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>hurr what do I buy before the weekend to get some sick gains!!!!

you're better off buying water at a supermarket than you are doing whatever the people here would have recommended
learn to make your own decisions in life, child

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Never stumbled on one of these so early. What do you guys do when the markets close? I mean the hardcore day traders.

>> No.15512514

Vape 50s to numb myself until the market is open again

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Doing what I said I should do. Also when is someone gonna LARP about all the grills they got laid by. Grills = girls for those who wanna act like they don't get it.

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I just stare at the wall until monday

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Why don't I just buy straddles on everything and make infinite moneys?

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You've got a lot of nerve calling other people that, unemployed virgin child. Just because I ask for input doesn't mean I'm going to blindly take their advice.

I was mostly asking about commission-free ETF's like SPLV, SPYX, SPYB... Not likely to lose much money on these, more likely to make-less-money than I could otherwise

This, but also movie night, gym, and CCM videos.

And I started that Demon Slayer anine, pretty entertaining.

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Does /smg/ still do movie nights??

>> No.15512597

Yes, except Sundown is the host now because Comfy is dead

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>tfw you will never duel her
going to reduce my life points to zero right now


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I fantasize about going to a bar to meet girls but then I realize a rum and coke probably costs like $7, I'd have to buy at least 3 of those to get drunk at a bar because they don't use a lot of rum, and I'd have to buy the girl multiple drinks too. Probably more expensive ones like hurricanes or long islands. Considering I can make a rum and coke for 48 cents at home, I do that while listening to edgy rock/metal music and vent that I am a college-dropout-no-skillz dirt-collar worker who's only chance to /make it/ (tm) is by utilizing a literal smartphone app that enables commission free trading. I'm basically a loser because it is more economically viable to be a loser. Thank you for reading my TedX talk.

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Is this the perfect time to buy canopy growth? It's at the absolute bottom and I got a shit ton in options trade for it.

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I wish it didn't be like it do, but it has

>> No.15512685

1st for SFM

sunrun anon has never done me wrong

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go to bed early, wake up early, go to a closing club, meet drunk women there, afterparty at home.

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Wishing isn't very scientific, anon.
It's ok though, I mean, utilizing my mathematical prowess and devoting my entire worth to the markets will make victory just that much better. It's not like failing puts me in any worse of a situation anyways. Kinda romantic when you think about it like that.
this is beyond gay

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>this is beyond gay
whats gay is thinking you need to pay for drinks

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I'm currently torrenting Conan the Barbarian (1982), we'll see if I can get it uploaded and working before tomorrow nite
u don't seem like the the real tequila froggy, wrong psychic signature... SFM is something he'd tell us to buy though...

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access denied on that link in the OP

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>whats gay is thinking you need to pay for drinks
oh yea i'll just goto the bar and order my drinks for free. duh, why didn't i think of that earlier?

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Why does the devil look like a dick a balls? Don't tell me I'm the only one who sees this!

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Don't buy it then anon

>> No.15512893

>not having guys buy you drinks all night
You're never going to make it.

>> No.15512895

VTSAX, better than QQQ?

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Haven't the foggiest

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>I'm basically a loser
tell us something we don't know....

>> No.15512999

Go celebrate man, you deserve it

>> No.15513062

Ror! Digits confirm.
Celebrate LCIguy Senpai

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Investopedia says Fidelity. Vanguard gets recommended more. They have comparable index funds (Vanguard slightly better) but Fidelity does not need any initial investment. Vanguard seems to offer less selection in favor of more assured investments. Fidelity on the other hand seems to have more selection but you bear more responsibility by researching.

Can anyone please help me choose one or the other?

>> No.15513111

I'm pretty burned out.. i've been on the move since i returned from chicago

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if all you're doing is buy and hold indexing for 20+ years, just pick the one with the lowest expense ratio + commission fees.

>> No.15513130

That's so cool. Filtered.

>> No.15513131

He is still on Fire man, nothing has put a dent in the uphill climb all year long. Trump Tweets?, Trade Shit? He just laughs and keeps plowing on.

Which begs the question; When will the ride end? Who knows but why should you care? That Fat Divvy will still be there. If you were there and bought Him during the Mega Dip of yore you'd be sitting pretty good right now I'd guess.

So let this be a nice lesson to take heed: The next time there's a Mega Dip buy loads of Him and let His Fat Divvy and Drip keep you safe.

>> No.15513142

Very scared to watch neflix reboots of zim and rocco...

may see if I can go for a run

>> No.15513165

>no Schwab
Chuck jus wans 2 b ur fren

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Well then enjoy your weekend and may LCI have more blessed gains in the coming week

>> No.15513185

For me that'd be VTI. No Fees, Low expense ratio, get's all 5's on the Lipper scale, and is Diverse as all get out so all in all your capital is pretty safe. (Unless the economy as a whole just shats big time)

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The zim movie was pretty good, 7/10 typical kid's cartoon turned movie special. would re-watch after a marathon. I heard rocco's was sjw garbage tho so i didn't watch it.
vti is good. I know if you get enough of it on robinhood, you can write covered calls too. That would probably be better if you aren't stashing in an IRA or something.

>> No.15513210

I'm considering indexing but also have been researching dividend stocks and REITs.

>> No.15513216

How do I sign up somewhere if I live with my parents and don't have any bills to prove my address?

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>I'm considering indexing but also have been researching dividend stocks and REITs.
Do all of them.

>> No.15513258

> Saved
Score one for Vanguard here.

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I bought some GDX so expect a new ATH in the market

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One company makes up 52pc of my portfolio. Maybe I should sell some? But the dilemma is that they still have a ton of growth ahead of them

>> No.15513372

First of all a big fuck u to all of u for telling me not to buy a gun and not to buy back to mnk you are all useless. I sold and missed the gain and sold at a low. Fuck this gay earth.

>> No.15513373

Cheap shitty cigar with horrible burn

padrons or nothing, poor faggot. you're smoking literal floor scrapings

>> No.15513385

Yeah it tasts like shit, but I'd rather have another share of NRZ than an expensive stick.

>> No.15513405

You only have yourself to blame

>> No.15513424

Do you have a driver's license, or similar government ID. Use that. If not, look at the proof of residency for acquiring a driver's license.

>> No.15513427

nigga i ask for advice and u all give bad advice so im giving a big fuck you i never said this was about blame nothing fuck u

>> No.15513444

Smoking is bad for you gwim

>> No.15513454

GALT is bad for you pendy

>> No.15513460

Just buy tesla and make it

>> No.15513480

At least u recommend something every1 just made fun of me except some faggot lci guy who just posts about lci every 3 seconds but has held it for 3 years and has underperformed markets worse then me..

