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if you aren't gobbling up this dip, you are absolutely braindead. $2-3 EOM. screencap this.


>> No.15487434

> giving money to twu

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op is twu.. the scammer.... cruzbit is a premined 1 anon dev scam..... warned you about snowblossom.. tis down 90% an you anon hero's (u deserve it).. now warnign you about cruzbit

stay away from qtrade exchange they only list scam coins they make

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this is all super obvious but I guess some anons need to see it spelled out for them, lol

>> No.15487818

unironically dead project

>> No.15487873

cruzbit is shit

>> No.15487890

>thinking twu even comes here anymore

stay salty.

>> No.15488056

someone bought the top of the 10x. woops. maybe you'll do it again.

you faggots are hopeless. 1k sats was shilled here enough times. sorry you like buying high.

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