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Guys we are gonna be so rich when Reserve flips Tether as the top stable coin! So many countries are getting ready to adopt Reserve protocol as their national reserve currency. At this rate, 1 RSR could be worth $1000. Nevin is getting Argentinians to adopt it instead of bitcoin as we speak! Just wait for the mobile app — We’re all gonna be riding in style in our Lamborghinis. Things are heating up over on reddit too. Hope you bought a tuxedo!
To the moon! :-)

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Name one country that has formally acknowledged the existence of this shitcoin and provide a source. I will gove you 5$ in BTC if you can.

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Still a while to go until anything launches.

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>1. It has insane venture capital backing
Peter Thiel and Sam Altman are invested in Reserve. For those unaware, Peter Thiel is one of the most famous venture capitalists and an investor in Coinbase, so Peter Theil and Coinbase Ventures are backing Reserve Protocol. Sam Altman is another very prominent angel investor and a head of YCombinator. These dudes don't fuck around and buying RSR is basically following the smart money. Besides that, Peter Theil involvement almost surely means Coinbase listing in the future
>2. It is a huge, ambitious project
Reserve aims to be a stablecoin for countries with high inflation or hyperinflation, such as Venezuela. For this they have a two-token system (stable RSV and collateral RSR that can appreciate in value). Instead of focusing on some obscure fintech stuff, they are focusing on a concrete and real problem that they try to solve. Cryptocurrency stablecoin is inevitable and it shows (Facebook dipping their toes is a huge sign that companies ARE interested in it).
>3. Reserve Protocol will have a first-mover advantage
But how, would you ask? Isn't Facebook going to capture the market first? NO and NO. Financial regulators HATE Facebook and as soon as Zucc released Libra idea to the world, regulators immediately said that he should back off and that they do not like it at all, especially in the light of data privacy breach issues. So Facebook show that there is demand for crypto stablecoin, but they don't have the means to deploy it fast, whereas Reserve does. Which brings us to the next point.

buy now faggots or forever regret your decision

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Doesn't need country adoption you mong. That's just a bonus if it happens

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Thanks for the pointless addition, read the OP next time “you mong”

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Oh, sorry for providing some reason in your pointless discussion. No country has acknowledged RSR yet and that's literally not a problem at all so why are you discussing this topic to begin with ? Fuck off both you and OP.

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OP is clearly using hyperbole to make his point that you shouldn't sleep on RSR. There's definitely work being done in the background to get RSV to the masses in these countries and mass adoption is very possible considering how much uncertainty there is right now in places like Venezuela and Argentina when it comes to currency and economic stability.

Everyone is trying to make a stablecoin for these economies. Binance is working on Venus which they claim is going to be a "local stablecoin" which just means that it will try to do what Reserve is trying to do by targeting economies dealing with inflation.

Facebook was also extremely eager to make their own stablecoin even when dealing with all their controversy. They didn't even let the dust settle for a few years before announcing it.

President of the Bank of England statements also add some validity to the theory that there's a large untapped market as well as a necessity to find replacements for the current broken currency system that relies on shit fiat which is usually tied to the dollar in one form or another.

Then take a look at the controversy with Tether and how dodgy they've been about their assets. This might not lead to anything but just the fact that they're having some legal troubles means that they can lose some customer faith which could hurt them in the long term when RSV is released on crypto exchanges.

So, OP is directionally correct when it comes to RSR even if he's being a bit silly and hyperbolic.

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And you base this shitty shill on what? HAHAAHAHA... fucking virgin, stay away from internet, try to find gf... you will never make it because your base identity is fucking kek. People who really succees dont spent their life in 4chan. sorry ... Oh., and also... RSR is shit

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Best part is that reserve is decentralized while libra and other company stable coins are centralised piece of shits.

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All RSV needs to do is to be a decentralized Tether that's scallable. Period.

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How much you holding, smug sir ?