>> No.15513493

>being this hung up on short term price action

I expected better from you

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Is a joke pendy

>> No.15513550

>Do you have a driver's license, or similar government ID
Yes but I need that AND a utility bill.

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Too late, I already added one of your posts to the collage a while back

>> No.15513638

I just want to be there when you make it son

>> No.15513664

I won't make it even if GALT does explode like I'm expecting it to, on account of me being a college student who doesn't have very much money to put into the market
It would be a great start to my investing "career", though
There are multiple anons here who would make more profit than me if GALT got bought out
What matters to me at this point is the journey and being right (having my portfolio go from 1.3k to likely around 4-6k would help too)

>> No.15513671

Get drunk before you go to the bar at home cheap then you only have to buy 1 and sip it all night. Spit game on some tipsy froglet with more issues than your favorite magazine then take her home and push her guys in

>> No.15513683

thanks for the advice on how to duel this yugioh character

>> No.15513727

baste. Wish I had bought more when it dipped below 14, but I got spooked.

You got a reason to buy gold miners, or just looks like a buyable dip? I’m bagholding Barrick and bought a little paper silver too expensive today.

>> No.15513808

Kek reading doubles of everything fat fingered the wrong message my bad pendy... hope the best to your duel

>> No.15513810

It seems weird that theybwoild specifically require a utility bill and not any other alternative. Oh, well. Ask your parents to change the water bill or the cable bill over to your name and wait a month.

>> No.15513820

If you can talk them into it’ll build your credit too having a bill in your name. Gain gain

>> No.15513824

Idea I had the other day: for every share of individual stock buy an ETF share with that same company in it. The idea is to get some of the benefit of each while mitigating the flaws of each to a degree.

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>Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Too fucking based dude. My favorite movie of all time. Arnold carries the thing on his back through his movements, muscle and action alone. He barely has any lines and says only one line to his girlfriend the whole movie.

>> No.15513895

that's not even mentioning the CVRs, btw

>> No.15513974

I'm doing a little challengr started with $60, I'm at $100 now. I'm hoping something happens over the weekend.

>> No.15514002

Are there ETFs for meme /biz/ pump and dump bio stocks? Cause that's all I invest in.

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So I'm mostly in SPLV, 7-10 year bonds, GOLD and Yamana Gold. I've been going down the last few days.

This isn't a shit portfolio is it? I'm not planning on maintaining it obsessively this semester.

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Heh heh, you’re the guy who got into SPLV when I was talking about it. I’m doing some research to see the sector risk it has, since it seems that it’s been doing so well because utilities, REITs, insurance companies, and certain consumer staples have been doing so well. Those are defensives, I believe, and after running all year long there’s either a rotation happening, or we’re letting the other sectors catch up.

I don’t think the market has decided yet. That’s why I was asking about what I should buy during after hours, to get some more risk-on exposure. I may let my lmao10shares of SCHD ride, and just try to find another etf that fits the bill.

This “Ned” guy has a point.

>> No.15514131

Imagine reading a book on trading from 1993 then thinking it will be applicable to 2019.

>> No.15514186

I have half with Fidelity (managed by FutureAdvisor) and the other half with Vanguard. I use the roboadvisor with FutureAdvisor and the meatbag advisor with Vanguard. I do this for exposure to different ETFs and such. I get better returns with FutureAdvisor but Vanguard has lower fees.

>> No.15514200

>First of all a big fuck u to all of u for telling me not to buy a gun

>> No.15514202

Literal schizo poster

>> No.15514213


>> No.15514218

>talking schizos out of buying guns

Damn /smg/ is good people. /b/ would have had him livestream his suicide.

Anyway >>15513372 looks promising for further gains, why not buy back in? I have some small calls on it.

>> No.15514225

Edit: MNK looks promising. Phoneposting and I have big hands.

>> No.15514230


>> No.15514238

MNK looks terrible, what’s the redemption story here?

>> No.15514239

ie: a payment when/if the phase 3 trial is successful, another one when/if the drug is approved, etc

>> No.15514338

Wasn't behind a payroll before but https://www.barrons.com/articles/fears-of-a-mallinckrodt-bankruptcy-may-be-premature-51567777088 the gist was their problems may have been overstated.

Like I said I have small calls..Not betting big, but yes getting it'll go up some more.

>> No.15514406

m1finance seems to want an ID and a utility bill specifically.

>> No.15514566

Create a Robinhood account for now until you can figure something out. Free trades and is works well enough for meme stocks

>> No.15514587
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it's working son
haven't seen it since I was 16, I remember it being absolute k i n o though
I've been rereading all the Clark Ashton Smith stories (Robert Howard meets Lovecraft w/ better prose basically), got me in some kind of mood. John Milius being a literal reactionary makes it even better
You been watching Sven Carlson or something gwim? What's your take on miners, I don't understand them at all

>> No.15514614

I use sink or swim personally and love the features plus having every stock you can think up available to invest. Which is a big plus if you like to gamble on pinkies. It also will actually put orders through where others brokerages won’t when you’re gambling on grey trips. It costs you though a premium fee for each trade. Smarten up about it and make trades count and to make money, it’s worth it when you can still trade your stock who is decent company but just dropped out of Nasdaq to OTC market and you can STILL buy the dip for when the stock takes off in OTC and can cash out bags of money while on a gay brokerage you can’t buy and are stuck at a loss or barley breaking even because you can only sell. So the TOS fee is something I can deal with think back on events only a real brokerage can handle. Though I do have a Robinhood account to play around with memes and do dumb playing around gambling investing that I don’t have to worry about fees

>> No.15514638

Oh and option trade is way better a huge difference better on sink or swim TOS

>> No.15514664

Maybe CLOU if we're going risk-off?
It's interesting, no?

I don't fucking know, trying to find no-fee ETF's to match my objectives on schwab is time consuming.

>> No.15514688

Anyone holding HEXO? I got a call on it, playing earnings.

>> No.15514695

Real trader hours who up?

>> No.15514711

I am
I am

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>> No.15514751

How's it looking? What's your thesis?

>> No.15514776

Seemed like a decent speculative dudeweed, when the sector tanked I thought I'd stop wasting time on speculations and just go heavy on the big boys, CGC and MO. Little did I know they were going to give me a big basket of cheapies... And now I've lost all faith in CGC honestly. Too bad MO and CGC became my largest positions.

Here's my HEXO position. Honestly, it seems like a bad sign when 420blazeits rally into earnings, so I probably should have sold.

Probably getting a little burned out on the market, a little tired of losing money.

>> No.15514786
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>> No.15514935

Good shit anon, hopefully we do well on Monday. I'm out right after earnings.

