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I didn't go to my high school or college graduations because I thought it is just a dumb photoshoot. My family is muslim and I'm an atheist. (My name is not Pajeet but it has 2 ee's in it. lol) I don't celebrate any holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ramadan, Eid... etc) I also don't celebrate birthdays. I believe that part of this is because a strong part of my identity is associated with being 'Anonymous'

Perhaps I am autistic and antisocial. I should clarify that I'm also a virgin and have been battling depression my entire life like most of you. I share this because I know some of you can relate. However I am still optimistic about life, betting my entire net worth in Chainlink. I have accumulated about 51k and have iron hands.

In the past few years it has gotten worse. In order to accumulate more Link I have cancelled my Gym membership (I workout at home now), and have stopped going to restaurants in order to Increase my stack instead. My computer broke, and I'm using my Laptop rn because I would rather have 700 Link than buy another rig. I drive an old Van which further lowers my social status but I don't care because I'd rather have 20,000 Link than a new car.

I feel that one day our sacrifices will pay off and we will be able to relax while my friends are bound to office chairs.

Ignore the FUD.

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Get out Hakeem.

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Fuck you Pajeet this is my thread

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>I'm an atheist

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The absolute state of linkers

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What do you think of pregnant Sergey?

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Try being a Muslim for a year. Atheism is an upgrade

*Tips fedora

>Praying 5 times a day to sand God
>Holy book literally justifies murder
>Muhammad was a pedo(His only based attribute)
>Men are separated from women 24/7
>No freedom, your Uncle Bilal can stone you for anything
>Women are property (Based)

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>I didn't go to my high school or college graduations because I thought it is just a dumb photoshoot.
are u me

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Relationships with qt grills with gf potential
It hurts a lot, but I believe Sergey will reward the faithful.

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You have no idea, bros. Too much.

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This is why I posted this here. We need decentralized oracles brother.

Homosexuality is punishable by death but I would let Sergey fuck me until I shit blood and pay him 100 link afterwords. It's the least that we can do to thank him.

I was pretty close to having a girlfriend once. She even agreed to go on a date but ended up faking on me. She said she was busy. A part of me believes her because she went to an out of state college but I also believe that she thought I wasn't worth it. Nonetheless we're still cool. She will regret it when Chainlink becomes a household name.

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>75% link
>25% USD
>Bought in heavy at $2.72

It’s been rough

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Go all In. No point of holding shitcoin USD.
I have about 13k in student loans and only 50 bucks in my bank account. I basically live off of a credit card and paycheck to paycheck (Any money that I have leftover is converted to Link. My goal is to sell 1k Link at $20 dollars and buy a computer/pay off my loans/and buy some of the things I've been depriving myself of.

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kek, desperate fucking linkies.
>g-go all in
yeah because link was a good investment.

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EVerything nachui

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Nice try Randeep but any retard that can look at a graph knows that Chainlink was, is, and will always be a good investment. You had 2 years. But I'm willing to bet that you have nothing better to do than fud your own investment in between bumping shemale threads on /gif/ and /hc/

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I worked at a job making under $24k a year. Putting every penny I could into crypto. Since 2017 more than half of my network has been in chainlink. Most times 7/8 of all of my money. But I knew that if I lived a frugal life I could accumulate a fair amount, then I could live like a king when my real life begins.

“Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”

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>he even knows these threads exist.
I'm a white European. I made money on chainlink in 2017. I'm an oldfag, been here since 2014. You had a nice run, i always hated chainlink, the pump i didn't see that one coming. But it's a slow deathline like every other shitcoin out there. Check the charts. Pump, slow line to death. Maybe it has a little pump left somewhere, but if Sergey sells at every pump, or people believe that he will sell. It's over. No joke. Fuck chainlink.

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How long must we keep enduring in this timeline?

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>Claims to be here since 2014
>Not seeing that my previous comment was a compliment because traps aren't gay
>Still a huge faggot anyways believing in meme lines and not meme magic

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whatever, good for you

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Are you a btc maximalist? I don't understand why most of the link fud is "muhahaha the price is falling" and not based off of project fundamentals. No one can argue against the Chainlink ecosystem.

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I sacrificed my sexual health by using unprotected data for my smart contract and caught PSD2. I hope this is a warning to everyone

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i think that was for me. Yes, i only have BTC. Every ERC token is absolute dogshit, easy to make, prefab. Nobody uses this shit. It's obvious that LINK only mooned because of the memes and the persistance of the memers. It's still the same "swift will use it, see at sibos" talks that where there 2 years ago. Exactly the same posts. Literally nobody will ever use it. Like every other coin out there. Only BTC and maybe 5 other altcoins are actually being used. Let alone be there a marketcap of 20$/token. Never happening. But that's just my 2 cents.

