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Or is this the fucking of the shitcoin?

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You'll do alright

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100k master race reporting in

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Its a shitcoin you retard. Peter Thiel has a shit ton of failed crypto projects that he exit scammed

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really which ones has he exit scammed
also coinbase ventures

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Name them.

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RSR about to blow. The fomo will be outta control.

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We'll find another shitcoin project to invest that $500,000 into, anon.

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You know it's legit because they put the logo on pictures of lamborghinis and men in suits. This means if you buy it you will be rich.

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What possessed you to drop money on this? Do you throw your money at everything /biz/ talks about?

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The fact that the protocol is solid and that it has the worst fud on this board ? You're right, these are bad arguments better buy Link lmao

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did my research, bought 5 million

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OP obviously didn't fucking do any research on this, hence him looking for reassurance with this topic.

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>What possessed you to drop money on this? Do you throw your money at everything /biz/ talks about?
Maybe it's the same thing that convinced peter Thiel, Conbase Ventures, Paypal founder, and DGC to invest. Just a guess.

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Where to buy in? Will it be listed on coinbase?

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>Will it be listed on coinbase?
coinbase will do more than just list it m8. they own a % of the company behind coinbase... they will obviously do partnership type stuff

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When can we expect it to be listed?

I know I can connect cb with idex to buy, but I'm a noob and not sure on the safety on that.

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>that it has the worst fud on this board

I love how every scam says this but it's never true

>sirs ,,, de ppl saying it is scam ? that prove it not scam . thank you ,,, dear

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Hahahahahah he bought the faggot scam coin pump and dump

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>crab market
>pump and dump
As I said, worst fuders on this board.

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Oh, the good old ''it's an Indian scam'' fud. You guys aren't even trying at this point. Don't buy, stay poor the fuck do I care.

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are some zoomerfaggots still talking about this shit? ... you failed if you fell for this scum... aHAHAHAHA... just take alook for example of DAG ... projects that has REAL usage... RSR dont have nothing than poor venezualans :DDHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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You sound like a street shitting pajeet desu

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>RSR is a scam
>why ?
>hurr durr it's a scam because I say so stfu you dumb Pajeet shill buy my shitcoin instead durr
You seem to be mentally challenged so let me explain you how things work in real life if you want to make a point. If you have an opinion you have to back it up with arguments, I never said fud is bullish, I just said fuders have shit arguments, case in point, you.
Now go back to the drawing board and bring something better than a shitty strawman.

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how do i buy a bag if im in the us?

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Who the fuck...
...would ever use a USDT or TUSD or any other coin tied to a single dying fiat currency to hedge against the crypto markets when you can use one tied to a basket of independently stable assets?

Seriously, who the fuck would ever do that?

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