>> No.15515008

are we getting a rate cut?

>> No.15515047

yeah good plan, lemme know what you hear in hexo or nrz

>> No.15515091

This is probably the latest relevant news on NRZ.


>> No.15515153

Heard about the buyback authorization, pretty nice. But that analyst coverage is VERY nice, thanks for posting it. I'll read through the PDF but it probably won't change much.

Wish I'd have bought more on the dip, I get too distracted. I've got to trim my positions again.

>> No.15515164
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I'm fond of entering with very small positions and just slowly building over time every time the price is somewhere you like it, just pick up 1 or 2 shares. You won't feel bad about doing it and if it drops lower you won't feel too much either.

>> No.15515168

My average used to be 17, now it's 16. And slowly it will be 14. But I've made nearly all my money back in divies anyways.

>> No.15515210
File: 63 KB, 343x667, Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 12.15.51 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's good advice, thank you. Wow you've been in this all year, you might have been the poster that turned me on to them in the first place.

It's actually very odd that they're not doing better during a year that has seen REITs soar.

>> No.15515218
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Yeah I've been in it for almost a full year now. Just so you know I have a terrible track record, besides CY, and I am a former gambler.

>> No.15515266

I did not know that, but I guarantee you have not fucked up as badly as I have.

Maybe ACB can help bring some life back to the dudeweed sector, bring it up by virtue of ETFs

>> No.15515275
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I've got double this in cash at all times now.

Oh and DIS. I'm pretty proud of that one. mREITS move differently than regular REITS. My thesis on this originally was to anticipate rates being raised, which worked for a while, but as you can see it is currently not. Fortunately, NRZ is "supposedly" well positioned for most rate environments. Other mREITS got BTFO'd very hard.


Also take a look at their Q2. http://ir.newresi.com/Cache/1001255066.PDF?O=PDF&T=&Y=&D=&FID=1001255066&iid=4347089

>> No.15515896

Where can a easteurofag open a bank account to get paid from online freelancing without giving the government 50%?

>> No.15516026

I have roughly 7K in cash + 100 shares of AMD(3K), for a total of 10K in assets.

Is it worth going all in on Qualcomm or AT&T for the dividends? I assume no because I'm a 0 short of it being decent passive income and their value is unlikely to explode?

If only I had bought into the stupid bit coin meme.

>> No.15516241

I just recently got into trading. After much reading I've decided to follow a mostly boomer strategy: Chose a couple of fundamentally sound stocks an ETF for """safety""" and a gold based etf to hedge against gold price fluctuations without actually investing directly in gold. So far it has worked pretty well, but I can already see that my ETF (vanguard) is going really slow as compared to my stocks. I'm sure etfs might be the way to go if you just wanna put the money and wait it out, but if I'm actively monitoring the market almost everyday, wouldn't it be better to keep it all in stocks? That should give me enough reaction time to get out and in of the market if needed. thoughts?

>> No.15516316

Why don't you guys just buy VTSAX? You know you can't beat the market right?

>> No.15516347

>it's easy guys
>just put your money into an index
>guaranteed free money
>anyone can become rich like that
i wonder what could go wrong...

>> No.15516382

>manages only 340m
Yeah... he's trying to get more capital.Blow hard. The index funds are a collection of stocks which act very independently. History has shown the indexes follow the market. The index funds do cause added demand for the stocks, but still do not dictate the market. Even if you do pick individual stocks, I still highly recommend you have most of your assets in index.

>> No.15516521

The problem is the liquidity risk:

"“The dirty secret of passive index funds -- whether open-end, closed-end, or ETF -- is the distribution of daily dollar value traded among the securities within the indexes they mimic.

“In the Russell 2000 Index, for instance, the vast majority of stocks are lower volume, lower value-traded stocks. Today I counted 1,049 stocks that traded less than US$5 million in value during the day. That is over half, and almost half of those -- 456 stocks -- traded less than US$1 million during the day. Yet through indexation and passive investing, hundreds of billions are linked to stocks like this. The S&P 500 is no different -- the index contains the world’s largest stocks, but still, 266 stocks -- over half -- traded under US$150 million today. That sounds like a lot, but trillions of dollars in assets globally are indexed to these stocks. The theater keeps getting more crowded, but the exit door is the same as it always was. All this gets worse as you get into even less liquid equity and bond markets globally.”

>> No.15516536

By this logic the funeral industry is in a bubble because we don't have scores of people dying from cholera anymore.

>> No.15516634

That's not really his logic at all... Here, why don't you try a board that's a little more your speed?

>> No.15516639

The problem with buying two shares a week or month,etc is the commission fees (if your brokerage charges them).

The fees will eat you alive. ex: e-trade charges 4.95 per. You buy 2 shares of NRZ @ 15 per. So your total cost is $34.95. Your basically blowing $4.95 each week/month you add to your NRZ position. V.S saving a large wad and buy a big chunk of NRZ and pay the 4.95 just one time.

You also get hit when you sell. So in order to make Profit on any non Divvy stocks you need to make over your total buying cost plus the 4.95 sell fee. ex: NRZ again. Your out $34.95 when you bought. You sell. The fee is 4.95. So your cash left over is 30.95. You take a $4.95 loss. But say NRZ goes up to to 20 per. You sell and get back $35.05. A Profit of 10 cents. So you've "broke even" Which is a lot better than a lot of people end up doing just starting out.

>> No.15516686

>guy who actively manages a fund says passive investing is bad
Really activates my almonds

>> No.15516725

if 5$ per month eats you alive you shouldnt be investing...

>> No.15516744

This guy is all over the news recently. Using his 08 notoriety to pool capital, not a bad strategy.

>> No.15516901
File: 297 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190907_082154_com.robinhood.android.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys think it would be good to buy some stock of Intec Pharma? It's up 66% on the month

>> No.15516957

the best time to invest in pharma is when they crash below 1$. just throw a little bit of money that you are ok to lose (high likelihood) and hope for the best 10-20 years

>> No.15516989

Thanks anon

>> No.15517081 [DELETED] 
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This idiot got offers from Jane Street/Citadel. I want to kms...

>> No.15517103


>> No.15517155 [DELETED] 
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I will never get into quantitative trading.

>> No.15517180

>guaranteed bonus


>> No.15517368

Zim movie is absolute cancer. Its for ages 5 to 6

>> No.15517600
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This is it guys. The biggest play I got that is guaranteed money for all. Don’t believe me? Check the news on ENPH
Calls on ENPH are picking up IV like crazy get as many as you can for anything out of September. Anything. 25-35 range and you will make profit. Im in shares already and probably picking up calls Monday the action Friday confirmed the selloff from profit taking is over and bottom is around 24.
Again, don’t believe me check the news. Good luck!

