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There are anons RIGHT NOW selling LINK because of entry level fud and hired pajeet fud crew threads. I'm not sure whether to laugh hysterically or cry in empathy to these retards falling for the dumbest 110 IQ fud.

If one of you retards is lurking and reading this thread, understand this. There will NEVER be an opportunity like this at least for the next 20 years. You already made it, all the scenarios that took place in your life have landed you on a Japanese basket weaving forum that is obsessed with a blue cube and its endless possibilities. What remains is your destiny. Will you sit idle and let narcissistic fudders dictate your actions or create your own vision of the future?

The choice is up to you, blue pill or red pill understand this; your life will never be the same again.

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Based and checked

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there are still deluded stinky linky holding onto this scam

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Gas the stinkers. BSV flippening now

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Simple to use,
52 nodes on mainnet and counting,
Shilled by Google,
Shilled by Oracle
Shilled by AWS (kaiko)
Worked with Microsoft
Still working with SWIFT
Acquired Town crier (worked with IBM + Vitalik),
Threshold signatures,
SGX Tees, enclaves
Web 3.0

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All the “news” you’re referring to is priced in. There’s a reason ChainLink pumped so much from Google, Oracle, Coinbase: only very few people knew about this info before it was released. I won’t be surprised if Link is close to $1 by the end of September. This is all useless hype at this point. Unless some major company says “we’re using mixicles for $100B worth of derivatives contracts” no one cares about this tech shit and it’s all the same reason why ETH is also bleeding to oblivion after its 2017 hype pump.

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Nice try Pajeet you almost, almost , almost came across white and legit. Fair play to you sir.

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There aren't though. If people were selling we'd see a return to discord pnd spam here. The fact it's still 40 link FUD threads tells us they're still desperate to get people to give up on link.

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Based deluded linkie.
Kek is with us.

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>simple to use
Yeah this is like the main thing

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yeah, most people dont realize this project is not gonna be some "get rich fast" scheme, its gonna take time, buy now, forget about it for 5 years, come back and realize you own as much as the 0.01% of the worlds richest people

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yes, it's so simple to use, they did an amazing job, i literally wrote a simple consumer contract requesting bridges, and was amazed at the simplicity.

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Anyone who didn't at least skim through the mixicles paper to get a sense of it needs to market sell their link right now.

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github or larp

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cool id

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Underneath the market
LINK continues to dump
And the tokens I've bought
Have all become my bags
And I'm living off of cope
And the drippings from Sergey's ass
But it's okay to sell LINK
'Cause marines don't have any feelings

Sellwall in the way
Sellwall in the way, yeah
Sellwall in the way
Sellwall in the way

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Just curious:

If Ari Juels couldn’t think of any use cases for Ethereum besides criminalware and the creation of investment instruments that don’t currently exist (I.e. “Mixicles” which are used by 0% of the population), why do so many people pretend they can envision so many use cases for ChainLink and Ethereum? This is a genuine question. I hold ChainLink, but the more this goes on, the more it feels like a lot of this is an Enron-like, emperor’s new close situation. Very few “extreme ChainLink bulls” have ever written a simple piece of software or entered into a complex financial contract...yet they’re all of a sudden visionaries in these fields...

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Can someone post the video link where the only two use cases Ari Juels can seem to think of are criminalware and owning pieces of art work? It was an interview with a nerdy black guy...

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ddin't read ,not buying

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This is the sort of low quality fud op was talking about.

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Checked and consequences will never be the same

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I'm buying right now

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>“Mixicles” which are used by 0% of the population
So to rephrase:
>why aren't these smart contract structures that were literally only just conceived in principle and laid out in a document a couple of days ago... why aren't they in use?
Gee anon, I don't know. You've really opened up a can of Pandora's worms there.

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There’s the video. You’re welcome to to research the paper her cites also. It’s pretty funny how Link Anon memes get 1000 views, and this gets 300 after a long time.

I’m not even fudding, just being entirely objective.

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What is the best way to buy LINK right now?

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The team dumping tokens after Coinbase launch FUD is not FUD because it's real and has not been addressed in any credible way.

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My point was that this is the first iteration of new financial instruments. They now have to innovate several more AND convince the people who actually have money to use these vehicles (and very few people know if they’re even good. Especially the meme posters here).

I guarantee not one person here is planning on using a ChainLink smart Contract for a financial agreement.

