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>good news of development
>constant partnership
>price crashes
Seriously, wtf is going on? Is there some bad news that I missed? And no it’s not because BTC dumped because it only dumped like 1%
>inb4 link is scam durr, 700k durr

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Idk either. It's weird with all their announcements which this time around were good ones.

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delusion is bliss

enjoy the dump to 1.2 then to sub 1

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Could you stop throwing these baseless accusations around and try to get in some facts too.

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''smart'' money moving the shit out of LINK. by ''smart'' i mean the people that were too dumb to get out at 4$,3$,2$ but smart enough to cash out before sub 1$

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So confusing to see the price going down like this. What kind of information are these people getting?

I said serious discussion you goddamn moron

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>''smart'' money moving the shit out of LINK. by ''smart'' i mean the people that were too dumb to get out at 4$,3$,2$ but smart enough to cash out before sub 1$
I thought buy high sell low was only a brainlet biz thing. I don’t want to sound arrogant or patronizing, but are majority of people really this dumb?

>> No.15510906 Link
A One and x9 Zeros behind , only the meme magic made it go to 4$

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>he thinks link won't crash to $0.44


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BTC is currently shitting the bed and dragging it down with it.

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How much is 1 link really worth?

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there are bag holders waiting to sell whatever news you are talking about, and no one is speculating based on such memes at the moment. simple as.

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The chart looks just like Request at this point. Is everything in this market a fucking pump and dump?

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no product

please sell everything you have and continue to buy

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It will be at 0.70$ for a long time , when sergay stops dumping 700k we may have a talk

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thats how you know that you should be buying because the market obviously didn't react to any of the good news. market will catch up dont worry about that.

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If you are real bizraeli your average should be lower than fucking 1$ how is that buy high sell low

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supply and demand and trends, bogs waiting to see if you'll sell so they can pump, etc.

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Looks like it's time to add "serious" to the filter. Thanks for the shit threads retards.

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Weirdchamp bro

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>valued at $600 mill
>used by no one

are you retarded? its still way way way overpriced and would never had close to that valuation outside the crypto useless-shitcoin fairytale

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>hmm looks like the team is gearing up towards a working product and a nice set of ecosystem of smart contracts
>this is a great time to sell
Wtf is this logic? Am I missing something?

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People don’t believe any of the announcements will result in increased demand for the coin. And I don’t blame them, because none of the past ones have. The only reason the volume is what it is, is shilling.

How many important “partnerships” did Sergey hint at? 10, 15? Not a single one of them turned out to be anything. The only actual partnerships Link got into were with other no-name crypto companies.

At this point the whole project has lost credibility. Mixicles? Seriously? It is a dumb name for nothing beyond a whitepaper for some functionality that will never be adopted on a large enough scale to matter.

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>are you retarded? its still way way way overpriced and would never had close to that valuation outside the crypto useless-shitcoin fairytale
And which coins have actual use right now?

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News on development and partnerships aren't going to affect the price much at this point, it seems. We need people using the network which will come with time. I also think the ethereum network might be a contributing factor to lack of activity since it's slow and can be expensive.

With all of these other blockchains using or saying they'll use chainlink for their smart contracts, developers might just be waiting for a better platform to arise.

You also have to remember that we are still very early and people are probably still trying to figure out how they can utilize the chainlink network or even smart contracts in general. I work for an iot company and in order to make anything useful, we need the ability to securely allow user credentials (api keys) to be used for basically every api call. That might be solved with TEEs or this new mixicles idea, but that's yet to be seen.

I think once we see what the 50 oracle startups are working on, we'll be a better idea of where we're headed.

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no one, which was my point

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Because it was memed well enough to get you to buy

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Then why are you even in this board you retard?

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This seems like the most logical answer. Guess I’ll just keep hodling then

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This, I have a hard time believing Oracle would support 50 startups as data providers/node operators if they didn't think there would be demand for their data (and therefore LINK).

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to laugh at cucks wasting their life on tracking shitcoins while I wait for these threads to die out and go back to old biz

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all the retards that bought the coinbase pump are selling.

We dont need people to hold. we are only on for the ride .

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You know what’s funny? I probably made more money On crypto than your boomer rocks and stocks
>memeing for 3 years straight
4chan is full of autists but not this bad dude.