>> No.15517692

Alteryx is awesome. I'm voting for Bernie too.

>> No.15518119

Just use robinhood and when your stack is large move it over to a real broker.

>> No.15518203

>Calls on ENPH are picking up IV like crazy get as many as you can for anything out of September. Anything.

So expiring in October at the earliest? English isn't my first language sorry. ENPH has been on my radar since Friday but I haven't had a chance to look at it more.

>> No.15518214
File: 1.61 MB, 5000x2827, 1567226770110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15518222
File: 25 KB, 665x574, 1555774168641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i bought a lot of AMD at 30.45. How fucked am i?

>> No.15518531

2x leveraged S&P instead of whatever vanguard etf you have.

>> No.15518972

ETFs are slower because when one company Really takes off, it only brings it up slightly if all the other companies do nothing. But if one company cuts their dividend, or has a ceo that uses the n-word on a conference call or refers to running their company is like taking care of a sick elderly person, your funds don’t get halved.

Leverage means faster gains and faster losses. NAIL has had an incredible year.

>> No.15519014

This is accurate unless you’re using robinhood.

It’s why I’m obsessed with finding those no-fee schwab ETFs right now.

Imagine having 1 share of a $5 stock in a schwab account... it sucks

>> No.15519019

AMRN - is the Golden Goose of Bio imo. Sales of the Drug is skyrocketing for high risk folks (aka your almost fucking dead). Once Nov comes and goes and the long awaited FDA ass kicking happens we'll see it expanded out for use on normal folk (aka if you don't shape up now your gonna be real sorry later).

Profit will be off the charts. Just look at how many people have heart trouble/risk of having the Big One. Lipotor is good and all but it's got side affects and more important to Big Pharma, getting ready to end the ten year patient protection so it'll be "generic" branded soon. So loss of Profit for them. AMRN is better, still has the 10 year lockup (More Profit) so yeah.. Ripe for a buyout to capture that money.

Those fucks at the FDA will cave. They won't have much choice. To much solid data backing AMRN, To much Profit is at stake for Big Pharma to let slide away. FDA would risk looking like fools if they deny AMRN. Plus how'd it look if rest of the world got AMRN's drug but U.S didn't? Talk about a slap to the face.

>> No.15519156

Sold 40k worth at 30.80, Enjoy those bags

>> No.15519347

Why is it going down?

>> No.15519367

>insider here, LULU gonna go down after earnings
REMINDER not to take bullshit like that seriously.

>> No.15519373

Its going up though? Unless you wonder why its still low in general in which case its because AMD doesn't have anything new to show off for now.

>> No.15519459
File: 345 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20190907_143719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do i shapen my investment skills im using a practice app and this is what happened.

>> No.15519498

>square Enix
>Tokyo electronics
I’m only buying NTDOY and some of the Nikkei index. I’m confident that even if Japan is destroyed by a natural disaster or a Godzilla, Nintendo will still be selling Mario and Zelda games.

>> No.15519511

>I’m confident that even if Japan is destroyed by a natural disaster or a Godzilla, Nintendo will still be selling Mario and Zelda games.

Pretty much kek

>> No.15519528
File: 61 KB, 1331x256, Screenshot_20190907-125219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So did I get a premium of 0.30 per share or 0.35?

>> No.15519530
File: 2.56 MB, 480x338, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

soo....have you guys bought "NERD" already? esports taking over traditional sports rather quickly it seems. moar like investing for fuc ofc, not trading

>> No.15519590

>nobody listened to me shilling CPRX at the low 3$ range

I feel bad honestly, so many missed out.

>> No.15519606
File: 358 KB, 1125x1492, 7CE9D2D8-C93F-44BE-A03B-4AD8D45DDC7F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are SaaS stocks going to come back up, or is the rotation away from these guys?

>> No.15519627

Just get drunk before going to the bar, stupid. Then you only need to buy drink two drinks (one for her and one for you) to talk to sluts.

>> No.15519766
File: 14 KB, 283x400, 41MDRqLIVoL._AC_SY400_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this a good introduction into the field of economics? I've seen mixed opinions on this from a couple of different boards so I'm wondering if there's some alternative that I haven't come across yet. Also asking here so I don't start a new thread.

>> No.15519792

Well it's not a textbook on economics, so no. Just buy (or pirate) a standard academic textbook.

>> No.15519944

Finance is not to bad, least personal wise. Net worth = What you got left after your debts/bills are paid and value of house/property/Cash,etc.

Which for a lot of people is a big fat Negative cause the Debt is more than the assets.
That's why I like the Quicken program. I can see at a glance what my Net worth actually is.

Your house is an asset. Cause land/house prices will only go up. Once you pay that sucker off you can divert that money into other things.

Your car is not really an asset cause the value just goes down over time. Unless your lucky and it turns into one of those rare "collectable" models. The only good bit is that the amount of tax/insurance costs will drop as the years pass.

>> No.15520032

I think I have to do homework instead of watching the movie tonight.

Big sad, never even seen Conan.

>> No.15520034

No. Just get the alchemy of finance.

>> No.15520213

I don't trade vidya.

>> No.15520235

no penny stock shilling go kys yourself

>> No.15520468

>Then you only need to buy drink two drinks (one for her and one for you) to talk to sluts.
Stop that betabux mentality please, it's cringe. You dont have to pay for drinks to talk to girls in a bar. Back when I was in college I would go out just to meet girls and never paid them drinks. I even made some of them pay me a drink.

>> No.15521125
File: 197 KB, 1125x963, DE8FF858-F60E-4411-B5C4-57437F70A0F6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zannen desu ne

>> No.15521260

It will be 5$ by next year. Save your money anon

>> No.15521292
File: 156 KB, 850x1159, 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kapital by Karl Marx

>> No.15521340
File: 1006 KB, 1125x1534, 2CDEAA46-C3AF-4E73-8B5F-DA30D2DA0886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would he tweet this, bros?
This seems like a vix-y thing to do, I kinda think I should’ve bought some.

What about a vix:spy strategy with regular rebalancing?

>> No.15521355
File: 81 KB, 630x958, 251931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kapital by Karl Marx
This. But use it as an instruction book not as a critique.

>> No.15521374

Not really market related. Even oil is unlikely to react much to that.

>> No.15521405
File: 661 KB, 355x355, SKK, a new heavy ordnance team has joined our ranks.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this but unironically

>> No.15521455

Sure, but it doesn’t exactly build my confidence in the administration.

You were inviting the fucking taliban to camp David? I get the need to make peace, but that’s some serious legitimization. AND you blew it up?

>> No.15521514

If you kill a US soldier we should just wipe out your entire country

>> No.15521582

Don’t be hasty!

