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Be strong. Trust your own conclusions

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Who dis nigga

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as opposed to the rather more obvious conclusion EVERY court creg's ever been near does, namely, he's a scamming reprobate who had have difficulty not lying if his life depended on it ?

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Young Satoshi

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Could you dilate any harder trannyboy

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what a trannyboy you are

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Yeah, I did and I held REQ from $1.20 down to 3 cents.


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Retards lmao. His own fucking mother confirmed the fact that from a young age this dipstickfuckhead always stretched the truth to unimaginable highs. Low tier IQ brainlets will fall for anything lmfao.

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Here we see, the scammer at the peak of his materialistic success - and yet, still such a pathetic soul, devoid of actual worth
Heres laughin at ya, fatboy. And laughing

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Nice rare Satoshis
Here's your (You)

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>Heres laughin at ya, fatboy. And laughing

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>laughs at you

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I stopped the dipstickfuckhead

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Can you maybe explain, who holds those patents exactly, creg or nChain ? And who owns nChain, exactly ? I'm sure potential corporate clients of bsv technology (quiet at the back) would be interested, to avoid any, uh, 'negative associations'. You know, dealing with convicts and the like ? Thanks

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>that filename

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Imagine being this much of a low-info golem

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I don't think you understood the question ?
See, I'm a (potential) corporate client, for weather app info or some other equally uselsess trivial shit, right ? NOW, as a corporate client, I have Know Your Supplier and due diligence requirements up the ass, right ? Right. So, I just need to know (a) who owns this company, nChain, exactly - I mean, its not like you'd be HIDING this information, just in case anyone comes looking for STOLEN IP or anything, right ? Haha. Anyway. That and, we need to make sure your corporate officers aren't, like convicts, or anything. That means, they haven't been found guilty, of things, by courts and stuff. JUST a formality, we are sure you'd understand. And obv. a reputable supplier of financial services such as yourselves wouldn't actually have convicts on staff or anything, haha. ha. hello ?

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Holy Moly. Just imagine the world wide butt hurt if it turns out he ha encrypted the pic to the genesis block. It would be utter chaos

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How the heck is he worth tens of billions of dollars?

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youre probably referring to calvin I guess. but he actually settled with the US government and is a free man and was never a convicted felon. also companies couldnt care less who they do business with, they want to make profits.

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well, there's also the small matter of that (prev.) time creg was sentenced to jail, however, that aside. If you (srs) think corps dont give a fuck who they deal with, esp. financially, you fucking kidding yourself. And nChains ownership structure is somewhat 'cryptic' at best, lets say. It's like, they have reasons to be hiding shit..

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do fuck off, you dullard

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Greg, just stop.

By the way, do you happen to be related to Ghislaine Maxwell by any chance? Then a lot of things about you would start to make sense...

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>and with the entrance of qboomers and Epstein shite, anon left the thread. Finally
srs, get a grip of that retard-tier shite. Y'all end up your heads right up your own arses, not that its my concern

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Stay mad, salty faggot. Your angry word salad rants fool nobody and only act as a CONTRARIAN signal to those at a higher cognitive level that yourself.
Yep, it's cancer.

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I mean, he created Bitcoin anon. He is the living definition of 'Fuck You' money, and leaves his lambo out in the snow because he doesn't have room in the garage. Who even does that? And what the hell does he even have in his garage that he lets his Aventador stand outside, that's what I want to know.

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So you are related? Connection just waiting to be found here.

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Maybe his sister, who knows.
But what is known is that Epstein funded MIT Media lab and they fund Blockstream, so >>15568242 you "potentially" should stay far away from BTC

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Yep that is why I started wondering. Because it's all one little satanic pedophile (((extended family))) trying to control world finance, and stop the development and scaling of Bitcoin (BSV) which undermines their entire central banking system of financial slavery.

The link between Q and Craig has already been well established, now the links between Epstein and Blockstream is starting to surface. The picture is coming together nicely.

This is why it makes complete sense that Ghislaine and Greg would be related.

Follow the (((bloodlines))).

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Holy fuck thats obsession lmao

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Dude if only you knew. His entire life purpose is dedicated to stop Craig Wright and BSV. It's literally all he thinks about from the moment he wakes until the moment he goes to sleep. He has like 100 sockpuppet accounts that he uses to steer and control the narrative on social media by creating artificial conversations with himself.

He has been caught out many times literally having involved conversations with himself on reddit between different socks. It's astroturfing taken to the next level. I wouldn't be surprised if 80-90% of the anti-BSV/CSW comments made on this site is from Greg Maxwell/O1G/contrarian himself.

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Here is the comment where he was famously outed to be behind the sockpuppet Contrarian. Oops Greg, got sloppy there.

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For those who don't know, Greg used to work for Craig in one of his companies. That's where this bad blood comes from. You know those so called forged documents in the Ira case? They're company records that Greg stole while working for Craig and leaked after altering them

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This. The ties between blockstream, Brock pierce, and Epstein’s island are all going to come out and there’s nothing Greg can do to stop it

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This is also why Greg's main line of attack is the forgeries. It's all he ever talks about. Craig forged this, craig forged that. Greg knows that the forgeries are done by himself from the documents he stole and leaked, and he uses it to attack Craig's credibility. Devious little jew scum.

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take your meds pranjesh

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Even if you change to a different IP Greg we all know it's you.

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>(((blockstream))) always implies you’re a street shitter, it’s all they have

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>everyone that tells the truth about craig is greg

you're fucking deluded, seek help.

i wish i worked for blockstream. i imagine they pay well.

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Anon I’ve told you before silly. You get cranky when you haven’t dilated!

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You don't have to imagine when you are on the payroll, shill.

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I’ve never been so excited with crypto holdings

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again, i regret to inform you that not everyone that speaks ill of your beloved cult leader is a shill paid for by blockstream.

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lmao greg detected

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You can tell Greg hates this thread, because he stopped bumping it.

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Kek. google translate Aventador: Winnowing fork...define winnowing: "to get rid of (something undesirable or unwanted) " fork.
He doesnt need the aventador in the garage, he already winnowed the forks.

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based calvin

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MY conclusion is this shitcoin is a scam

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Who is getting scammed exactly? All the people attacking him are literally all frauds, criminals and conmen. What you are saying is projection, a total inversion of reality, also Jewish rhetorical signature.

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>Her father was from a Jewish family and her mother was of Huguenot descent.

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>those reddit threads

Holy shit

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Just a coincidence

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>Dr. Wright and David Kleiman entered into a 50/50 partnership to develop Bitcoin intellectual property and to mine bitcoin

>DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers this 27th day of August, 2019, at West Palm Beach in the Southern District of Florida.


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>Trust your own conclusions
Ok. My conclusion is that he's a con artist.

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