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its all true huh?

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Dude come on they just used bronze tools

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Yes jews worship this planet

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wow. It's a stone.

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How is this related to chainlink?

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wow. more stones

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Fggt here

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T. Npc

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>t. ungodly retard

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no idea what you're talking about m8

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We do have a god, or a power that created this universe but the christian god was created by the Jews.

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What the actual fuck? Elaborate pic related.

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wow. stones with fanfiction

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I thought you were running some schizo-tier correlation between chainlink and the ancient symbolism. My bad!

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look up father crespi. had loads of stuff proving the ancient mesopotamian mesoamerican connection. gold casts of lammasu, giant sized instruments. the locals brought them to him from cave stashes. he made a museum that mysteriously burnt down when it started getting attention.

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Are you fags stoned??

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Those depictions show the fathers of modern humanity. They thought us how to raise livestock and how to farm so we could live in one place. They were an ancient civilization on earth or came from another planet, I think the latter is more probable. Read about the old sumerian culture.

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Explain the wrist watches

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earth is flat and the "planets" are wandering stars

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>bottom left
Chainlink confirmed gift from the gods

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Easy. Bracelet sundials.

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Places where the depictions where found, from left to right: göbleki tepe, old sumerian depictions, and maya sculpture. They were found all around the world in civilizations that didn't have contact with each other.

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oh nonononono

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Ok, now explain why all of them have the same posture, bag, wings, similar clothing and heads across the globe
>inb4 coincidence, goy

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More fun stuff

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cause the mesopotamian ones are real while the other shit is fake and copied, retard.

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Proofs ?

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wow, our ancestors used hammers! amazing!

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>made with stone tools, goy

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my ass

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Can you imagine people wasting years sculpting shit like this in a world where getting a small cut could lead to infection and death ? You think they'd have more important things to do like trying to fucking survive.

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Ancient staircase in South America that was destroyed by some cataclysm.

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Sry I made you pull out your dildo to get that info, you can put it back in now. Thx for proving that you're retarded btw.

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Fuck those must be heavy bags

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What do you think was in those bags ?

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are you implying this to be more than a rock quarry? I don't get it

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There are some theories about what was in those bags. In my opinion there was either technological equipment in there or some sort of pollen to handpollinate the plants because of a cataclysm that rendered pollination between plants impossible.

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That pollination part is pure schizo

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It is exactly that. An ancient quarry, but there is no way people could make megaliths like that only with fucking stone tools, we can't even do it today with our technology

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plz enlighten, I'm a simple bizlet ready for the truth

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The bronze age collapse is marked by recurrently less produce each year, the ground became nutrient defficient with each harvest. People retreated back into nature, however most of them went uphill and into the mountains. Why has never been explained, there are theories of foreign invaders but that's just speculation.

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You are trashing up this thread with the fact that you’re a fucking dumbass who doesn’t know anything. Real info is being shared here, you have nothing to contribute and anything you do have to say is just bs being regurgitated out of your 21st century dumbed down shit brain

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That's why 'mericans give their kids non-christian names.

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Where is that, seems pretty nice

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I recognise this schizo shit from my years on /x/. This "conspiracy" is inane and stupid and basically boils down to "Saturn sounds like Satan!" and also "sometimes things are the same shape!" and if you question it then you conveniently are a Jew. This shit is like fucking fake space conspiracy. I did my time in theology, ((they)) might be awful but this shit is braindead.

>muh gangstalking tranny freemason jew flat gay earth!

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RAD stock

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It's an old hindu temple in bankapura

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why don't you call your mommy to tell her I'm trashing up your thread
or you could pray to your lizard entities or whatever lmao

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Lol none of that is what has been discussed. You just brought that up form your own judgments. We had been talking of ancient civilizations and how there had to have been an intelligent influence to result in the ancient sites we have today. I have been on /x/ for years too, but man you’re eyes are wide shut. If you had the ability to understand first, then you would see that the satan/Saturn correlation isn’t literal, but used as a point of reference in the world of occult symbolism. Seek to understand, then to be understood.

