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Why are there people working for free?

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they let the Link shillers operate freely on this board for two years. Two years. While doing fuck all! Probably jannies who bought into link ico too, those smug pieces of shits

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fuck all else to do i guess

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they get paid in experience, it may be worthless in dollars but it's a very valuable currency, just like LINK

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power I guess
it's a shit power but I guess there's always "that guy"

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They have autism.

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is it true that LINK is merely a pointless json parser with zero users, a billion tokens and a dev team who are orchestrating a pump and dump in order to pocket all of your money? will this still definitely hit 1k eoy?

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>advocating for censorship on 4chan
All we really need is flags. I had a dream a few nights ago that /biz/ adopted flags

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yes anon just keep hodling
remember if you never sell you never lose money

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pol would absolutely ruin the place within an hour.

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I think they would make biz great again after running off all the kikes and pajeets

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Everytime people write free software I am similarly bemused.

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you want to take investment advice from a bunch of seething children who do nothing but screech "kill everyone who isn't me"? you have to go back.

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We just need a trial, just a week so we know where the fuck all of these random shitcoin shills are posting from. It doesn't need to be permanent

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Could be worse, at least they aren't spending 50000 dollars on a useless degree so they can work at starbucks

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pol wasn't supposed to be permanent. moot found that once that retarded cat was out of the bag there was no going back. absolutely hatefully toxic little shits will poison and ruin everything given half a chance.

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No, you can make the board great again by creating generals. All non top 10 coins don't need 5 threads up at a time.

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Cry harder trannies and kikes

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Discord & Reddit Trannies everywhere

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Only trannies become jannies.

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