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when link moons, I’m going to buy a gallery in New York and have a show exhibiting only chainlink memes

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Based as fuck. Would unironically be a legit artistic statement in that world of meme feminist and poc repetitive shit

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When LINK moons, Im going to buy a big mac, and shout THANK YOU BASED SIRGAY after im done with it.

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and then marry Sir Gay and retire to the Gayman islands

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any reason why your holding it at a city full of homeless people and losers who ran away from their town?

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New York is amazing for people with social skills who can network
t. not autistic

also, sir gay lives here :)

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This would make an excellent set.

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also, do you know anything about the art world faggot?

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When link first hit 4$ me and a friend both went out and got 4 big macs each to celebrate. not as good reheated with the 2 left over. but if it hits 4$ again we both said we're gonna do that again. same at 3$ and getting 3 of them each

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make sure to exhibit this masterpiece

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lol, there is always some flyover redneck who has to drop his opinion on NYC every time it's mentioned

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Would happily invest in your gallery. Even if link never moons (might even be more interesting that way).

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New York is based you retard they are pricing out literally all undesirables it’s gonna be a rich white playground during the 2020s and beyond

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and this will be the center piece of collection

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Happy psd2 day everyone. Been waiting 18 months for today. Not convinced of the fud because I know what link is. Iron hands

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I was on board for a bit, then sold when it went up
made a shit ton of link memes, drew OC of some astronaut in black and white waiting in a rocket for link to launch, something like that

its been a long time

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man people are lame these days

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oh thats why it must feel like im walking thru a garbage patch filled with homeless zombies everytime i go! Keep that outing with those prices!

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That’s if you walk around on a weekend, like today. Stroll around Manhattan on a Tuesday afternoon like a based anon.

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>if you close your eyes, you can't even see the homeless niggers!

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Art Galleries just out of Scranton, Pennsylvania are more based

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