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Brainlet alert on isle 5

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I plan on using oracle powered smart contracts to provide housing deposit loans to close friends. They can withdraw from a liquidity pool that I will provide, select repayment terms, and any and all repayments will go directly to nominated charities of their choosing. Defaults won't be punished and I won't care if they can never repay.
It's essentially a way to help my friends and give to charity, and let them give to charity, all in one go.
Does that qualify as a financial agreement?

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You must have missed the recent blog post outlining 20+ immediate use cases. You should lurk more.

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Checkd em, heil Hitler

Wont you believe it, it's just my luck
Wont you believe it, it's just my luck
Wont you believe it, it's just my luck


You're all in on shitcoins again
You're all in on shitcoins again
You're all in on shitcoins again
You're all in on shitcoins again

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>The team dumping tokens after Coinbase launch FUD is not FUD
What the fuck are you talking about?

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no one needs to convince them, it's as simple as sergey described it if the competition makes more money, if you don't implement it by tuesday you're all fired.

as simple as that, you can't fight innovation, you either embrace it or die.

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do you have any proof they actually sold?
tokens were transferred to binance, but after that no one knows.

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wrote the code on remix directly

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but i'm planning on working on an externala dapter for chainlink this weekend, i'll prolly use Bridges by Linkpool, they simplified everything


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Didn't sell because of the fud, i sold because my government os getting ready to ban "hi capacity" magazines for guns, and I had to get me some before I can't anymore pr before they are 10x the price.

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Good. They don't deserve what's about to happen.

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>They don't deserve what's about to happen.
They gonna lose the rest of they money.

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This. Nobody wants to be the next blockbuster, but it will happen if they don't adapt

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Honestly the reason LINK dipped 30 cents/ crypto fell in general (that nobody is talking about) is people cashing out to poopsock WoW classic, trust me the temptation was strong for me as well.

If I had cashed out I could have quit work for a year + and just played wow like I was fifteen again.

It’s good though, great distraction for my hands makes them busy and easier to hodl.

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>do you have any proof they actually sold?

Yes, it's on the Blockchain moron.Millions of tokens going straight from the developer account right to Binance to be market sold.

Yes market sold, because the ONLY reason one would send millions of tokens to Binance is to have them sold on the market with the lowest costs and greatest liquidity.

Any other theory is hopelessly delusional and implausible unless proven otherwise.

So again, the so-called FUD is not FUD and an alarming signal to any savvy shitcoin speculator who has seen this type of behavior before in various ICO scams.

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just market triple-guessed sold 100k, jek

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>Yes, it's on the Blockchain moron.Millions of tokens going straight from the developer account right to Binance to be market sold.
Source that they were market sold?

This is the same question asked by the poster you just quoted, btw.
Improve your reading comprehension.

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mind > matter

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>Source that they were market sold?

Binance has no other purpose than market selling.

Your wild conspiracy theory would need actual evidence, my explanation is the most obvious one and therefore the correct one.

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maybe hear me out though
>its lost 40% on its high in months
>it mooned over month
why isnt the dip ending?

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>Binance has no other purpose than market selling.
Binance offers OTC, and it's also the perfect way to hide where tokens are going.

You're an idiot.

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>Binance offers OTC

No one trusts or uses these alleged services, you would need actual evidence to show that these were moved in large volume to mysterious OTC clients.

Do you have a wallet address that shows movement from one of these OTC wallets to a new account to support your deranged conspiracy theory?

If not proven, we have to only assume the MOST NATURAL and OBVIOUS purpose of moving millions of tokens to Binance. This is also reflected in the charts.

Since the dumps have started, the price has tanked by more than 50%.

Your stupid conspiracy theory is stupid, and rejected until proven otherwise.

>> No.15496962

>No one trusts or uses these alleged services
lmao, if you say so.

>one of these OTC wallets
Oh god it's retarded.

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>lmao, if you say so.

You have not shown us anything otherwise.

It's a cute conspiracy theory which is really just a coping mechanism in the absence of any other credible explanation.

Why the fuck you would send millions to a scamming Chink exchange who are being chased by US regulators, to sell your shitcoins for a fee to US customers, is beyond retarded, even for a double-digit IQ stinklet.

The amount of complete idiots, with no brains, is actually embarrassing, because I hold 20K myself. If these idiots own what I own, that means there is something really fucking wrong with my mental capacity and I probably will never make it.

