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What is bizs thoughts on Walton chain? Redpill me in its prospects

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well they have the patent for blockchain enabled smart heated insoles and are pouring their rr money down that drain. but they are The Global Leader in Blockchain + Internet of Things (IoT), so take my words with a grain of salt.

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Ahahahaha forgot about that

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It *was* a very good coin until the dev team spent all of 2018 showing that they aren’t skilled enough to pull it off. They launched mainnet like five times and it was always an incremental step instead of the actual launch.

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Altcoins live on two things: potential project hype or finished products. Their failure to code has killed investor confidence in both of these.

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Shitcoin going to zero, just like all the other shitcoins.

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prospects = 0
you're welcome

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This is not 2018 anymore

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