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Imagine believing Blockstream lies

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More people are awakening to the fact that BTC isn't bitcoin. It is hijacked nonsense.
NANO is closer to bitcoin than BTC ever will be.

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based and nanopilled

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BTC is led by core. You're going to deny it but everyone knows this is how it works.

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Nano is the new Bitbean.

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The emperor wears no clothes

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Two moves combat these trading mistakes:

Stick the fundamentals and charts. If a coin’s chart looks good, and the fundamentals are there, stick to your strategy and take emotion out of it.
Notice FUD early and react accordingly. If you think the price of a coin will drop irrationally, set your stops and be prepared to buy back in on the dip.

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BTC is led by no one
It’s immutable
Only signature optimizations will be applied

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>signature optimizations

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imagine committing suicide

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>BTC is led by no one

wow I heard some dumbshit on biz but you are winner

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>BTC is led by no one
Yeah, except the small group of people that are so wise and moral that they descide what the miners can and can't do. Bitcoin was never about a small elite controlling the money. It was always about miners competing for that next block and it was always supposed to be up to the miners how big block they want to mine. BTC is not free, it is controlled by an elite

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Stay salty, nanocuck

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