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Okay /biz/ chads, I need your help.
I cannot live the life of a wageslave, I am steadily dying inside day by day and I see myself early homeless or in the dirt.
I have no knowledge about cryptos beyond the few types and general info.
Where do I start? How do I go about it? Where do I read up information?
Please save my life.

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do not mock me

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put money into bitcoin. Use Binance or Coinbase Pro to trade for altcoins or margin trade bitcoin.

CZ (The founder of Binance) has a website dedicated to learning about crypto if you want to read some shit


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kneepads are just another way of saying to take initiative and be a go getter!

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Is Bitcoin the right place to start right now? I heard Chainlink is the better option right now since BC got so expensive already?

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chainlink is a meme spread by retards on this board. That shitcoin has gone from $0.25 to $4.50 and now is crashing back to $0.10. Stick to bitcoin for now and research the others