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I can't understand it as well. I've been holding this for a long time. I understood the 0.2 -0.6 cycles since there was limited info and it was great for swinglinkers to accumulate, but now we have bullish Mixicles derivatives announcement which solves the privacy problem and yet we are still dumping. There are no bouncebacks as well. It's literally 1.72 to 1.8. What the fuck is going on.

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I would get it if the price has no movement and crabs. But dumping? That’s literally out of nowhere. I mean, is there any other project with this much development other than Link?

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Most People have no idea what Mixicles are and why they are useful and how this is related to the chainlink network.
most people don't read some 46 pages of a research paper written by some egghead from cornell and then connect the breadcrumbs in their basement.
Everyone who actually did read it (like the 20/30 dudes on here who care) and connected the dots know how bullish this is, but they are already all in since 2017 and can't or dont want to buy more so they just shitpost all day.

The daily announcements of new node operators, new partnerships etc. is kinda the same thing for most people, these announcements are seen (right now) as nothingburger because most of these are in the really really reaally early stages of their development and didn't accomplish anything so far.
we really just need to wait it out here and once all of those chainlink users roll out their products that actually work, only then we will see real growth.

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Quit your fucking whining and make a decision. Flip a coin if you have to; heads, hodl, tails, sell.

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I’m hodling.
Can’t hurt to ask questions.

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>BTC $10,500
>LINK $4.49
>BTC $9,500
>LINK $3.49
>BTC $10,500
>LINK $2.49
>BTC $9,500
>LINK $2.01
>BTC $10,500
>LINK $1.75

Something not adding up here

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Thanks for serious input fren

BTC does effect the market price, but you are right. Something is going on

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>BTC $12400
>LINK $4.49

>BTC $11400
>LINK $3.49

>LINK $2.49
>BTC $11700

>BTC $10,500
>LINK $1.75

now its correct

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I guess so, I was just hoping we would at least crab not just keep dumping like crazy. It really sucks to be uni student without income to accumulate more linkies, but then again being 19 with 20k LINK is good enough for me.

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I wish I was as smart as you when I was your age. I was around 22 when ETH was at $2. Link is my next chance

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at some point the market will catch up to all the good news dont worry. and 20k is enough to make it.

Link is probably the last chance like that for a long time.
chainlinks potential surpasses BTC, ETH and everything else by a magnitude.

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lol you are clearly somebody who bought the coinbase listing and then read 2 min about what chainlink is and now sold

Get rekt fgt

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Only invest what you are willing to lose.

You did invest only what you're willing to lose, right /biz/?

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of course not, I went all in with my life savings.

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>at some point the market will catch up to all the good news dont worry. and 20k is enough to make it.
I hope to god Link will at least reach $400 sometime in the future

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when the adoption hits nobody knows how high this will go.
so always remember to keep some LINK and never sell everything.

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Shitcoins always overreact when BTC drops 2%

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if you didn't sell at $4 ur done son.

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>so always remember to keep some LINK and never sell everything.
I ain’t selling shit. It’s either 1k or 0 for me
>if you didn't sell at $4 ur done son
Just Like ETH at $4 right?

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1k isn't some hardcoded limit, it could go much higher than that and very likely will do so in the distant future.
every smart contract on the planet will depend on it and the network will keep growing together with the internet I think that should be worth a lot of money.

>or 0
sergey has all of that market already cornered on every level. not just technical but also business wise
they have the funds, the brains, the know how to pull it off and they are actually doing it.

>> No.15512432

imagine being this delusional

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>sergey has all of that market already cornered on every level
It is going to be so fucking fun to watch you nigs freak the fuck out this weekend when it goes under a dollar.

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I would buy that dip for sure


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do you understand the team needs to sell link to fund progress? did you even read the blogpost where they said that?

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Partnerships are nice but the only problem is that people actually need to start USING chainlink in practice

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Don’t be mad at us you missed out

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Checked. It's nice to see there are still anons with at least most of a functional cortex.

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Link the new XRP, constant good news negative price action

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The L/~\ur/\ of Wet Bl/\|nkets enter^s the thre~ad.

Inste/\d of p/\r-ticip/\ting in thre/\d discussio`n, thi-s Laur^/\ jus|t wants to p`oint out th/*\t y`ou're curr|ently at the ed^ge of the boa`rd and /\*bout to die. =^_^=

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