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not enough

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You must do the needful and buy more !

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>Dude maybe if we post our logo along with pictures of people in tuxedos people will take us seriously and buy our shartcoin
Lmao. This is fucking pathetic.

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Explain your position sir! Why do you think RSR will not make it ?

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i have a modest goal of 1m but who knows if i have time. im kind of a poorfag. most of my money goes into rent/utilities/insurance etc. so im not left with much to spare but once i learned about this project i knew it was a gem and i had to get in early even if it appeared to be higher risk at first im now very comfy just worried it will 5x or 10x and ill be priced out of getting to my goal.

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what the fuck looks like all the underages holochain zoomers have now officially moved on to RSR. i'm not even saying anything against RSR but you fucking zoomers with your cringy "memes" and low iQ tier shilling make not only me despise your shitcoin but any rational being in this market

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>what the fuck looks like all the underages holochain zoomers have now officially moved on to RSR. i'm not even saying anything against RSR but you fucking zoomers with your cringy "memes" and low iQ tier shilling make not only me despise your shitcoin but any rational being in this market

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this, took me a long time to see the actual use for this behind all the suspicious shilling

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Because it's another shitcoin of the month which is spammed by desperate bagholders from their community Discord posting cringy pepe/tuxedo pictures like it's fucking 2017.

Like all spammed shitcoins it will fade away after a few months and something else will take it's place and all the pathetic bagholders will never learn their lesson and throw everything into some other useless shitcoin only for the cycle to repeat.

Pro-tip no serious coin needs to spam a Vietnamese anime forum 100x a day to go anywhere lmao and even the worst ones at this point know that unfunny teenage meme pictures are bad for your reputation.

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who cares about reputation on a Vietnamese anime forum?

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BITCH I got that RSR

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I think you've already made it if your hands aren't weak my dear gentleman.

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Literally all the coins that ever existed and aren't litetally whos have been shilled on this board. Your argument is invalid, mister!

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ironclad my good man, ironclad

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Ask again when, you know, it is actually released and up and running.
The app will be included by default in african mobile operators tho, the agreement is already signed.

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>The app will be included by default in african mobile operators tho, the agreement is already signed.
Post proof and I will buy 1 million RSR right now.

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Could someone invite me to hotbit?

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>The app will be included by default in african mobile operators tho, the agreement is already signed.

link please

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Fucking based.

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Scathing satire

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The trend is unpredictable which is why investing in some promising IEOs is the best idea right now. I've invested in Telecoin and I'm well aware that I'll make profit of more than 10 times. Choose wisely.

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The trend is unpredictable which is why investing in some promising IEOs is the best idea right now. I've invested in Telecoin and I'm well aware that I'll make profit of more than 10 times. Choose wisely.

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I might hate rsr fags more than stinkers now

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>The trend is unpredictable which is why investing in some promising IEOs is the best idea right now. I've invested in Telecoin and I'm well aware that I'll make profit of more than 10 times. Choose wisely.

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Is the volume on Hotbit even real? For all I know the books are cooked by these chink pricks.

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For some reason I don't believe any of this

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what's everyone holding? and what price do you expect eoy?

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I'm happy it isn't crabbing anymore but I'd rather have it go upwards than pump downwards

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It's understandable some folks are still in denial of something that's obvious

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realistically $0.10 by eoy

>> No.15527135

$0.01, we are going to get a lot of attention when the app is released, the project is mostly unknown outside of /biz/

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when marketing kicks into high gear around launch we will easily hit $0.10 and maybe even higher.

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$1000.....each RSR....hahahahaha

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Hope the exchange wont get hacked before i can store rsr anywhere

>> No.15527180

That would be great but idk $0.1 eoy sounds high considering the general state of crypto... The app isn't the real product anyway, cautious investors will probably get in at mainnet lauch (next year)

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2021 is the year of pant shitting prices, you faggots need to study more

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EOY 0.01
2020 EOY 1


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>Name one country that has formally acknowledged

It always kills me to read FUD like this. Someone predicts a good future for their product, all you can say is "B-but that future hasn't happened yet!"