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>You have not shown us anything otherwise.
Binance offers OTC.
Deal with it.

>> No.15497079

>Binance offers OTC.

That's not a tenable argument for the millions of tokens that were market sold on Binance' retail markets.

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>> No.15497115


The fact that Binance has an OTC desk (like many other exchanges) has nothing to do with millions of tokens being moved to Binance's hot wallet.

Those tokens were market sold on the retail exchange.

Low IQ translation: they took a steamy dump on you "people".

Bitfinex is the only OTC broker that has any credibility in the Western world.

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>The fact that Binance has an OTC desk (like many other exchanges) has nothing to do with millions of tokens being moved to Binance's hot wallet.
Of course it does.
Everything passes through the hot wallet.

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>emperor's new close
Bone apple teeth, pajeet. Go back to your designated street and shit yourself to death.

>> No.15497137

I needed this optimism anon.
>They call me iron hands

>> No.15497158

LINK/ETH pairing does not support this massive market dump conspiracy. LINK has been doing about as poorly as every other alt since July has, +/- 10%.

>> No.15497164

>nobody uses iPods says the retard 5 2 days after their existence is announced.
Who even are your targets?

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>Everything passes through the hot wallet.

Yeah, to be market sold.

Which BTW, was plainly admitted by Rory from the team. Some anon wrote them an email and they basically said they were selling off the 30% of their withheld pre-mine to raise cash.'

Shouldn't be a little better informed about your largest gamble in your life?

>> No.15497193

>Yeah, to be market sold.
OTC as well you moron.

>> No.15497211

Those two use cases were his initial understanding upon learning of blockchain tech. He later co-wrote a dozen papers on blockchain tech dedicating thousands of hours and in the same video talked of the actual use cases currently being worked on.
You might not be a paid fudder just genuinely retarded.

>> No.15497221

They don't need to convince anyone. We already know the interest is there because we see all the big names getting involved in block chain tech, it will take time for them to figure out how they want to use it. Once one company sees the value added and is able to implement it it will be a torrent of adoption. They are merely building the framework right now, average joe won't likely won't be using smartcontracts to run his small time business out the gate. A large company will also not start running behind the scenes with smart contracts overnight. They will implement it into a small portion of their business as a trial run, they will work out kinks until they can expand it. Once they expand it and as other Anon said, Sergey foretold, one company shows revenue up 15% in a quarter every other company will have implemented it by the following quarter until it becomes required to compete.

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1 reason to buy in at this price?
post your portfolio i bet you have lost atleast 10%

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>OTC as well you moron.

No, actually, zero OTC, because no credible institution or company deals with a Chinese ponzi casino "exchange" that launches its own pump and dump scams and is in violation of basically every securities law ever devise.

We're back to your retarded conspiracy theory/coping mechanism.

Here's a tip: if you don't even have a handle on the basics in terms of knowledge of your speculations, you should not be engaged in this. Put your money into something that is easy to understand and with regulator approved financial statements and filings.

>> No.15497302

Honestly that’s a great question. Sergey and co have been in deep talks with fintech. You can say that the speculation is that they are constantly discussing and implementing CL behind closed doors. Why do you ask ? First mover advantage partnerships, and use cases. Now how far deep that rabbit hole goes/ it’s up to speculation. But there are strong breadcrumbs that anons shredded. Those were fun times. Check the archives if your time fancies.

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>zero OTC
lmao, if you say so.

Binance offers OTC, deal with it.

>> No.15497323

>lmao, if you say so.

You were unable to show us otherwise, so we all have to assume the most logical answer - ZERO OTC movement.

>> No.15497358

I'm an NYC anon been in since day 1 and I recently had to sell a portion of my stack for under $2 because once binance closes I'll be unable to sell my linkies for god knows how long. Goybase fucking me in the ass. Hopefully 40k is still enough to make it.

>> No.15497396

>You were unable to show us otherwise
I don't have to show you shit.

Binance has OTC, end of story.

>> No.15497409

No signs of 700k "dumps" impacting prices
Everyone with a brain and knew charts was saying sell at 3.80 and buy back in below 2 bucks. I knew we were going to get a pullback. My main blame is BTC fucking everything up this summer

>> No.15497461

Based builders

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File: 2.05 MB, 414x382, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You can't prove your wild bullshit cope theory.