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friend i know these sacrifices. but for my situation the chainlink price must improve by the end of the month or im in serious trouble. lets hope something happens i've lost 120k usd its fucked up my brain

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Kek. randeep

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Sounds like an interesting story brother.
Care to elaborate more?

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nothing interesting except im prob going to lack the motivation to do my masters. what the fuck is the point when ive lost this much money. if chainlink moons then im definitely leaving to focus on node operation. i just dont want it to crab anymore fucking do something piece of shit

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you borrowed the money or bought low? Cause if you bought low, you didn't actually lose it

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mate you knew when you signed the blood pact that holding as long as is necessary was going to be painful. Stop agonizing over the day to day price and do other things

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Any time you don't sell you are effectively deciding to go all in at the current price.

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no i bought it at 0.38 usd. i just want a fucking break because if i quit my masters my parents will kick me out and in this meme society i guess 1 failure = fucked for life since all these bored hr fucks will question you on why you didn't do anything for 4 (four!) months

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>>chainlink meme photo
>>imaginary ranks
>>just keep buying bro, just keep buying
>>no matter what don't stop buying
>>HODL the imaginary line bros
>>bitch boy captain, general, whatever makes it seem like we're tough internet boys and not retarded faggots getting gagged, hooded and branded by our master sirgay
>>implying any of these memes are fucking organic
>>2017 hype, convinces other anons since this fat fuck browses here, uses the money to make meme artists and pay oracle and google to blogpost and waste their time
>>stuck in the water with a useless ERC721 protocol despite the fact ERC20 worked better
>>fud the shit out of other tokens and strangle organic growth. why? because im a fat faggot with a philosophy degree and dont understand tech but know how to be a cut-throat ruskie
>>shelled out, dried out assholes running a literal fucking scam

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Sell 38 thousand tax free under long term capital gains tax. Live in style in your car for a year or two.

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i cant sell because i know this shit might be worth so much im going to create generational wealth and can actually take care of my parents. im still buying but my first 50k was at 0.38 usd average i think i ll get to 55k but these fudders aren't memeing theres going to be a whole lot heros if this thing hits 20c again

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there's still hope for you, you didn't actually lose money. And you still have time. It's all in your head from this point on

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I’m peeing in the sink to save water.

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is it worth the risk?

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I laughed so loud I scared my Mixicle

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Then dont bitch about taking a break. Tell yourself if link hits 20 dollars then you can get your break because 38 thousand is negligible. That's your light at the end of the tunnel to get through the drudgery.

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Yeah, link is never going to hit 20$. That would put it at marketcap.

The best ERC token is currently BNB at 3.400.000.000 marketcap, and that's actually one of the only ones that's being used. If you're lucky you'll see 7$. But probably not.

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might wanna ask yourself why ripple is 11b

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Because ripple is one of the first coins, it's an actual coin, not a token. It has market adventage, it's being used and was one of the first coins to actually get involved with banks. Unlike fake swift partnerships for a token. Also it was an inovator on fast blockchains and keeps inovating until this day. Because it was a first mover it's on every exchange and has even alts trading against it.

Now, you have a prefab ERC token like chainlink... Yeah, never going to happen.

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>I give it 5 years. In this short timespan you will kill yourself when you realize that you missed the last great moonshot.

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yeah, that's a nice cope, you're late adopters anywho.

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I really hope so anon. i cant explain myself except maybe im just too lazy and immature. i really thought i was going to make it. i think its worth the risk im still young if i fuck up this badly then maybe i ll actually find a reason to work and apply for a gov.t job i worked at an accounting firm i dont want to fucking do that for life

i know link will hit 20$. its going to hit at least 350$. i just dont know if i can wait the estimated 5 years without burning out

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nothing, thank god i sold this vaporware at $4.00

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>it's going to hit at least 35$
do yourself a favor and sell on the next pump. Seriously, you're bad at math for an accountant

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5 years?!?!?!!?

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been living in my car since april.
finally told my ex best friend about my living situation and at first he sounded surprised and even complimented me for lreservering through hardships. But now he lowkey looks down on me and disrespects me in front of his other friends. I feel so fucking betrayed. I also told him to buy LINK too a while back but hes hasnt bought yet. He got back with his gf so he probably wont buy anytime soon.
I truly thought he was one of those life long friends but actions speak louder than words. I dont have any friends now. Im content being alone now. I shouldnt feed my ego too much but Im taking the keanu pill. Good fucking riddence. Seriously fuck that blue pilled faggot normie.