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Yeah I'm sure governments are clamoring to use some shitcoin whose bagholding teenagers spam cringy instagram tier memes on anime imageboards.

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Again, governments using it is irrelevant. You appear to be retarded, mister. Sry for the bad news.

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OP here. The fact that very few people recognized my original post as satire should be a massive sell signal.

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So is the intentionally overzealous/retarded shilling a sort of reverse psychology fud? Because I've been following Reserve long enough to know you guys aren't this dumb.

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Nobody wants to acknowledge your existence and your worthless fud, you are a faggot and should be stoned to death.

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comfy hold

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How is RSR different from literally any other stablecoin that already exists

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Just read it.

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The horrible shilling along with the horrible memes that pathetic attempt to associate "RSR = you become rich" make me see this as nothing other than yet another scam.

But the fact that Chainlink seemingly endorses it gives me pause. Either RSR has some amount of legitimacy to it. Or they fooled the Chainlink team. Or Chainlink is also a literal scam and they're working together.

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summoning RSR meme smith who owns this wallet
i got a request for you and i really wanna donate some RSR

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calm down m'lady

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Also the fact that people are selling "Peter Thiel invested = COINBASE LISTING". It's just a total lie. Just because he invested in Coinbase doesn't mean they're going to list shit.

>> No.15528654

No, Coinbase Ventures invested in Reserve, dumbfuck.

>> No.15528664

Can't believe nobody's checked this yet.

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>i got a request for you and i really wanna donate some RSR
Looks like he needs it.

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>Also the fact that people are selling "Peter Thiel invested = COINBASE LISTING". It's just a total lie. Just because he invested in Coinbase doesn't mean they're going to list shit.


Coinbase Ventures is also an EQUITY investor.

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they also invested in Matic. Still waiting for that MATIC listing

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How seamlessly the goalposts move. Almost like there's some cognitive bias here

>> No.15528740

I conceded to you that Coinbase Ventures invested in RSR

So is my previous post wrong or not?

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Eat shit, nigger poo asshole

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>> No.15528777

sold my nano for RSR

should we tell the folks on reddit about this?

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such low effort shilling. $1000 would be a 1 quadrillion dollar market cap. Tether is 4 billion

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I get that you are being conservative, but 250 tril seems a bit low for the new Global Reserve currency.

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Dude nano could 40x as well during next br, i was about to buy some myself

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Nice FUD

>> No.15529014

Cool it Raj

>> No.15529284

Dead coin

>> No.15529414

how the fuck do i buy some in the us? idex doesn't work anymore

>> No.15529423

Dont. Its an obvious scam. Did u not read the thread?

>> No.15529492

idc faggot tell me how to buy some

>> No.15529503


>> No.15529570

>Dont. Its an obvious scam. Did u not read the thread?
Dude is retarded,.. tell it to coinbase ventures jackass faggot..

anyhow... hotbit, idex w/VPN, huobi global

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If you’re going to fud you should put more effort than “hahaha delusional”, “hahaha pajeet scam”. I know it’s not easy to fud this gem but you’re not even trying guys.


>those Angolan niggers finna make us rich! pic related

>> No.15529836

ty anon

>> No.15529911

nice to see rsr threads with lots of comments on biz every day.. rsr is going to make so many anons on biz millionaires. rsr is the last moon mission


>> No.15530157

I love it. This scam coin has finally been unmasked for the scam it is, in true 4chan style

>> No.15530919

Checked, and no. We didn’t let Reddit in on LINK until it broke $3. Not shilling this to plebs until at LEAST 50c.

>> No.15530984

$3 link, so that would be like .50 RSR?

