something in life anon

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>asshole Republicans
you realize motorcycles are allowed on like every country on earth complete seperate of political ideology right?

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>Sushi is delicious
It's just fucking raw fish you pretentious weeb.

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grab a dictionary, retard

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Clean air blows

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I cycle to get around town to save money on gas.

Honestly most people who hate cyclists are kinda just fat pussies with "manly" beards and trucks or dodge chargers.

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Or you become quadraplegic for life and they drive away with no witnesses.

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I cycle bc I'm fucking poor but I laugh every time. These cunts are insufferable

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If I ever see someone assault a cyclist... justice will be had.

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absolutely based beyond comprehension
I wish I had the balls to do this

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Cyclist here. Cyclists are mostly fags desu. But try that shit on me and you're a dead motherfucker since i'm packing even while cycling

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top kek. How are you gonna shoot someone while trapped in a smokescreen? Youre gonna miss

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he blew a fat cloud of pitch black smoke out of his tailpipe right into the faces of a pair of cyclists. "Rolling coal" they call it.

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>Hey Cletus, some bicycle faggot lost his balance and fell into my car, he wiped out pretty hard
>Then this other bicycle faggot angrily peddled towards me and said he was going to share my license plate on his blog
>I'm scared

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I hate cyclists for their habit of riding out in the middle of winding, 60 MPH, 2-lane highways where I live, but the rednecks will always be the bigger faggots in these scenarios. You slow down by people that are almost certainly in better shape than you and could kick your fat redneck ass if you confronted them head-on, blow smoke out in their faces, and then speed off in your truck like a pussy? It's always shit like this with them. Drunkenly throwing bottles out their truck windows at people, shooting signs as they pass by. It's always pull-some-shit-and-speed-off.

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Kys with that backass kike logic
I hate Americans so much

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I drive myself but cyclists ate doing the world a favour you turd

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Burger here, fuck cyclists. I hope they realize their obvious shortcomings and get a bunch of gas guzzling pickups.

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There are seriously speed limits on some bike paths? I had no idea this was a thing, how retarded. But even if there are, when are cops running radar on a goddamn bike path? Lmao

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Semi pro cyc here.
Fuck your disgusting cars you dont even know how to proper drive it.
Some good days I litteraly brrak the mirror of bad drivers with my hand, amazing feeling, also scratched some paint with my pedal, feels great. And when u fucking normies basedboy gay drivers get out of ur fkin car you realize your a fking looser you coulndt even beat me bcuse your n average looser boomer fag.
I could break ur fukcing neck and continue to break your fking car because u deserve it.
So right now I cyc on the middle of the road / 35km/h average solo on 200km with the new spe tarmac full carbon

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>be eurogay
>wife has sock on door handle so you can't go into your 400sqft apartment because tyrone is busy stretching her butthole out
>decide to ride fagcycle in middle of road to show how bad ass you are
>4ft mini car cuts you off
>give him firm stair to show contempt
>feel awesome that you displayed your alpha male rage
Absolute state of eurofags

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This is 2x the price of your trash car I could even buy your wife looser
Bike is for passionate alpha aryan humans.
Cars are for pajeets fags

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I'm going to run the next cyclist I see off the road, because of your posts.

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