We should make sure to capture any comfort women, hucows, and knowledgeable scientists first.

If it’s an accident, do we just wipe out half their country?

>> No.15521590

Just finished adding put credit spreads to my spreadsheet. What do you guys use this strategy on? Thinking SPY 2-4 weeks out to start with.

>> No.15521640

I'm done buying trinkets. You know little shit that you use maybe 3 - 4 times then forget about. Or shit I don't really need. Hell I'm 36. I've got all the things I need.

Got plenty of free storage space on my server to last me for damn near 5 years cause the only things that gets added is the occasional film or album or e-book anymore. So my tech buying will be way down.

So that'll leave me with plenty of spare cash to just save/invest. Just think man if you cut out all the little shit you blow money on that really don't mean jack shit at the end of the day how much extra cash you'd have at the end of the month.

Hell I've been almost broke, made a shit pot of money via hard work and being a tight ass, spent a lot of it to to be honest. Invested a lot of it so now I'm getting prepared for the next 30+ years of my life; just enjoying what I got and being able to kick back and do nothing when I retire without worrying about paying for shit.

>> No.15521714

I haven't missed a movie night in months but I might tonight because I'm traveling, hanging out with friends/family. We will see.

That's how I live.
I never bought trinkets trinkets ever. Don't need it, don't buy it. Rather hold index funds, shiny rocks, memestocks, cash, real estate, and just a hint of crypto"currency".

gotta live right
gotta buy good shit

>> No.15521754
File: 327 KB, 1239x1500, 1567540803253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do we still love the dogs of the Dow?

>> No.15521778
File: 66 KB, 600x841, dowdogs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Woof woof

>> No.15521827

Blue horseshoe loves bluestar airlines

>> No.15521834

Business Adventures

>> No.15521843

I listened to that a couple times. Sores not really making any sense except that markets are run by emotions, which these days we already know.

>> No.15521873

Seriously looks like a censored hentai dick on her face in the thumbnail

Who even are the dogs this year?
Who are the “dogs” right now?

>> No.15521889

AMD, T, SNSS, WKHS. Simple as.

>> No.15521890
File: 26 KB, 435x327, ross.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do people genuinely know if a stock will be going up or down or are they mostly just winging it?

>> No.15521914

Educated guesses based on common human responses to certain incidents.

>> No.15521920

You just look at all of the factors going for or against a companies success.

Like Tesla is probably going to crash and burn at some point, and it might recover or be bought by someone bigger.

>> No.15521981

>business adventures
You better not be memeing on me, anon.

>> No.15522205
File: 648 KB, 1390x1456, Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 2.52.18 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Trump going to declare trade war on Vietnam?
KBLB going to get more JUSTice after investing everything in Nam?

>> No.15522482
File: 1.23 MB, 3264x2448, 41819C84-A449-4764-A354-6815B39F08E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay boyos, bad news. Sundown here, my buddy high centered his shitty kia in the desert, we’re trapped 50 miles from anywhere. Movie night unfortunately cancelled unless we can dig our way out and escape :(

>> No.15522498

High centered? Whats thats mean?
Hope everything is okay...

>> No.15522544

>AND you blew it up
Sounds like the Taliban blew it up...literally and figuratively.

Usually I am at best lukewarm to Trump but this was a good call. I mean the whole thing....inviting them to talk and then cancelling when they fucked up.

>> No.15522571

it's a fun book

zoomer drivers are so helpless

>> No.15522580
File: 19 KB, 789x444, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My queued orders for next week, am I gonna make it

>> No.15522606

>queuing option purchases 35 hours before the market opens

it's gross yeah

>> No.15522626

I thank God options trading is suspended after hours. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is.

>> No.15522628
File: 1.63 MB, 1538x1094, Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 1.51.36 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's too bad... neither of you have AAA?
Hmmm... shoveling might be your best bet, unless you've got a buddy with a winch.

Maybe... I don't know.
We should really be more outraged that we're in Afghanistan at all. And it sounds like we're going to push the info we have about the Saudi involvement in 9/11 under the rug again... they're such shitty "allies"

I own a share of MA, and I really wish I just bought a lot more MA and also V. Not sure how much more expensive it'd be than calls, but I think 20 years from now, you might be looking at a 10 bagger or some such.

>VIAB puts
oh god, my deep value stock!
fucking Cramer, sometimes he's so right, that I forget how often he's so wrong...
T-tune in to PlutoTV today!!

>> No.15522659
File: 397 KB, 816x624, 1566859427722.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15522660

can any stonk bros help me understand how to value growth stocks? ive basically only looked at dividend stocks. looking to own V, MSFT and BIP

>> No.15522696

>he doesnt know apple is releasing their new phones next week

>> No.15522703

how misfortunate how misfortunate

>> No.15522728

I started that this week, fun ride so far.

>> No.15522773
File: 443 KB, 316x498, Hao007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im glad to hear that

>> No.15523078

>Boeing having testing problems with a new model of plane
Why they tryna crash our ecomommy?
I thought engineers were supposed to be smart.

>> No.15523253

This is all on purpose.
I mean it has to be
T. Ex aerospace guy

>> No.15523462

Still stuck? What desert?

>> No.15523592

look at this fucking guy.... i wanna go to the desert too. get stuck in mud and quicksand and then let liberals bitch about climate change more. forget the fucking idiots that put them selves there in the first place.

>> No.15523598
File: 101 KB, 796x1082, BEARd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Black Monday soon

>> No.15523611

its a front wheel drive car. just fucking post a picture of the other side's tire

>> No.15523616

i've gotten so many cars unstuck but yeah, you're probably fucked... just going to be honest, once it's over the wheels like that you need wood, or maybe rocks to like build a channel to drive it out... fucking morons driving on sand... sand is cancer.

>> No.15523619
File: 112 KB, 1080x1158, k_funinvolved.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>driving a kia
look, you know I like you, but you also deserved it.

>> No.15523623

I drove a kia
Can confirm
Very economical off sand though

>> No.15523624
File: 32 KB, 539x899, 79.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

only buy things you can use to make more money. all of my hobbies net a positive return.
except hiking/out/, but that's for sanity and health, which helps make more money.

>> No.15523630

Anyone have some general tips on finviz screener?
Any obscure shit you use most people dont know about?
Any good vids or books on advanced stuff?
Not really looking for meme line shit

>> No.15523631

i prefer a different tire for on sand... lots of groove and almost like the back of a paddle boat, shit will not get stuck and leave a track.

>> No.15523639

uhh, how old are you and why are you asking so many questions? also, fucking what do you want with the information? Are you a tool and shit head, or are you just fucking trying to get on my bad side. Help movie night anon.... mother fucker did dumb shit, and now we have to help him.

