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Is there any utility to be had in a /BizSig/ or Personal Finance General? I think there's some potentially good information out there. Structuring it effectively could help a lot of us on our climb to substantiate our superiority/inferiority complexes through riches, success.

I honestly don't know what would all go in it but I'm just fishing for ideas atm. If you think its gay and not worth the time that's cool too though I guess.

What do you think?

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How about /fig/ financial improvement general.

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plz post self improvement stuff

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Fair, honestly I'd rather call it anything than /SIG/ I feel like that shit turns into R9K roastie hate on every board. I'm fine with Sociopaths as long as they actually want to achieve something and not waste energy bawwing.

Since I suppose that's the true goal of these generals /FIG/ could work. I'm pretty much collecting info on this thread before I craft a pilot.

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As dumb as it sounds I feel like talking about short, mid, and the occasional long goals would be effective as well. That along with general job hunting info, investing, advice from any 'haves' would be a start.

What do you do currently?