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The LINK token is used in the Chainlink network for activities such as paying for data and putting up collateral. This economic model attempts to create the proper incentives for LINK’s value to rise as more entities come onto the network to provide oracle services.

While this model appears to make sense at first glance, it’s unclear if the additional LINK token is necessary. Much like how Uniswap eventually launched a decentralized exchange network on Ethereum without a native token, a similar situation could occur with Chainlink. There are already other solutions, such as discreet log contracts, which exist in the wild and aim to solve the oracle problem in a different way without the need for something like LINK.

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link doesn't offer any data or smart contracts, its a parasitic middleman that is supposed to siffon money from each party while its only function is basically copy pasting numbers

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>copy pasting numbers
That's a brand new one

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Isn't Chainlink that pump and dump scam the president has been talking about?

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> it’s unclear if the additional LINK token is necessary
It literally is clear. It's in the whitepaper.

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Isn't Chainlink the pump and dump scam the news has been talking about?

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how will we get paid by our link being used? will usd get put into my coinbase account?

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right under the fat there's biz slice

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It's already over. Link will never go above two dollars. It will go below 1 and die. I bought in at fifty cents. At four dollars I had real life changing money, now it's barley worth anything. We were too late. There will never be another 2017 run. I will always be poor. Link will never go above two dollars. My entire life is over....

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Holy shit, it's over, SELL

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