Tokens were market sold for cash.

End of story.

>> No.15497481

Or they were sold OTC.
Or they were simply channeled through Binance to hide where they're going.

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File: 364 KB, 1920x1080, LINK_dumps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Oh really? Someone with a higher IQ than you even made a chart.

Notice how they happened RIGHT FUCKING AFTER Coinbase news and pump cycle.

Zero before, and zero dumps since the price went below $2.


Smells of fucking desperation in the air, those same words in the same chronology were uttered by delusional REQ and VEChink holders.

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>Or they were sold OTC.

Dumb conspiracy theory cope.

Rory admits they were sold to raise cash.

Your IQ: Low
Your Bags: Heavy

>> No.15497544

>Rory admits they were sold to raise cash.
I love how you say "admits".
It was communicated clearly in advance you dipshit.

Also, "sold" could refer to "sold OTC".

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>Or they were sold OTC.

Rejected on the grounds of horseshit, unverified, tinfoil nonsense.

>> No.15497620

>Rejected on the grounds of horseshit, unverified, tinfoil nonsense.
Binance has otc, you know.

>> No.15497642

>Also, "sold" could refer to "sold OTC".

That doesn't then change the fact they were added to circulating supply and diluted the token price.

They certainly are not being fucking used by node operators, that is certain.

>> No.15497653

>Binance has otc, you know.

That statement has nothing to do with the 700K dumps.

Binance is also a participant in issuing its own illegal pump and dump securities and insider trading, among numerous other offenses.

Is that also related to Chainlink?

>> No.15497666

>That doesn't then change the fact they were added to circulating supply and diluted the token price.
That's another matter altogether.
Btw, they were never "out" of circulation. Those tokens were never locked up in any way, they just sat in wallets.

>They certainly are not being fucking used by node operators, that is certain.
What makes you so certain?
Link tokens are constantly being used in the current iteration of mainnet.

>> No.15497674

>That statement has nothing to do with the 700K dumps.
You said the 700k batches were market sold.
Binance has OTC, so it's possible they were sold OTC instead of market sold.

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>Btw, they were never "out" of circulation. Those tokens were never locked up in any way, they just sat in wallets.

They sure were, because the price is calculated based on the 350 million pre-mine sold to the public.

Once CMC or whoever updates with new supply, the price is going to tank badly, probably to below 20 cents.

>What makes you so certain

Network statistics, for one? Don't you know how to query APIs...?

>You said the 700k batches were market sold.

They were. See chart and influence on price.

>> No.15497769


And this is price based on old, 350 million supply.

Add another 10 million to the new circulating supply and then get the ratio from the current market cap for a new token price.

You Stinktards are in for a rude awakening.

>> No.15497781

>They sure were, because the price is calculated based on the 350 million
The price?
Fucking lmao, the price is "calculated" based on supply and demand.
You're thinking of the market cap.

>Once CMC or whoever updates with new supply, the price is going to tank badly
All that will happen, is Chainlink will suddenly find itself many ranks higher.
Which will only increase its exposure and fame, and thus attract more buyers.

>Network statistics, for one? Don't you know how to query APIs...?
>See chart and influence on price.
Nobody knows where those tokens went, how they were sold, and even how many were sold.

>> No.15497797

>Add another 10 million to the new circulating supply and then get the ratio from the current market cap for a new token price.


no really, good joke

>> No.15497800

Isn't his point that eth is useless without something like chainlink

>> No.15497846

This is you on November 1st, 2009:

>("Bitcoins" which are used by 0% of the population)

>> No.15497847

Actually I have to sell some stinkies because I have to buy a car next week :(

>> No.15497896

Accounting for another 10M circulating tokens will change the price by 10c at most. That’s not a very “rude” awakening.

The rude awakening will come when it becomes apparent that everything in September is priced in and that at the end of 2019, there still will be no legitimate companies using smart contracts (especially ChainLink tokens) for any kind of industry.

>> No.15497906

>Accounting for another 10M circulating tokens will change the price by 10c at most.

>> No.15497910

So you admit ChainLink is a useless crypto token whose sole hope of rising in value is if there are greater fools than you out there...?

