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do you ever listen? i suspect a few of you probably did. this is just the beginning. a few developers will jump ship, and then the deck falls.

$1 EOM.

$10 EOY.

then, the real fireworks begin. iron hands and non brainlets only.


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this will pull $100k just like twu's call of snowblossom, and we'll hit $4-5 for the first cycle. screencap this.

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Just bought 100K

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kek. you wish.

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whoever snipes that 22k is going to be a lucky man. really not sure why brainlets settle for a 3x when this is clear sailing to $1-2 now.

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lol he doesn't even BELIEVE anyone would buy this trash

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i've watched the books daily for over a month. anyone with a brain realizes what is about to happen. this breakout confirms it.

speculation always wins, and this market wants to give you money. you just have to sit back and let it.

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Yeah. Accumulating 30K under 20 cents. Would settle for $2 by 2020, but it should pull more.

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hi twu

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its not a premine

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Thanks for this, really.

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Someone red pill me on this

Inb4 another green tag

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cool, nice copy writing, you've totally convinced me, do you have a course I can sign up too as well bro?
after I join this ultra shady exchange and buy this absolute scam coin that you've been watching the books daily on because it's your fucking scam, I'll be sure to buy your course on how to make it in crypto at a limited time -85% discount of $99.
thank you for investing so much time in helping anonymous persons become wealthy, you should be considered a hero.

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QTrade isn't shady though

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Imagine not knowing qtrade yet kek

Best gem exchange & based in US

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Holy shit I actually got a green tag. Kek wills it. I'd buy now but that spread.

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Simpler btc, 1 guy constantly shilling here. It has potential though

Watch the emission schedule, you're betting that buy interest will out compete miners looking to dump. Around $300k marketcap right now - just over 1m mined out of 21m total

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Spec miners that mine this stuff don't dump for years. It's a speculative bet. If they wanted to dump for profit then they would mine something with immediate liquidity. And yeah this isn't going to stay at their market cap over the next months. Scaling in.

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>this will pull $100k just like twu's call of snowblossom
you ARE twu.. you dumb scamming gook. and snowblossom is a shitcoin that is down 90+% after your call

NO ONE is buying your premine 1 anon shady dev shitcoin

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> 2019
> buying twu's bags of utter shitcoins on exchanges no one heard of until today

The absolute state

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even the name cruzbit sounds so jeety, you can hear the poo clapping faggots celebrating when they see a 0.0001 btc buy KYS

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