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You can only post ITT if you didn't fall for this shit

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s1r I read on de coin telegraph that link is the scam sir

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I'm only gonna say this once. I am not a shill. The price of link is being suppressed. Anyone with a high iq knows what's going on with recent news. Chainlink is the next big thing. If you haven't sold congrats you made it. If you did I'm sorry youre weak willed. Should've been born smarter.

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This is the most bullish thing I have ever seen. I am in the process of opening up a 30x margin long on link.

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Meeee, felt bad I didnt get in when it jumped to 4 bucks, but damn any TA fag could see this coming a mile away, the psychology of markets is brutal, people just fomo when it's high and it's sad, they'll never make it or invest properly, they're best bet is a fucking 401k, yeesh

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I knew it'd pump so I bought 100,000 for 20 cents and sold at $3. Enjoy your bags. I re-bought 50K at $1.50 for keks and will hold to riches or dust.

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Holy fucking shit I was just about to buy some of this yesterday after the influx of /biz/ gaslighting

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Why are nolinkers so salty?

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Also post the coins you're holding that have outperformed LINK over the past year to really rub it in those stinkers faces

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That would be me.

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Price surpression? You mean people are dumping their coins not to make profit but to fulfill some 4chan autist's dreams. Makes sense.

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True story
Swung this 4-5 times and made just over two Bitcoins in the last 4 months
Thank you all anons, thanks for your sacrifice
Currently waiting for the bottom, about to flip this again

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I stopped accumulating at 50 cents, can I still post?

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More than doubled my eth and never looked back. FWI. 100 link threads a day keeps the sane investors away.

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No u fell for scam

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Did buy; still posting

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Bought at $0.20 and no, I didn't fall for any of the lenocineum shit.

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I would but I’m already 70% link 30% usd

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I want to buy some Link anons, and got some eth- anyone want to trade with me through Metamask? I'll offer 0.01Eth per Link
I made a link here you can trade directly with Metamask wallets: bit.[remove]ly/[remove]2ZU7k8b

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How can I hire your discord of fudders?

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Well what did you people fall for then? One of of the other 98% of coins with worse performance?

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Shorted Chainlink for silver and mining stocks. Living by best moments.