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If you didn't sell after this tweet, you deserved to get rekt

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I sold when i read libra whitepaper with no mention of link. I know, i know. Big brain stuff

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how could they be so stupid to retweet a literal pnd shitcoin

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Literally the biggest partnership on the menu boys

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>it’s like, totally not our issue if a scam is using our open source shit
>however we’re still also going to promote it and advertise the partnership on our Twitter account

Is there any coordination in this ‘company’, there’s only like 6 people. How could they fuck up this bad? What kind of doublethink is this?

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This wasn't even fud when it was current.

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daily reminder i btfo your pajeet ass when you wrongly said chainlink didn’t get a single dollar of VC investment.

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the fud is that no one is using KYC oracles and that the team owns 65%.

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>get VC capital
>do an ICO to raise $32 mil

You just got BTFO. Keep holding that bag.

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Literally optional, read the blogpost.
And the big players won't use anything but KYC shit.

>team owns 65%

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Everyone does that.
FB got VC capital from Thiel among others, and then did an IPO.
God the fud is so mind-numbingly stupid.

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>a crypto ICO on the internet for a funding token with no legal promise or obligations of anything to the ‘investor’ with no laws or authority is the same thing as issuing registered securities in the form of company stock entitling you to certain benefits on the NYSE

Imagine being this fucking retarded. Being a linkie must be such suffering.

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>m-muh legal difference!
I accept your concession of defeat.

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Kek yes because a massive difference in the eyes of the law doesn't mean anything. What a high IQ post.

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The law had nothing to do with your point here: >>15588027

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LINK is for ugly faggots that in real life can't have a beautiful fine ass looking girl. And it's kinda sad but true most linkies are like that. So it is empowerment to the cucks who need something to get off on and feel like winning. LINK is always GAY. You faggot linkies need to shut your dick sucking, Nico feet-slurping mouths. You all need to be excommunicated from the living. FFS I don't give a single SHIT about your shitcoin so don't shit on anyone elses. God, I'm sorry that your hard work resulted in the birth of these stupid fuck ups. It's so simple, and yet failed abortions like yourselves who somehow weren't dropped as a child and are just THIS stupid don't get it. I'm sorry for you all, I truly am. I am sorry for your collective families much more though. Especially your mothers. You must have all hit your heads on their slutty ass cunts while being born. 0$ EOY.

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>laws don’t matter
>investor assurance doesn’t matter

I accept your 65 IQ. Do you really want to keep this going? Tell me you think a crypto ICO on the internet is the EXACT SAME thing to the investor as buying stocks.

Go ahead and say it you retarded cuckold bagholder, for everyone here to see. Say it’s the exact same thing with zero differences.

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Laws had nothing to do with your point.
No need to get butthurt.

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What gives you the impression I only had 1 point?

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code is law
and link's code is literally a json parser holy shit

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I think I’ve worked out what you can’t seem to convey. My response to this dumbfuckery is that people who invest, as venture capitalists to actual companies, have contractual agreements with said companies and the understanding that they have a stake in the company, and the understanding that the company will go public, in Facebook’s case.

Chainlink doesn’t even generate any money. Chainlink only sells printed funding tokens. Nobody is actually paying Chainlink for any services.

Lamenting My Agonising Outlook?

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True true

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>Nobody is actually paying Chainlink for any services.
Jesus christ how clueless can you be.

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>omg ugh like wow
Jesus Christ how proofless can you be.

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>Lamenting My Agonising Outlook?
holy shit is this fresh

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How did Satoshi get 'paid' for services? Or Vitalik?

With Chainlink, if you want to get paid for your services, you run a node.

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>With Chainlink, if you want to get paid for your services, you run a node.

Are you telling me Chainlink is going to be a massive node operator because, well they obviously need $32 million dollars a year for salaries and tendi- I mean acquisitions? The node with the most LINK staked is the most trusted initially right?

>yfw due the fact that Chainlink has no actual customers they need to be part of the clusterfuck system they created
>yfw Chainlink made Chainlink for Chainlink to literally be just a centralized oracle system in the end

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>Are you telling me Chainlink is going to be a massive node operator

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MOAB retweeted chainlink?

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You disingenuous faggot. The ipo came literally years after the vc funding. You make it sound like they did it right after the other. Like stink coin.

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lmao why the fuck does that matter?

Microsoft for instance sought out VC capital even when they had been turning a massive profit for years, and then they did an IPO as well.
If Chainlink had done that, you'd be bitching and screaming 'scam' even harder.

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they still own it retard. the 20 million link that was dumped came from that "further development" part of the supply. do you honestly think any entity is controlling or regulating if all the money is going to new hires? 50 million fucking dollars to hire new people? you guys have the brains of literal children holy shit
>yes, theres no real way to know if they are actually spending it on team development, but im sure they are. sergey is a nice person
absolute fucking idiots you all deserve to get financially annihilated

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Chainlink are for the brainlets. Everyone knows that

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You sure seem very upset about what I put my money and trust in.

The token distribution has been known since 2017, and Chainlink was never very outspoken about anything, including finances.
But they've been delivering in a big way, so they must be doing things right.

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t. doesn't understand the white paper, TownCrier paper, Threshold Signature paper, or Mixicle/Deco paper.

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I do. I was one of the first who shilled link on biz way back when. I got masters in CS and Finance. It's an elaborate scam that brainlets dont understand

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Brainlets like Google Cloud, amirite?

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They did a test run node. Nobody will use chainlink

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>Nobody will use chainlink
no way???
not good....

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indeed sir ,,, SENT has kept my portfoilo green while other alts getting rekt

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