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i never wanted to do accounting i never had a choice in the manner since it was it supposedly had the best employment prospects. the only thing i can say im alright at and actually enjoy is teaching but yea i might just sell it all at 10$ and move to singapore

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Nice quads but ripple is one huge, steaming pile of shite compared to link.

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don't tell me i diden't try to warn you, i'll sip my beers while link bleeds death. Good luck retards.

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>high school or college graduations
>4+4 years
>Chainlink has been available for purchase since 19 Sep 2017 (Not even 2 years yet)
What did op mean by this?

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>it's being used
some beaner pay day cash operation doesn't count as usage
its about as useful as SALT at this point

>(((de-risks))) by selling another billion coins

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I reverse image searched but couldn't find anything. Are you 4 real?

How much link do you have?
Where do you park?
Do you have a job?
Can you get your parents support you?
(I live in my moms basement kek)

Tell us more of your story brother. Also your friend is not going to make it I'd rather be rich in Link and poor in other aspects of life.

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Yeah, so, how is this good news for chainlink?

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I was giving a brief history of my autism and how it was perfectly compatible with /biz/ and embracing the Link pill.

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I got 70k link fren
I sometimes park at the school garage , gated apartment complexe, or rest areas. Im doing my PhD right now so I do have an income stream. I told my mom about it and she respects my decision. I ised to have two really good friends and after they got gfs, they went from bros to cucks. seriously women are a fucking meme.
Im gonna finish this PhD and pursue my passion which is aging research. I believe alot of us are uniquely positioned to become the next Aristotle or the next gregory mendel. We are redpilled in a lot of aspects of life and we will have almost limitless funds to pursue our passions. I feel humbled that I was given this chance desu.

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I hope ur not fucking larping faggot.

I have 100k and my life has just been sucked out of me. Nothing feels the same. I feel like we've already made it, and waiting for the price change is not exciting anymore, as we already know its gonna happen.

Its like having the prettiest girl at school, who uve always wanted to fuck, tell u that she will let u eat her asshole in 12 months time.

I have no more feelings.

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>Its like having the prettiest girl at school, who uve always wanted to fuck, tell u that she will let u eat her asshole in 12 months time.
when you know the goth girl will let you do it in an alley after school if you just look at her sideways

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i dunno know what to do anymore desu.

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I already went thru that phase fren. Focus your thoughts on goals that are more long term. Thinking about fucking qts is great and all but does that bring you fufillment? a sense of acconplishment? what can you do right now that might contribute even just a little bit towards your overarching life goal?

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my fucking digits are trash

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Not sure if larping or honest

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If honest, we stone him. If he lies, we stone him for blaspheming the almighty.

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you should be doing all this for a better coin

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No they won’t. Just say you went backpacking through America to find yourself

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Holy shit they are real. What up marines !!! Hah if we’re gonna get sentimental/ fuck I got my internet and electricity cut off Just to afford more linkies. Being a poorfag moon mission has been exciting.

I truly don’t buy the FUD. There are some really fucking cool shit going on. I still feel excited and really don’t care if it goes to zero or $50 in a month. The real moon mission is $1,000. Look forward to telling more camp fire stories ! Keep up guard, marines.! There is a world to be woken!

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>LINK's finally going down to where I'm not priced out and can buy more
>I just got into an accident that's going to require a good amount of money to get done at the mechanic
>probably need new tires, too

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I’m only responding to you because you got digits. Chainlink’s Price isn’t tied to market psychology like (((ripple))) or absolute shit like BSV.

Chainlink’s price is tied to network usage because it acts as the data carrier between nodes and contracts and is used as collateral. Literally two network usage requirements right there. And guess what, it also enables a new type of technology never before seen which will save companies 90% or more on overhead admin costs. Sheila from finance no longer has a job because it’s been completely automated by the chainlink network. Understanding chainlink is like understanding how Jews are ethnically genociding whites. Once you get it, you “get” it. It’s why so many people on biz have gone all in on chainlink. They “get” it, or at least can see the high IQ meme masters “get” it. The fact you parrot arguments about
>muh erc token
means you don’t “get” it. I hope one day you’ll understand. $1,000 EOY

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If not a larp, stay strong marine.

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>Understanding chainlink is like understanding how Jews are ethnically genociding whites. Once you get it, you “get” it. It’s why so many people on biz have gone all in on chainlink. They “get” it, or at least can see the high IQ meme masters “get” it.


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>poorfag moon mission has been exciting.
Couldn’t agree more anon. I live on beans and rice. We’ll make it soon.

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700k stones plz