>> No.15497918
File: 157 KB, 1607x827, google cloud chainlink link tokens.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ChainLink is a useless crypto token

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The man who killed himself in front of the kindergarden bought $link in 2018 and called it a moonshot ... he was one stupid fag dont u agree honey ... dafafafa ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaahahaHhahahaaahahaha hohohohooooooooooooooo

>> No.15497957

The aforementioned person compared Chainlink now to BTC in 2009. Bitcoin has basically no new utility now than it did 10 years ago and has solely been bid up in price due to hype, speculation, etc. The only use case for BTC is trying to sell BTC for more money than you bought it for.

Right now, this is also the case for every other cryptocurrency. The fraction of people actually “using” any of these tokens for their created purpose is almost non existent.

>> No.15497986

Also, how is posting this image NOT cope?

Show me the huge institutions using this paradigm? One single company using Google Cloud to interact with Ethereum.. (Not the literal whos from twitter posts that are reading the price of shitcoins)...

>> No.15497998

>Bitcoin has basically no new utility now than it did 10 years ago
It has the same utility: trustless internet cash. That's all it ever wanted to be.
And it has a lot more users.

>The fraction of people actually “using” any of these tokens for their created purpose is almost non existent.
Because so far all crypto can do is get shuffled back and forth, if need be based on certain conditions (according to smart contracts).
In order to become more useful than that, crypto needs to become externally aware.
That's what Chainlink is for.
Chainlink will make non-crypto assets (fiat, bonds, stocks, insurances, ...) as programmable as ETH tokens.

>> No.15498010
File: 303 KB, 627x317, 1518094359904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Not an argument.

>Accounting for another 10M circulating tokens will change the price by 10c at most. That’s not a very “rude” awakening.

Yes, but that's only 10 million of the 300 million the developers have said they will be selling on the market.

Try adding another 300 million to the existing arithmetic...

>> No.15498015

Chainlink is just getting started.
You should wait until all of that happens, surely the price will wait for you.

If Google Cloud shilling Chainlink (combined with shit like TownCrier, threshold signatures, mixicles, ...) doesn't strike you as a sign of things to come, then sorry about your brain.

>> No.15498030

Increasing the supply does nothing structurally to the price you dumbass.

>> No.15498043

>The man who killed himself in front of the kindergarden bought $link in 2018 and called it a moonshot

What are you referring to?

>> No.15498051


Complete, drooling idiot, you've turned out to be.

>> No.15498067

Remember Google Glass?

>> No.15498068


Read up on the very babby-tier basics before you open your mouth again.


>> No.15498082

i dont think you understand it started mooning because of sites like ilkoad and ToR related things then people sold but the sites remained after the moon giving it steady growth as "secure" curency after people seen the initial moon then years of steady growth
>the drop off wasnt that huge after the moon
it broke again but the moon never ended securing it at that point the volume and users sustained it
>link actually has nothing but hype so nothing to stop the crash

>> No.15498107

lmao, prove me wrong friendo.

If you add 10 billion to the supply, but for some reason people keep paying the same price, then that's the fucking price.
All that changes is the quasi-fictional "market cap".

Welcome to the wonderful world of supply and demand.

>> No.15498128

Don't bother. These fags will never figure it out.

>> No.15498130

>comparing share issuance with open market dynamics

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>> No.15498188


Not an argument by even the faintest stretch of the imagination.

>> No.15498235

Why wouldn't you sell? It's going <$1.00 guaranteed. Imagine holding on to this vaporware scam still that is violating SEC & patent laws. Wew lad.

>> No.15498238


This is the correct answer and exactly what I would’ve done. 1 year of WoW Classic uninterrupted is a godsend

>> No.15498251

>lmao, prove me wrong friendo.

Here, I'll prove you wrong:

Increasing the circulating supply, decreases the individual unit price.

Sit in your corner, and come back when you have at least the basics down.

>> No.15498323

These faggots aren't even fudding chainlink anymore they are fudding smart contract adoption in general. Derrrr why haven't enormous antiquated conglomerates adopted this technology yet it's been out for over a month reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.15498807


The few fudders who actually don’t own Link will get their painful agony in time as Link blasts through $100, but all you Linklets who hold your measly stack and fud nonstop... I hope you sell early or lose the keys to you Link wallet. I get the concept of trying to scare retards into selling, but that time has passed. You might be making lower iq Link marines who have been holding for a long time miserable or scared. Fuck off losers.

Link marines hold for 3-5 years and you will have a fortune.

>> No.15499055

TEEs? More like REEs, amirite?

