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>Be tranny
>Someone recognizes your existence
>*pic related*

Why you do this? The biggest comedian of all time recognizes you and you freak out.

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Shit wrong board, jannies I'm sorry

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based chapelle truly is /ourguy/

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>Being scared of Jannies
Lol I can tell you're not a regular here because people in /biz/ casually say "fuck Jannies" like they have Tourette syndrome

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chappelle is the basedest nig around

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this is /biz/ you nigger fucker
also, I torrented that (((netflix))) special, stick and stones
it's not that funny
and he is a total hypocrite just like all liberal media niggers
>time for gun control
>but I got my shotgun to defend myself against da whites hehe, birdshot lol

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We don't have jannies here, fren

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Chapelle kind of lost his flair. He's not really funny anymore. He should have stayed in Africa.

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back to /pol/ incel

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you know things are getting bad when even a black guy can't get away with being politically incorrect.

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jannies are currently busy cleaning the mess i made on the toilet like always

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this thread kek.

dubs of truth

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I've watched his specials as well, chappelle is overrated as fuck now and is milking it hard. No one can deny he was one of the best during Chappelle show, but these days his act is pathetic. He's basically a fucking normie pretending to be edgy because he loves talking about normie shit: sex, celebrities, racism. It's always the same shit, the same reheated jokes, all downright predictable.

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