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Watching this shit pump slowly die fills me with so much happiness. I have never been so comfy to be in a bear market.

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Sitting nice and comfy here with my 40x all in short at 10760

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Sub 10k again in under 24 hrs

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Bakkt is only 19 days away, tread carefully anon.

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Bakkt is going to destroy bitcoin. People are so soon to forget what futures did at the peak in 2017

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so now they are not going to capitalize on the bull run? anon, are you retarded?? 20k was the TOP, now 3k was the BOTTOM and we are not going DOWN FROM A TOP, we are RAISING FROM A BOTTOM.

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There is no bull run, we are still in a bear market you retard and the true bottom hasn't been put in yet. Smart money knows this.

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guys dont tell him

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you got close to eight month before the halvening

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>Smart money knows this.
except you're not smart money. I indeed am smart money. LINK $1000 EOY

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>Smart money knows this.
said the retard kek

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>CME futures cash settled while Bakkt is physically settled
>What is supply and demand
If you don't know the ramifications of that, then you're an idiot.

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The ramifications is that its going to crash even harder this time. Along with all the tether manipulation, it might even be enough to destroy bitcoin. You bulls are too retarded to realize this yet and keep sucking the manipulators cock.

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>it might even be enough to destroy bitcoin
kek this is prema bobo

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>one is cash settled meaning they sell the bitcoin when they close their positions versus one where they buy up the bitcoin driving up demand once the positions are closed
Like I said, you're an idiot. You had your chance to buy up at 3k. See you when this goes past 20k

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I am going to be the one buying your bags at 1600.

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This. I will cover my short at 1k and ladder my buys down to $250.

Can’t wait for faggots on this board to commit mass suicide and eat our bobo dick

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the fud is getting weaker, we truly are in a bull mercado

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Its not fud if its true bulltard

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Lmao what FUD, it’s a statement of fact

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Bears at 9500-
Ha! Btc will never break 10000 again! See you at 25!

Bears at 10500-
Ha! The fact that it broke 10000 means it's definitely going down! See you at 25!

Bears at 15000-

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It doesn't matter what tether manipulates this price to, you can not violate historical market structures. It has capitulate and create the true bottom, this has not happened yet. You people the the dumbest of money to think it can go into a bull market without doing that.

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as long as we're still in that meme triangle formation, i'm betting it goes down, as a bear i'm capitulating on a strong daily close over 11.2-11.5k

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