>> No.15523652


>> No.15523663
File: 1.65 MB, 500x500, 1499308020156.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not looking for memes
get a load of this guy

>> No.15523665
File: 101 KB, 1200x1200, st015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mother fucker did dumb shit, and now we have to help him.
Did he try putting sticks and shit underneath the tires yet? or call AAA? Hell, even if his phone says no service, he should still attempt a 911 call - it'll route to towers he doesn't normally get service on.
Most stocks are obscure. Like, +200 on the s&p alone trade at less than $5 mil worth of volume lmao. You aren't gonna out-trade anything for shit on a screener. If you want some actual highish level strat stuff, look into kelly betting and how to apply it to credit spreads and such. Takes nothing more than some highschool calc.

>> No.15523668

Just slow here.
Everyone just continueing not talking about anything other than anon stuck in desert
Also baggie why are you so autist about age? You go after everyone about age. Such a faggot, at least say something else for once faggie

>> No.15523673

>except hiking/out/, but that's for sanity and health, which helps make more money.
how can i factor in all the drugs and hookers? also the gambling that just takes hundreds... I don't really value money... The outdoors the tents and gear... forget the ways to cook the food you brought, forget the coolers, forget the vehicle that brought you to nature, well... why not get a place where it's everyday type of thing? I'm being real. what ever....

there was a kia, that was really light weight and had the 4wd, box shaped they stopped making them, the model reminded me of a suzuki side kick. or a geo gulf, uhh those vehicles could get burried in sand and break down but being up on wheels like jeeps they could get worked under a bit... plus they're small and easy to push when their in neutral.

>> No.15523676

Just to find stuff. Used it for awhile but there are loads of search possibilities

>> No.15523694

>at least say something else for once faggie
uhh FUCK YOU 365.25 days a year. EVERY YEAR until you ultimately KILL YOUR SELF.

>> No.15523696
File: 1.54 MB, 1188x1772, meIRL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nigger I live innawoods and cold soak

>> No.15523703

Start finding all the wood and stones you can. Dig the sand away from the center of the car. Try to push the car so the front hits the ground and touches. Hit rev limiter and have the gas pedal buried when you try to get out of being stuck and if that doesn’t shoot you out then use reverse then forward again and again rocking yourself out. Eventually should shoot you out

>> No.15523707

snowrocking doesn't work on sand because sand is granulated. You'll just sink further - it's like when you wiggle your feet into the sand at the beach.

>> No.15523708

Why so angry baggie
Short lci?

>> No.15523710

how do you stay warm in winter? it's closer than you know, get to canning and fucking preserve your fucking harvest nigger.

>> No.15523718

mother fucker called me faggie, and asked me to say something new... so fuck that anon... dude wanted to pick a fight, and start up an

>> No.15523731

Ahhh good point. Can tell I don’t live in an area with sand but the foot idea makes sense from beach vacations

>> No.15523734

i mean he's in a desert, it's night probably cold... and shit at least i got bourbon.

>> No.15523744

How do you make money off this shit? And how do I get some good spores for personal use without being put on some sort of v& list?

>but at least I got chicken
god damn it leeroy...

>> No.15523746

look at this
you want to be a jack ass in the sand, this is the vehicle for you

>> No.15523755

$165 bucks? hell i'd expect it to break down twice in 4 days.

>> No.15523757
File: 32 KB, 538x224, Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 11.32.40 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15523771
File: 15 KB, 367x319, sobcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ain't even gonna open this but if it's not a dune buggy imma be disappointed

>> No.15523778

you're a scatman

>> No.15523797

With paddle tires or sand tires legit looks like good pick for cheap fun. We use to buy cheap beaters and take them on trails, hill climbs and mud holes. Wish there was dunes around me though. The openness and the way you can turn into the sand and throw roost or a wave of sand up would be fun to experience. Makes me think of winter fun but people always remind me sand is way different than snow. Sometime I’m going to take my dirt bike on a trip with paddle tires and get the feel for sand ripping the shit out of it.

>> No.15523811

yeah sand has grit.. snow you can melt it and just fucking create ice... don't drive into big ass snow dunes unless you have a real machine.

>> No.15523813

and if you're driving into biig ass snow dunes you better have a good fucking reason too.>>15523797

>> No.15523818

It’s something you could total and not lose anything if you’d take it in for scrap. Cheap fun.... but yeah Sand rail dune buggies would be awesome and better

>> No.15523824
File: 878 KB, 245x180, 0E06F53C-8640-4327-A7E1-9DF2C26A5E26.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You niggers talking about bullshit in here
Wont give my insider info to you faggots

>> No.15523838

i bet you could scrap the thing for twice its value... the whole thing is like transporting, and shit... fuck it, don't go off roading in your korean shit... japan makes better cars... i mean hyundai tries, but they're smaller cars not made for environments like this.... movie anon really has fucked up this time. ii mean i drive... but before i drive ii look at my tires, make sure ii have pressure. do a full walk around and see iif damage was left there since last time... always inpsect it, be a fucking asshole. but don't open the door for your lady, do a full run around and get in and drive... if you don't what ever, you could be driving with bull shit you don't need.

>> No.15523841
File: 1.08 MB, 1100x2232, DarkCrytal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTW, found this and it made me think of you, SunSan. Good luck! Have a nice cum bb!

>just came from a LOTR thread
wewww groupthink and unified consciousness is real.

You're that same fucking liar who posted that LULU was going to blow the quarter when people didn't pay attention to you. Take your lies somewhere else, dumdum.

>> No.15523845

i mean open the door for the lady and do the full run around... for some reason i put a don't in there... should have been a do... sometimes... there's lots of times you shouldn't, but there are times it's appropriate. especially if you have a nice parking spot and it's casually easy.

>> No.15523850

Nah bruh nah. We’re brain storming ideas to get a fellow movie night anon fren unstuck. This is insider worthy effort right here
Would you rather have frens who would meet up in our yacht to refuel you while you were on a bender throwing a tranny yacht party or wot

>> No.15523852

isn't jim henson dead yet?

>> No.15523869

i love your infogram too, because it's full of bull shit.... The french wine's script on the bottle goes back to candellavra crosiva a script around the calvanists, when french was in dark ages, during the protestant revormation, goes back to like the 15th century... uhh the lettering is from that period, but i can go further into it with some time... i love handwritiing... anybody can have their name on a bottle, you've got a fucking name on your phone, car, pc, so like, lets get pissed off at a name and family because they did something I didn't. fucking moron. brand's are brands.

>> No.15523883

this is a pretty damn highquality post, for a baggie drunkpost.

