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A fresh start for Bitcoin. Uncucked by miners, and extremely developer friendly. 1K sats is now a dream, volume rising. My bet is the 3-4K sat orders get pulled the second this 15K wall gets eaten.

Who else 21K club and ready to be filthy rich in 2020?


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That spread, that volume, holy fuck anyone who buys into this is legit retarded

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>thinking walls don't disappear.

Same thing people said at 1k sats. Same thing they'll say at $1.

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> Daily volume 0.05 btc
No one is buying your scam

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They are. Smart money accumulated for weeks at 1k sats. The second round of smart money is accumulating around 2k.

Current cap : 200-300K.

Don't be a brainlet. Look at the chart, past orders, and wallets. This will hit $1 EOM.

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Absolutely fucking delusional. Accumulating with sub 1k vol kek

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You obviously don't know how this works.

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I'm aware what a scam is

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Enlighten us, then. Cruz was listed on Q-trade in 24 hours from mining, hovered between 1-2k sats and 2-3K volume. Miners dumped a bit around there, and wallets are growing.

Everything's on pace to mirror BTC's run on a smaller scale. 1-2 months of accumulation. First pop about to start. Healthy, small community.

New logo coming. Probably this. See also : Quant.

It's like you don't want this market to give you money. It will, if you just be patient and let it. all it'll take is one more exchange to list this (Tradeogre has been contacted) for the cause, and poof. $2-3 easily.

Get in under 20 cents if you can, but I doubt you'll crack the 10K mark before the true parabola begins.

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Thats a cute logo. Just picked up 1mil cruzzers on qtard

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toast of success

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I'll take down some of these walls if my buy orders don't hit this week. Still incredibly early.

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time to filter this fucking pajeet scam from the board

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Bad idea.

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Not sure what all you pajeets are arguing about.

*ALL* sub $500K market-cap projects moon at least 3x. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Name me one that didn't, eventually. You brainlets are doing it wrong if you haven't at least 50x'd this year off this information alone.

If you aren't up huge, you're either poor, or you're buying at the wrong times. I've collected 25K Cruz so far, and hope to get to 50K by the time we hit 50 cents.

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FUD on non-existent pre-mine is always bullish. I'm in.

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Also, it must be said, most of the volume on Q-Trade has been shake-outs trying to get people to sell. I've been watching this closely. Sure, it hurts to miss 1K bottom, but serious volume is about to come in judging by the past week. Someone also said chinks are buying. Miners always take some profit regardless, but this is a very, very good spec bet. Low risk, high reward, IMO.

Easy money.

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Linky tier shit

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Don't waste your time convincing a dead mongolian basket-weaving forum with 14 indians to buy low-caps. I 20x'd off Link, and I'll 20x off this. Should put me back up to 10M. Max comfy.

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>New logo coming. Probably this. See also : Quant

Don't forget your stop loss, twu, in case there's a brief 2% dip before the Cruz moon. Better safe than sorry.

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Kek I member Twu. Made good money off that gook. Can't wait to do it again. Gonna use the profits to buy a nice AR15.

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yep. twu always had the best calls. he probably called this at 1k sats.

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also, i love how much "muh TWU" FUD there is. like, DYOR on if this is broken out / 5x up yet. if it isn't, and you really believe it's him, wouldn't that be the best time to buy?


$1 EOM.

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>Kek I member Twu.

You are twu.

>twu always had the best calls.
>"muh TWU" FUD

As are you.

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sorry to burst your bubble, but more than 5 people come on this board. if you don't think a 250K market-cap, freshly coded project can moon without "twu", welp...

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No you are literally the only shill for your coins, ever. I'd leave you to it (all's fair in love and crypto) but you started with the qnt fud/mocking recently, so I'll join in. Also, the sooner you move on from shitcoining the sooner you can join the DWC and make some money, so really I'm helping.

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LoL. Fuck it, I'm buying more.

Quant-fags salty their shit-coin has halved, with more bleeding to come. Only makes sense Cruzbit would 20x.

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Quantfags don't care, we have a time horizon longer than a couple of weeks, twu. Playing the long game is why I'm up unironically 100x in a year while you, with thirty different pet scamcoins in that time, are still wagecucking to throw $25 into each new piece of crap, then dumping at the first hint of green.

Reminder (not that anyone except twu and me is actually in this thread): when twu shills, he's already selling, and you are LITERALLY buying his bags.

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op is twu.. the guy who dumped snowblossom on all you you suckers even after i warned you.. now you are down over 90% holding the most toxic excrement the world has ever seen... cruzbits will dump 90% like snow did

stay away from qtrade.. this scammy exchange is behind all the scammy premined shit they list

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>thinking Cruz has even started

Not gon' make it.

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>>thinking Cruz has even started
>Not gon' make it.
cruzbit was premined for 2 weeks before bitcointalk ANN.. and the 1 anonymous dev wrote in the ANN it wasn't premined..

the dev is a scammer. cruzbits is a premiend mining scam. and qtrade and twu are scammers too

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No pre-mine on Cruzbit. Q-Trade is a great exchange. This FUD is ridiculous, and bullish. Say what you will about low marketcap shitcoins, but saying Q-Trade is a scam is p funny.

If OP really is TWU isn't it the most giant buy signal ever, then, since it hasn't taken off yet?

Some of you really need to go outside.

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>No pre-mine on Cruzbit.
mining started two weeks before bitcointalk ann. so there is verifiable proof that it was premined

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You have been visited by Laura Dyatlov.

This thread is currently reading 32 replies (not great, not terrible).

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Newfag here :D
can anyone explain why these two cryptocurrencies are so similar !?
1st is on : https://cruzbit.github.io/cruzbit/#/
2 is on : https://www.cruisebit.com/

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