>> No.15499058

Load up on RSR
Don’t tell your friends
It’s fun to FUD and to pretend
That you’re not rich
With cryptocoin
Oh well whatever
Go mine Pi

>> No.15499066

*rolls on the floor


>> No.15499068
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>> No.15499201
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>believing that obviously fake email but unable to comprehend that binance has OTC services

>> No.15499277

Outside all the FUD you're referring to, Ari specifically said blockchains are primed for financial products assuming a couple of problems are fixed which mixicles directly addresses. Financial products is all we truly need to ((make it)).

>> No.15499700

The entire crypto space was born in finance and those types can't really think outside finance, price feeds, derivatives and markets... Shit like that.

Other technologies: 3D printing born in the hobbiest and maker community and can't really escape that demographic. VR born in the gaming space and can't really gain traction outside of it yet.

It'll take time... I honestly think blockchain has great gaming applications but no one seems to be utilizing it outside of lazy startups like cryptokitties and a few cashgrab eth card-games.

Blockchain gaming applications I can see: using LINK to verify esports match results for smart contract betting. Another being MMO characters verified on the blockchain and stored locally so there's no need for a database (aka eternal characters that don't go poof when the server shuts down)

>> No.15499713

>23 posts by this idea

This is so tragic.

>> No.15499855


>> No.15500473

What the actual fuck are you talking about you absloute retard?

>> No.15500512

Use the dump.
Sell now, buy back when the FUD stops and begins to pump (but still cheaper).

>> No.15500577

>Sell 700k of LINK
>Causes like a 3% dump in price
How the fuck does that work

>> No.15500617

Not makin it bruh

>> No.15500667

Will I make it with 2k link?

>> No.15500707

How can chainlink be used to stop cheaters?

>> No.15500708


I'm selling 1 BTC worth more when I get home.

Fuck this, no major adoption for years to come and 290 million tokens waiting to be dumped.

>> No.15501423
File: 41 KB, 680x793, 1433801253842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>LINK/ETH pairing does not support this massive market dump conspiracy.

Why would you even bring up the meaningless LINK/ETH pairing in this context you absolute moron?

>> No.15501460

Sergey wants this project dead and you guys are still holding back to .80¢. That shit is hilarious

>> No.15501466

stay gay

>> No.15501489

Stay mad faggot

>> No.15501506
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>> No.15501562

Yep being retarded, when I bought in at. 50¢ and sold 75% when it fell down to $3. Look where we are now. I can be a retard and buy back in to this shit and I'd still end up smarter than you.

>> No.15501594

>smarter than you
Nigger I bought at $0.17 with an average of $0.40. I'd wager there are few anons with my stack size on /biz/ right now. I also bought my first ETH stack at $7 (still holding like a retard though). Get fucked.

>> No.15501666

You're holding? Like a larping plebbit? Regardless, hold til you die dumb fuck. I actually spend my gains, brainlet.

>> No.15501706

Sauce on these milkers?

>> No.15501724
File: 104 KB, 500x700, 1567680675150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Marina Diamandis. Nerfed herself though.

>> No.15501744
File: 630 KB, 1183x1075, chainlinkscam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15501775

>t. Satan

>> No.15501821


>> No.15501881

Cope fags go back to plebbit kindly thanks

>> No.15501884


>> No.15501925
File: 1.11 MB, 1024x1023, 1556983742657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spend my gains
>what is compound interest

>> No.15501943

Dude don't you me anymore. I've already established how much of a retarded larp you are.

>> No.15501969

kek what would I even larp about? holding link? im so confused

>> No.15502114

Haha I believed posts like this and this is why I lost a lot of money. Cant trick me twice so fuck you to whoever decided it would be funny to take advantage of meme magick autists and steal their money. For most of us its not much but its all we have.

>> No.15502178

LINK/ETH isn't a bad way to see how it's doing vs alts in general. link dumped on the eth pairing the last couple weeks and relatedly has dropped 5 spots in CMC rank.

>> No.15502427
File: 202 KB, 1830x933, dumped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok faggot, as promised, sold 1 BTC worth of my STINK stack, because it's very obviously going back under $1, especially when people on Binance start dumping rapidly before they shut out US clients.

Will buy back in the 60-80 cents range. My only regret is not selling above $3. Still, a 100% gain is decent

>> No.15502502

How the fuck did you lose money on Chainlink

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