>> No.15531161

I can barely comprehend how RSR will gain value, somebody explain for a brainlet

>> No.15531330

It won't. There is no need for RSR, it's a scam

>> No.15531343


As RSV gets adopted by both third world countries and the crypto community it will create instability in the price with adoption, that instability will be corrected using the protocol which accepts RSR in order to balance the price and keep the 1:1 ratio. Every time this is done 2-5% of the RSR used to balance the books is burned at the value of RSV, the value of RSV is set to be $1 so 2-5% of $1 of RSR is burned. If you arbitrage $1 worth of RSV then you're burning ~200 RSR assuming that RSR is valued at .005 per RSR at the time of arbitrage; since 200 RSR x .005 = $1. (this value could be more, or it could be less, this is just an example)

So let's say someone buys $1,000 of RSV in order to keep it safe from hyper inflation in Venezuela and during that transaction the price of RSV fluctuates between $1 and $0.97 per dollar and let's say that's about ~$30 ( .03 x 1000 ) that needs to be arbitraged in order to keep RSV at $1 so RSR is used to balance the books by buying at .97 and then selling at $1. If RSR happens to be valued at .005 at the time of this interaction (come mainnet), then you just burned 30 x ~200 RSR for that $1,000 purchase of RSV (which is ~6,000 RSR).

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the constant shilling of RSR reminds of Chainlink 2 years ago,its very annoying sirs

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So you need to sell your RSR in exchange for RSV at exactly the time when the price fluctuates to arbitrage? And this is after months or perhaps years when the RSR that are not in circulation are burned making the RSR in circulation valuable? Reserve has got to be one of the most complicated tokens, it is an interesting project though if crypto can be used with not much price volatility.

>> No.15531663

No, you wont be doing arbitrage manually. There are smart contracts that do this on Huobi for example. It's also very possible that coinbase wallet will give you access to a dApp in the future that will also allow for arbitrage since Coinbase venture is an investor in the project.

As for the time frame, no one knows. The one thing that I do know is that if the burn mechanics are implemented the way that Nevin has described then a $1 RSR is possible within the first 6 months to a year after mainnet launches and maybe even sooner. After $1 it's hard to say, it could keep climbing as people fomo in and adoption rates go up (which increase arbitrage opportunities/burn opportunities) or it could stagnate until the resistance is broken.

I would also keep an eye on the crypto market when it comes to stablecoins, Tether is have a lot of legal problems like I wrote above so don't be surprised if people in the crypto sphere aren't tempted by RSV while Tether continues to have legal battles.

>> No.15531672

>Tether is having* a lot of legal problems

>> No.15531692

wanna know why this is all so much more complicated than it should be? cause its a fucking scam. it's just another get rich scam by crypto founders. stable coins will be issued by real banks when adoption actually happens. it would be absolutely trivial for a bank to hold 1:1 in reserve. no bullshit dual token fuckery or manipulation needed.

>> No.15531701

Well then please to be buying dear sir and become relax :)

>> No.15531713

>I don't understand Reserve
>so therefore it's a scam
A true brainlet

>> No.15531719

>i dont understand it so it has to be a scam

This is how they make it scale. The decentralized aspect of it is the basket of assets and the scalability pertains to the fact that they're using a 2nd token to help stabilize as well as replenish their basket of assets in the future if they depreciate in value due to a sudden crash in one of the assets.

>> No.15531855


>> No.15531878

volatility. but who cares which one they buy if they want to use it as a form of payment they will need RSV since RSV will be tied directly to the app and have all the ease of use functions you'd expect from a digital payment system whereas RSR would require them to use an exchange or arbitrage contract etc.

>> No.15531933

And how are they going to buy their 10 pesos worth of RSR or RSV in whatever mud language said third worlder is speaking? A universal language smart phone app tied to a shanty town address? Who the hell is going to show them how to use it? Unless they are helicoptering this to everyone with free tokens, I can't see how it will be adopted. This shit has me very skeptical.