Good job buddy, pour one for me tonight. And give that korean broad an extra DEEP thrust, just for me.

>> No.15523890

you know this is the same shit, hitler tried to invade russia with, same shit napolean tried to invade russia with, same stinking thinking that the fucking crusades lost to... preserve records, and stop making fights. most people don't get along unless they have to.... like my best friends are only there, because if we weren't friiends we had nothing. so what ever... relationships among men are relatively weak bonds just bound by time and shit.

>> No.15523892

Korean thanksgiving is this friday, celebrate for us!

>> No.15523905

I'm happy for you!
Congratulations Korea~!!!

>> No.15523917

That’s a smarter way to buy a beater. Buy one that’ll give you some returns if it shits the bed driving up your driveway and you just scrap it then. Could leave it lay for awhile until scrap is up too unless you needed the money.

Yeah I like to check my vehicle over the oil tire pressure all that too and do before leave house but once I’m out don’t stick to the routine regular. that’s a nice touch though. Make the lady or ladies happy and open her door every time when really just checking your vehicle over hahaha. I open door for women but if it’s a friend or family or something you know don’t go the extra but fuck going all gentleman now and full inspection of vehicle. What’s an extra couple minutes and could catch a lot of bullshit that has happened to my vehicles right away

>> No.15523938
File: 170 KB, 584x438, throughly_thrashed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based schizo posting

>> No.15523942

to be honest... i just look for problems that could happen, and prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Nothing has really fucked my shit up more than caring for retards and add mother fuckers... I have too many employees... some of which are really like only waking up so they can keep one foot out of the grave...

>> No.15523947

>deltarune letters

>> No.15523949

you don't have a committee so fuck off, call my a schizo, call him a schizo, you don't even fucking get it dobber..

>> No.15523959

100% handwriting is a skill, and if you practice it, you can forge stuff.... but you have to read stuff that was written by hand... kind of a lost art these days.

>> No.15523972


Mobile is going down year over year when people aren't buying new smartphones every single year to the point even Apple is getting hit and they are streaming their new conference on Youtube in the hopes to get new customers. It has become like desktop computers so I would advise against any cellphone related companies as that industry starts to readjust for that fact.

AT&T might still be an okay investment if only because streaming content will be big but it is a competitive market. But in my opinion, you would be better off with companies that given dividends in tech in other areas, like the big boys with MSFT or APPL, computer storage hardware with STX or WDC or IT infrastructure with MFGP or NTAP, but I can't really say I like IT personally. I do have stocks with MSFT and STX as disclosure.

>> No.15523981

QCOM/ATT are just like 4%+ dividends, but it'd only get me like $400 over the course of a year.

>> No.15524034

AAPL is announcing their new phones on Wednesday. People are concerned about the upgrading 3 rear cameras looking ugly on how it’s designed and as far as the camera upgrades there isn’t a huge change to the new iPhones. Slight performance increase, overall design going to be the same, no new screen tech or big advancement. This is off of leaks and rumor though do will have to see what Apple has really done on Sept 10

>> No.15524055
File: 1.45 MB, 3264x2448, 18BEA2CB-43CE-43E8-A1E9-5A8915FD2C96.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made it out boyos! Thanks for all your good advice and schizoposts, i was was little help since my phone died. My buddy and I dug around the car for 45 minutes, managed to get under it and clear the front axle from the sand it was resting on. We took carpet out of the back and put it under the front wheel, then cut a bunch of sagebrush and put that under the other. Tried reversing out, no dice, adding more brush, no dice, wheels ended up 8” down in the sand. We called AAA, no dice, don’t offer service that far out. Called every tow truck company in the nearest city, including an off-road specialty, none of them would come that far out. We walked a couple miles to a road and waited, eventually flagged down an older, clearly gay man.
He didn’t have a towing cable, but said he knew where we could find one. I hopped in his car with him, my bro waited so we could find where to turn back in. As me and this dude are driving, he asks me about where we work, what we were doing, the usual. Then he turns off down a dirt road, drives a little ways, and asks me if I’m 18. The hair on the back of my neck stands up, and I remember I left my pistol in the car. I stammer that I’m 23, and he says “good, all the guys at the camp are naked”. We pull in, and there’s a bonfire going and I realize we’re at a nudist party. It was pretty cool honestly, a bunch of old dudes in trucks and some surprisingly hot ~35 year old chicks with nice bushes. We ask around, and a dude with a big ol fuckin dick lets us have a tow chain from his truck. We head back, gay guy tows us 3ft off the sand, and we went to IHOB for a delicious burger. What a fun adventure.

>> No.15524081
File: 491 KB, 1100x619, 1567918586383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Apple is fine, people are waiting longer to upgrade, but they still fork over $1000 for a fucking phone. And you can bet that whatever advantages 5G has, it's going to be super hyped and no one's going to want to miss out.

Any goddamn, people are GRATEFUL for a new set of airpods when they accidentally lose one on the train ride to work or whatever. I regret selling AAPL before the trade war fucked it over, but really, I regret NOT buying MORE when it went down.

AAPL, MSFT, V, MA, KO, and PEP... probably the safest names to own for the long run... AMZN, GOOG/GOOGL, P&G, JNJ are the next rung down. Banks are also good but their stock prices are still going to get fucked by rate cuts until their earnings show that they're less effected than people feared.

Maybe, instead of volatility & UPRO with a tight stoploss into powell's next FOMC speech, I should get a financial bear etf?

YAY!!! Glad you're safe... surprised you need a gun to feel safe when you're just alone with one gay older man, but I guess it makes some sense, especially if you're used to having a gun.

neat oldtymey rifle

>> No.15524247

He was a big guy (for me) lol, and in the part of the desert we were in 75% of people minimum have guns at all times. There was no real raisin to be scared but I think I’ve watched too many schockumentaries about cuties (like myself) who get propositioned and killed in remote areas retrokekkies. It ended up being a real fun time

>> No.15524398
File: 456 KB, 1125x1501, F64BE7A8-DA44-457C-AD9D-885E5E8A3CC0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck?! I should’ve bought more NTDOY, why didn’t anyone tell me about this new release?

Based and macrolels

Glad to hear you had a fun adventure and met kind strangers

>> No.15524509

What is a good sex robot or sex doll company to invest in?

>> No.15524717

Bumping to keep alive, guess the outcome of these calls come Monday (hint, they all make me money)

>> No.15524727
File: 71 KB, 1312x920, Screenshot_20190908-032240~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15525006


Um dude why?

>> No.15525164
File: 7 KB, 642x197, 1567793259018-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15525190
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I lost all my gains on apple when I panic sold in june.

