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My sister let me touch her boob today guys I think I made it.

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>girl let me touch boob
>wants more
>couldnt get hard
fuck it all

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what did it fel like

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no porn/nofap
tribulus stack
exercise abdominals and thighs
less sugar

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That's actually the opposite of making it anon

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I never touched a boob in my life

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Just ask your sister dude

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This plus tongkat ali and maca, you will conquer women like a fucking caveman

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I dont have one

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Sucks to be you

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>hasn’t smashed his sister
Not gonna make it

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You've done it anon, you are a certified Chad now. Your next mission is to get her to touch your peepee

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How did that conversation go, in detail?

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How hot is she from 1 to 10?
Also, tell us more

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I did the same when was 12yo asked my older sister if I can touch her boobs and butt and she let me do it because I was a good boy

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This is what happens when you are a dumb coomber

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U prob dont have a sister ..
bro its your sister, weirdo..

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Please elaborate more. I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about, but I am interested.

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Get fit, get enough sleep, reduce net carbs especially sugar, drink more water. Herbs won't do shit for you unless you've done these first. Once your general health is in good order, maca powder and tongkat ali will make you feel more macho and potent and give you diamond erections plus libido like you're in high school again. You can't take them continuously, need to cycle on and off, and you need to experiment to get the dosage right. "Herbal supplements are a meme" is a meme. A lot of value there.

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what does it feel like?

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what h is this from?

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Wish i had a beautiful sister so we could have sex all day

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Sister let you touch her boob, we're in the end game now

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Fuck runescape

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I touched my first boob in middle school by accident. I was trying to grab a ball from a friend and accidentally squeezed her boob. Like legitimately an accident. She didn't get mad, but we pretended it didn't happen lol

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