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CALLING ALL LINK MARINES: I will give 100 Link to the marine who has what it takes to start the next bull run.

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Pathetic. If I held link I’d sell just because of faggot posts like this

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Why do I have to be at work rn. Damn. Some lucky anon is about to get free link. This guy really is the Robin hood of /biz/, pays every time

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I already put in $20 to keep $100 bucks worth.

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He's not going to do it. This is his 5th topic where he's trying to humiliate some dude into shoving a sharpie up his ass.

Ask him to show transactions for the last 4 times he did it from his 50K+ stack. He can't reproduce it.

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please send i'm so broke anon

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desu id do this for free

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Move your hand it needs to really be in there, also need a timestamp.

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I'm about to send the transaction but can you put a timestamp 2 prove this is legit?

How about you link these alleged threads instead of Fudding poorfags away from free Link

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fuck you i'm not doing it again i feel shame

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Well i'm not sending it unless there's a timestamp. There's no shame on an Anonymous imageboard anyways.

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You appear to be a man because of your hands but have no muscles in your legs. Kys tranny

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>Blockfolio tier app is proof of LINK ownership

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I use API's brainlet

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You replied to wrong post brainlet. Show the links in your Binance portfolio liar

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shame is just pride talking
no pride no shame
Although you will just get a lesson in why we need smartcontracts

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op space these threads out a little more

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cheating, thats not really in your ass. regardless youre a faggot and you should feel shame

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No one do it, I get off work in an hour

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deliver rich baller plz :) u will make my labor day weekend

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ahahaha what a FAG

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jesus christ you fucking retard he means in the asshole not between the ass cheeks

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lesson time!!!

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You need the time and date on that paper, idiot

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Put todays date and time on it autist
Also put it inside your asshole or I won't send

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What time zone does ic3 exist in guys??? When is the ari news dropping?

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You aren’t going to send shit you sick pedo

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>nofap emergency
This entire thread is a nofap emergency better go there ASAP!

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I always deliver but he did not put the date nor penetrated so unless he can deliver than I will give it tk the next contendor. Here's a pic (of cold storage) I have some linkies in cuckbase that I will send so I don't end up doxd

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you never deliver and how is that not up the ass

fuck yourself anon

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It has to be at least a few inches inside of his anus + a timestamp. I always deliver see: >>15471706

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The absolute state of /biz/, you incels will be the reason why this shitcoin will be the first to 0 EOY.

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>"look see another anon got money!"
the absolute state

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fuck yourself scammer

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This was a very hard picture to take

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white people are weird man

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lmao im getting ant share vibes

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Holy shit, lol!!! You fuckin faggot!

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cringe but redpilled

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Lol, someone actually did it. The absolute state of Stinky Linkies.

>He thought I would send him 100 Link for shoving a sharpie up his ass on an anonymous japanese dickslapping forum.

THIS my friends is why we need smartcontracts.


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Every time, lol! It is like three a week at this point

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Lol, someone actually did it. The absolute state of Stinky Linkies.

>He thought I would send him 100 Link for shoving a sharpie up his ass on an anonymous japanese dickslapping forum.

THIS my friends is why we need smartcontracts.


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hey OP i hope your mom dies of acute myeloid leukemia

just like mine did. fuck yourself

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I'm sorry I really am. Hopefully in the future we can build a smartcontract where my Links will be held in escrow until AI validates the authenticity of your image. Until that day comes I must show the world why this technology is needed one poorfag at a time.

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Based a f. You are doing the Lord's work, anon

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My fucking sides. Anyone desperate enough to shove things up their ass will definitely NOT MAKE IT. Good job OP, we must degrade the poorfags.

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Thanks for the help bro. So many people are fudding my work but it's glad to have a supporter like you.

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I gave one of you greedy unappreciative assholes 100 LINK a while back because you cried about how you were eating Ramen and wage cucking waa waa. Then you deleted your posts without thanking me and disappeared. Fuck you.

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AHOO! AHOO! We are the few, the proud, the

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holy shit what a faggot
I hope you at least learned a lesson about the fundamental importance of trustlessness you desperate sicko

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BASED robinhood anon

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That's fucked up the "man" deserves his Ianks.

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That’s a tranny anon. It thrives off of attention like this .

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This is my 5th thread and he's the 7th Anon that I did not pay for shoving a sharpie up his ass. At this point they can unionize or even start a class action lawsuit against me. I know that this is risky for me but I can't just sit back and let Sergey do all of the work. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Oracle need to see that there are ripe use cases for smart contract adoption. I am only trying to spread awareness, and you cannot do this without spreading a few cheeks.

>They did it for free

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but we just paid him so much in experience

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You can’t delete posts faggot

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Buy the bottom at $1.70 don't stick it in your bottom you fucking homo

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The tranny did it to show his feminine ass to anons. All trannies deserve to be round up and shot. Their corpses will be burnt.

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fuck off back to your street shitting corner

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So insecure lol, no wonder you loses put sharpies in your assholes. Also, no wonder your women are craving brown cock.

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whatever you say pajeet. I'll shove 60 sharpies up my ass and white women still love me. So do your non-white curry women

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The cope is unreal with this cumskin; just don't shoot up a school because your crush is dating Tyrone okay?

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kek sure thing street shitter stay ass blasted!

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Look how mad this pajeet is

>> No.15472388

The funny thing is I'm not even Indian, you stupid cumskins just love to go for the race card thinking it actually bothers non-whites. We pity you fucking losers, really. Know this cumskin, your whore women are already turning against you, your time is limited. Just wait until the tides turn, your children will pay for the crimes of your ancestors at this rate.

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Show hands pajeet

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Still mad

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> Fake tits
No surprise, a black man picking up a white mans trash

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Last I checked pajeets weren't the ones shooting places up because they cant get laid.

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that hat looks terrible

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