>> No.15532093

They're tailoring app for each region/language. No one is claiming that every single person will be capable of using the app, of course there will be people that can't use it and don't know how to use it but guess what? Bitcoin is much harder to learn and people are learning to buy/use it. Just google bitcoin and Venezuela. You're also underestimating how much money is flowing into places like Venezuela from relatives that left to nearby areas to work and send money back into the region. RSV will be instantly redeemable for dollars if you happen to have access to a foreign bank account that uses dollars. They're adding a system in the app that lets people buy/sell RSV with local currency.

>> No.15532683

whats up with the huge supply vs current circulating supply would like to buy a suicide bag but seems like founders and early investors are gonna dump when tokens unlock

>> No.15532691

55% is slow wallet locked

the rest wont be unlocked until mainnet and guess what happens mainnet?

arbitrage. so no real reason to market dump.

>> No.15532725
File: 575 KB, 460x613, 6236sdfg261234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what means "slow wallet locked". website link to the metrics?

>> No.15532751


>> No.15533182

Coinbase lists it in on its site.

>> No.15533240

That’s for the info. How big is your bag?

>> No.15533896

Means no 700k dumps like link holders have to endure.

>> No.15534230

>in true 4chan style
>''RSR is a scam"
>"Hurr durr shut the fuck up Ranjeet it's a scam poo in loo buy my shitcoin instead reeeeeeeeeeee''

>> No.15534344

This guy fucks.

>> No.15534345

Shit is retarded, there are literally about a 100 other coins that promote the same thing, how is rsr any different, besides having extra pajeet flavor to it.

Oh that and also a fucking 10b supply.

People who go come here for advice deserve everything that happens to them.

>> No.15534375

Noted. Ignored.

>> No.15535087

.002 current price. .1 eoy. Could you imagine???

(.1-.002)/.002= 49x!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to throw in 1500 (to diverse into a few other coins). This would be lit as shit.

>> No.15535092


>> No.15535311

the team is not insured as a bank, nor do they have any standing reputation in this space. so when JPM issues a stable coin that is actually backed, why the fuck to you think the market would choose RSR?

>> No.15535444

during an economic crisis banks will have zero obligation to fulfill any requests or transfer any funds. you can't be this dumb.

>> No.15535605

Simple swap dot eye oh

>> No.15536141

Can’t buy in USA so it’s a scam. Show me how. PROVE IT

>> No.15536364


>african mobile operators
>a mobile phone importer from angola

the absolute state, this is truly the new HOLO flavor of the month shitcoin

>> No.15536377

if you can't figure out the idex/vpn just use simpeswap.io; only down side to simpleswap is that you aren't maximizing how many tokens you get for the money. The benefit is that it's easy, no registering on an exchange or website of any kind and you can swap any token for RSR as long as you have enough of it to meet the minimum requirement.

If I keep having to make new accounts on idex ill probably just bite the bullet and use simpleswap but I made one purchase a few days ago with my 3rd account and I haven't accidentally logged it in without vpn so hopefully it still shows Global rather than USA.

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Yes, Angolan niggers from a shithole country will unironically make us all millionaires.

>> No.15536444

I hope for you guys that it will at least not do an NKN and dump to infinity

>> No.15536621
File: 641 KB, 1100x1092, tredhfbrtsfc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's how big money are made

>> No.15536637
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>"last chance guise cmon this is it rocket ship to the moon"

you idiots are going to tarnish another good project with your ignorance. you don't know how markets work. i've been posting for months that RSR will go to a new low before it runs.

>> No.15536676

This. >>15535605

>> No.15536830

Thank you

>> No.15537034

the VAST majority of stuff shilled here are shitcoins. RSR is just another random shitcoin that'll end up dumping to 10 sats before losing total liquidity. you should cut your losses before it's too late frens.

