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It looks like Sirgay is too embarrassed to do another 700k dump after that last fat-finger.

Is this fundamentally bullish?

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His fingers were sticky from all the dixicles juice.

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Fundamentally this is a problem of fundamentals. We have a few buns, some lettuce, some sauce, a couple of patties, and extras. How to decentralize the big mac will be the reigning issue of our time.

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I'm thinking we're back

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He already raised $30 mil, so he's done for now. $20 mil went to Ari Juels, $10 million went to an undisclosed acquisition.

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FACT: Sergey has never dumped under $2.

So as long as we keep the price under $2, he won't dump. Best stablecoin mechanism yet.

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Holy shit.

Shorting DAI and USDT right now.

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That was the signal

t. insider

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There's another wallet in the top 30 that is dumping every day or two at the same intervals. Might be his?

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I'm out.

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the coffee prophecy holds

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>his autism literally saved us

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price is in the shitter, that's why he's not dumping

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Were the 700k dumps related to development of mixicles?

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Fuck me

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dont know if its his, but since he and his 2 pals control about 650m tokens its safe to assume they have many accounts in top 30

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It's still 10x. Wait for 40 cents, and 20x in Cruzbit before then.


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Who's to say they don't own all 30? What's the total # of Link in those 30 wallets?

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first 8 addresses hold about 650m (1 is binance)
so most likely sirgay holds 7/8 top wallets.

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Dumps have no effect on the price of coffee. The only way link will moon is through coffee scarcity. Adoption doesn't mean shit.

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Kill your self pajeet

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>Muh testicles !

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Copy. Thanks anon for doing the work for me

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Sergey only dumps above $2. He still has 98% of his tokens left. It is literally impossible for LINK to go above $2 before the team each cashed out 100mil+ at $2.

Holding LINK right now is basically retarded. It can't go up, but can certainly go down.

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underrated and redpilled post.

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you cant look at it that way, he isnt dumb to dump it to the ground, but after a few months of stable 1.8$ he would definitely start dumping there too

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The dumps are timed to intervals when the price is above a certain point. I think its like $2.25

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they cashed out $30-40 million, not 100 million

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Please DELET

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That's what he said you stupid fucking nigger

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>He still has 98% of his tokens left.
Sergey only holds 30% of Link for funding, not 65%.
See pic from BEFORE the ICO.

>hurrr dump means bad
Bezos holds 12% of Amazon stock, and he's dumping 1 billion USD worth every year to fund something unrelated to Amazon.
As a bonus, he dumped about 3 billion USD worth just a few weeks ago: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-amazon-bezos-stake/jeff-bezos-sells-amazon-stock-worth-28-billion-last-week-idUSKCN1UW07H

Imagine spending your every waking moment trying to paint asset selling for funding as a negative, even though it's what companies have been doing since the dawn of companies.
All in a desperate effort to convince people that you somehow know better than Google, Swift, Oracle, Gartner, Capgemini, etc.

Just imagine. Imagine being this absolutely pathetic.

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Paid fud anon.

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1 Billion vs value of Amazon is nothing compared to Link selling 40 million.

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So do we have any legitimate idea or timeframe of when they will stop the dumping?

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well, I am in it for the long haul, meaning I wont sell before 2025.
And I have a stable income so I am just chilling

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Bezos is selling 1 billion every year, and 3 billion a few weeks ago.
And this is for Blue Origin, which has nothing to do with Amazon.

Meanwhile Chainlink is a startup that only just released its mainnet and is looking to expand its operations.

No shit there's no comparing.

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>know better than Google, Swift, Oracle, Gartner, et al.
All of whom don't actually have partnerships of any kind with chainlink

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Also, nice syntax, ESL Pajeet.

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Le epic Google blog!! lulz partnership CONFIRMED XD linkers stay stinkers xDXDXd strap in marines LULZ mAinnnet announcement hehehehehehehehrheheh

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>Le epic Google blog!!
Blogs and tweets are Google's two main avenues of mass communication, retard.

Here's Google Cloud announcing their current flagship project called Anthos via a "le epic blog":

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kek stupid linky stinkies posting fake partnership

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This was weeks ago. why is it still dumping? These partnerships are like VeChain now, no effect at all. In fact, a lot of things about chinalink are like VeChain, except that VeChain at least has their own network. I guess the scammy partnership marketing and the dumping are the same tho.

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>buy sub $2
>wait to $2
>wait for sergey to dump

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>10k LINK
Uh oh, there comes the whale

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>These partnerships are like VeChain
>scammy partnership marketing
Protip: Google Cloud announced this first.
Chainlink never announces anything first.

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