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this, i was phoneposting

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Wow you’re a fucking idiot. I never said any of that ducking kek you’re so brain dead you can’t come with a real response? Btfo you complete incel. You are someone who hears of collective ideas or theories about something and takes it at how it first was presented to you without looking to see what things really are. I pity you.

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OP you eternal fucking faggot GIVE US A QUICK RUNDOWN ffs jesus christ sum up your knowledge for us dumbfucks with nothing better to do on a saturday christ fucking almighty

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>Lol none of that is what has been discussed.
Your pic is literally a pic of the planet Saturn I know exactly what you are talking about MuH SaTuRnELiA get the fuck out of here and go take your meds and stop being a fucking black person smoking weed and watching youtube videos all day, because I know thats exactly where you're at bro. Look at you trying to talk to me like a fucking guru. Please. Get a real education son. Join your local Theosophical society at the least, you are literally hurting yourself by indulging in schizoid nonsense just because you can connect events and themes that have nothing to do with another because you can use one leap of logic to justify the next and that one to justify the previous, and it makes you feel important and woke and like your life has meaning if you can sense of it all, instead of GETTING A FUCKING JOB and RAISING A FUCKING FAMILY, LIKE YOU'RE FUCKING SUPPOSED TO BE! I have literally seen you post this shit on /x/ before, more than once, I even remember having this discussion with you. Not only is this not business or finance related, YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL and you are doing it YOURSELF voluintarily.

I can tell you don't have the heart to understand wisdom because you shoot your fucking mouth off all the time and are a condescending little shit about absolute bullshit that you think everyone else just isn't "awake" enough to understand. Nah bro. You're just stuck in a dream. You're wasting your life. It's just frustrating to see, because I used to be just like you.

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Oh thanks anon, you have opened my eyes, I will change my ways. Also to note, I am not OP and have not posted a pic. But yeah it feels great to say my opinion on 4chan! It’s anonymous! But for real no one had been talking about anything of Saturn and satan, the thread turned into ancient civilization talk. But I’m getting off, going to go get educated from some institution, and go fill my roles in society of needing to be a family man. Your words have inspired me anon

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But anyways, OP, I don’t know if it’s all true. I hope so! It seems that Sergey really knows more about the occult than we had thought. The warosu LINK threads before the big pumps seemed to have cryptic information, I missed out but tried to follow the trail after. I wish 42 was here, he has all the info saved. I wish I had info to share, but I don’t. Was hoping to see some more here

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Chain link bags weighing as much as a star

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So we are dinosaurs ?

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No but "dinosaurs" are our daddies or gave us silly apes conciousness

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>They were found all around the world in civilizations that didn't have contact with each other.
You mean that do not have contact in the context of what modern scholars the inhabitants. It is reasonable that there was a civilisation before dryas that sounded the globe

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Wtf would a small cut lead to death. If they can do this they had more tech. The people modern scholars claim did this did not.

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It was elemental gold in those bags

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It wasn't made with stone--the ancients had iron, and even steel, but it was very rare and expensive.

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Because if they didn't have antibiotics like history books tell us working years even decades to make nice looking rocks with ancient tools is fucking stupid. Life was already hard as it was, there's no reason to waste time and energy doing useless shit that could get you killed.

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I'm only buying gold so that i don't get enslaved by the annunaki the next time they will come to earth. Hopefully they will show mercy. By the way they had wristwatches.

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Poor people do stupid shit all the time without a care in the world.

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incas are the most spiritual/genius species


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>It seems that Sergey really knows more about the occult than we had thought

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It amuses me how affected you are right now bro. Calm down bro, if it is schizo nonsense why are you so worked up bro?

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This. /x/fags should hang like the schizos they are.

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Why does this get you so butthole affected bro?

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either he is a shill or his feeble mind can't look past his brainwashing, either way its not worth it

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