>> No.15537059

>10M marketcap

i'll rather lose my 2K investment than miss this, its backed by motherfucking SILICON VALLEY MOGULS.

this shit should be 1$ and i would still buying this like theres no other.

fucking world reserve currency...

>> No.15537261


> Dorsey has now warned that bitcoin "is not functional as a currency," though still thinks bitcoin is preferable to something like Facebook's planned libra digital currency.
> "Open internet standards serve every person better than ones controlled or started by companies," Dorsey told the Sydney Morning Herald

So Peter Thiel (Bilderberg) invested in Reserve, a former SEC comissioner is advising Reserve's team and now Mark Carney (Bilderberg, Bank of England) and Jack both think we need a decentralized Libra (= RSV). We are going to make it frens.

>> No.15537547

Thank you for this explanation, I understand it better now.

>> No.15537813

What happens when the team starts dumping big quantities of RSR? Where will the money come from to stabilise the price of RSV?

>> No.15538060

These two things aren't connected. Your question doesn't make sense.

If a user buys RSV from the App directly they're paying full price + a fee, if an RSR holder arbitrages RSV they're buying RSV at a lower cost and selling it at $1 to the user or the protocol which will then sell it or hold it as needed.

Regardless of whether or not a whale, or someone from the team dumps a large amount of RSR that doesn't affect how the protocol works, if the price of RSR goes down then that just means that more RSR is burned in the next arbitrage interaction.

>> No.15538068

I already have 10m rsr. I'll be set for life.

>> No.15538079

I'd be happy reaching 1M lol

>> No.15538113

You sound like an insider.

>> No.15538254
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Nah, I just really like the project and I think I have a good understanding of it. Maybe some of the things I said aren't exactly how things will end up because a lot can still change between now and mainnet, and I'm not involved with the process so maybe there are other details I'm missing but this is what I've been able to surmise with the available information.

I'm honestly worried I wont be able to get more than 500k before getting priced out since I'm having to wait an extra week before I get paid, and then I have to wait another 5 days for Coinbase to let me transfer the ETH to IDEX or Simpleswap.


>> No.15538293

It's been crabbing for weeks you're probably safe. I don't expect any price action anytime soon even with the app

>> No.15538366

Yeah, maybe. I don't expect the app to make a huge difference either but people get pretty irrational with fomo sometimes.

>> No.15538392
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>So many countries are getting ready to adopt Reserve protocol as their national reserve currency.

>> No.15538446
File: 31 KB, 664x285, brainfart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Allow me to post this little table here, asuming conservative values for adoption and price.

For those FUDders who can understant it, please be so kind to explain what would happen with price between years 7-8 for the protocol to be sustainable and thus avoid the negative RSR quantity that I have calculated.

I'm eager to read it.

>> No.15538739

>hotbit legit
Absolutely not, but the Huobi Global vol seems legit

>> No.15538978

yeah that's when you're starting to smell the shit (or POO in other words)

>> No.15539557

RSR is a scam, ran by savvy noobs.

>> No.15539769

So is it illegal to buy and/or posses rsr in burgerland? Is that why the exchanges removed it as an option for us? How do I report this on my taxes if I can't legally have it?

>> No.15539784

I don't think so.. celsius tokens for instance can't be bought by u.s. residents, but it's not illegal to have them so I figure it's the same with this.

>> No.15539924

Where can I go to read about the app?

>> No.15539959

its a scam. dont bother

>> No.15540249

I don't care I still wanna know

>> No.15540501

report the proper numbers for taxes and its all good. bitmex trading isnt allowed in the US, but many still do it with a VPN. just report your numbers and you'll be fine

>> No.15540980

Thanks, just bought 20k

>> No.15541059

thanks just bought another 2 milly

>> No.15541081

Nice try, Nevin.

>> No.15541230


There’s my wallet. I’ll take tips for the info.

>> No.15541243
File: 300 KB, 1125x2436, 8F3C8494-D91C-4463-861A-2F704F24559E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15541262


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