>> No.15525433
File: 21 KB, 700x525, 1Exu2mz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Sundown gonna be ok?

>> No.15525455
File: 260 KB, 620x640, 1567660446201.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15525671
File: 27 KB, 640x640, rYPqX3H.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know he's alive, but will he be ok mentally and emotionally after that incident

>> No.15525682
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The incident I am referring to, of course, is eating a burger at IHOB

>> No.15525705

Pendy what do you think about EVFM? They're another pharma stock that just passed phase 2b

>> No.15525707


was he okay mentally and emotionally before the incident?

>> No.15525708

Never been to one, because I don't eat breakfast
I'm sure he'll be fine tho

>> No.15525731

kek, great question

Not even an apple or granola? You should consider having a little something to start the day off right

>> No.15525749

>They're another pharma stock that just passed phase 2b

you need way more in-depth DD than that, my guy
I could type out literal essays about GALT
the drug seems interesting at first glance, tho
the idea of convenient, nonhormonal birth control sounds like a great alternative to hormonal birth control pills

>> No.15525761

Will LCI dump Monday? I went all in on $12.50 puts.

>> No.15525805

Yeah I was drinking with a buddy last night that works at their labs and he and his team were all there just high fiving cause they're shit was going so well. I'll probably do more DD about it

>> No.15525884

Kroger's earning are also coming out and that shit is about to be good.

>> No.15525906

they are open 24hours
expand your mind

>> No.15526319

I personally have my target set for $16-17, there's literally no reason for them not to test up there before eventually deciding where to go. Rejecting $14 would just be sad AND it would mean we will most likely go down and test the $1 area.
I don't think we will go down though, not yet

>> No.15526381

You need stores for revenue

>> No.15526481

>Kroger's grocery stores are what the company is most known for. According to the company's website, it owns nearly 2,800 grocery stores in 35 states. These stores comprise more than 24 chains, including Kroger, Ralphs, Dillons, Smith's, King Soopers, City Market, Fry's, QFC, and Harris Teeter.

I live in a small city and theres like 9 krogers within a 15 mile radius.

>> No.15526489
File: 6 KB, 251x201, 1566911657937.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friendly reminder

>> No.15526542

Thoughts on Fnma fmcc?
Soon as government let it go back to private...

>> No.15526564
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i sold some stock on robin hood and it wont let me transfer to my bank. umm guys?

>> No.15526620

>he thinks he can cash out
Anon I...

>> No.15526632
File: 11 KB, 645x773, wojak_really_nigga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

youre joking right? Then whats this all for?

>> No.15526763

you have to wait for your cash to settle after a stock sell.. takes about 3-5 days..

>> No.15526846

It worries me when people who can't read a wiki are trading stocks, until I remember that stupid people are profitable for the rest of us

>> No.15527060

LCI raising all week or pulling back Tuesday then hold till debt is getting paid down then moon again?

>> No.15527136

In the old days, you could write a cheque and realise the gains before the money was ever in your account.

>> No.15527169

>trading stocks.

The DIY retail investors are dwindling, Zoomers think 30% a year is shit, because BTC went to the moon in 2017 and they know someone who knows someone who made 4000%.

If I made 4000% in a year, I'd never need to trade again.

>> No.15527284

>he thinks he can stop trading

>> No.15527310

They kick you out of the casino when you run out of money

>> No.15527374
File: 35 KB, 500x357, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do make money off of
>mining silver
this one's self explanatory
>growing and selling medicinal and gourmet mushrooms
local restaurants, farmers market
>selling gold scrap on ebay
also self explanatory

>> No.15527443

idk what it's going to do.. i'm just holding and holding for higher

LCI to $60

that sounds like it could turn into a mess

>> No.15527450

So, you work with e-waste? Health risks seem high for little return, but interesting idea.

Where do you get the spores for profitable myo projects? The only ones I can think of to grow are nearly impossible for small time individual growers (truffles)

>> No.15527592

I pull old av gear out of ppls homes and resell or depopulate components with a heat gun, wear a mask and use a fume hood, then sell to gold scrappers or hobbyists
u can buy spore syringes on Amazon for like any strain u want. I haven't bought syringes in a long time, I keep liquid cultures in cold storage. shiitake, bellas, Turkey tail, lions mane, etc are all popular.
u can buy cubensis online too, they're legal for microscopy use only.
coin roll hunting I just bring cash to bank and exchange for boxes of coins and pick out the silver and copper then return the rest to the bank.

>> No.15527631

Ooooo so that’s what crh means

Seems also like low returns, I’ve probably lost tens of dollars in junk silver from coin redemption, how much can you actually make from that? Especially the copper, 1cent of profit for each copper penny, and that’s only if they make it legal to melt them down, right?

>> No.15527752

copper pennies are 2-3x face value, just keep hoarding or sell to other hoarders
silvers I keep for shtf, collecting, and stacking, but it's a net gain regardless
I don't make much on crh but I'm not losing anything
>you're losing time tho
I'm enjoying my time

>> No.15527783

just think about it tho, if u have $100 face value coppers, that's $200-300 scrap value. pretty good roi, I wish I could get that with stonks.

>> No.15527801

>he thinks they wont take more anyways

>> No.15527808

I think you could probably make more scrounging for soda cans, but that's less fun I guess. I'm collecting my own for now, but I'm not sure where to bring them for the best rate.

>> No.15527846

yeah I bring my beer cans to the scrap yard along with any steel, alum, and batteries I've collected from the scrap venture for just a little extra cash. then I turn it into coins and basically treasure hunt while consuming more beer. then I put into rh and shitpost in /smg/
good times

>> No.15527930

Oh fuck that looks yummy, thanks for the heads up

>> No.15527940

That sounds nice.

They pay you for batteries? Or they just dispose of them for free?

We should really be getting rid of plastic bottles for aluminum cans, they're actually recyclable. I'm getting a little spooked and thinking I need to turn these cans in soon, I know cali is closing a lot of recylcling sites as fallout from the China recycling thing.

>> No.15528007
File: 368 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190908-121844_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're big UPS/battery backup batteries, like mini car batteries. they pay me for them, I think they extract the acid to use in industrial scale scrapping or for making new batteries.

>> No.15528015

so you search in scrap yards and dumps to recycle then you spend that money on your gambling habit... are you homeless by chance?

>> No.15528030




>> No.15528047

>search in scrap yards and dumps
no, read the rest of our conversation first

>> No.15528081

Cnbc says yes

>> No.15528186

oh that's cool

Do you have a source for finding the best paying scrap yards/recyclers?

>> No.15528420

there's online ones u can sell to or just search your local scrap yard. big cities have a lot, unfortunately I live in a small town in middle of the Rockies so I have to drive sometimes

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