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How strong do you think the market is for healthy, well-bred, and temperamentally stable pit bulls? It seems very strong now that it's well known ill bred pit bulls are now seen as disasters waiting to happen at least locally.

I'm thinking about finding an excellent quality stud dog for my parents' and my APBT.

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All pitties need to be rounded up and transported to that island off the coast of India where they can feast on nigger babies all day. All pitfall owners like OP need to be fed to their own demons.

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Kys. American staffordshire terriers are the most murikan and best dogs ever.

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True high quality apbt bloodlines are very gamey. They are high strung and very dog/animal agressive. A true apbt shows 0 human aggression as back in the bull baiting and dog fighting days humans had to be able to enter and break the fight at times, human aggressive apbt were culled. Dumb ass nig nods brought this trait back into the blood line for some stupid reason.

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Supposition but, I imagine that sales of staffordshire terriers moves in opposition to cuddly poodles and other luxury-breeds, and in tight lock-step with firearms and emergency supplies.

S.T. most apocalyptic dog this side of German Shepherds

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No pitbull are horrible embarassing dogs. Only the generationally poor own them.

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The funny thing is true apbts and most amstaff blood lines make horrible property guard dogs. You can get “pit” from the hood that will do a better job at property protection, of just have a proper Doberman/German shepherd/guard style mastif.

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Pet owners are literal cucks, petcucks as I like to call them.

>wasting time
>wasting money
>wasting health
On some filthy, smelly, loud animal. Just fucking lol @ the state of petcucks. How about you get a friend/girls instead u incels.

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Go read a book about the history of the bloodline you retarded faggot. This is my current amstaf/bully mix. Great built/stature and great temperament.
>hurr durr lock jaw
>hurr durr just look at the dog bite stats
Go to your local shelter and the vast majority of dogs in there are pit mixes. Most come from the hood and were mistreated by nigs. Of course they are going to account for the highest number of dog bites.

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Checked. My pitt would make a horrible guard dog and would have no idea how to tell friend from foe.

Anything with two legs = friend to a real pit bull.

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Say that to my face motherfucker.

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Your exactly right with the 2 leg thing. My dogo will go batshit if a leafs blows in the wind or if she she’s a frog, she’s the biggest pussy ever with humans. This is how the breed was bread.

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if there are a lot of niggers in your area I'm sure you'll do well selling the pups

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This is factual - S.T.s are super friendly and don't bark a ton. Doesn't change the sales trends though. Forehead.

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Leave pit bull alone. He a good boy. Din’t do ruffin’.

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Being that actual game old school bloodlines can go for a couple thousand and are basically bad at everything except fighting and agility it’s hard to make money

Most fuckbois from the hood breed and sell these poor shit quality bad temperament dogs for 300-500 your gonna have trouble selling them because most people don’t even know shit about the breed.

The trend now are these “bully’s”. They are shorter, more stockier and don’t actually even come from the apbt blood line. But they are very well behaved, and have the typical pitbul bad ass look. I know a breeder who tries for tri-color and champagne bully’s and he does very well.

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From a biz perspective the idea is good using the disposition thing as a heavily marketed position. Over time via social media etc, you'd get a good reputation.

But, personally I think ..on average.. they're terrible dogs, prone to a random and pointless aggression that can't be bred out of them. Yeah, yeah...I know yours are different...says every Pit owner ever.

>t. Dog attack survivor

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This right here , pitbulls see humans and want to kiss not attack.
They are strong as fuck so if 1 pitbull chimp outs it's going to do more damage than 100 chihuahas chimping out.

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Based. All pits should be destroyed.

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Any dog expert will tell you there are 2 totally different types of aggression. You have dog/animal agressive dogs and you human aggressive dogs. They are not even close to the same. “Pitbulls” by breeding are animal and dog agressive. That’s a fact. It’s not at all the same as being human aggressive. It’s one of the most basic understandings of dog behavior.

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It's still pointless aggression, whether it kills the neighbors kid or kills the neighbor kids family dog or cat.

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>dog expert
>dog micro aggressions
>pitbull safe space
Dog shit. It literally eats babies. Stopping breeding and feeding literal baby eating monsters. Feed the homeless and orphans.
T. Vegan

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>I’m scared of a 50lb being
>I listen to the jew media
Dogs were all bread for a purpose. An example are dogo argentinos. They were breed to help wild boar hunters. They will kill a fucking boar, yet are are super docile and great with kids when in the house. I also have a friend with an African ridgeback. They will fight a fucking big cat. Yet his dog literally doesn’t even pay attention to humans and would rather be alone. 0 human aggression. Imagine being such a retard you can’t even understand how breeding works. Traits are brought out through generations of evolution and.

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How are you going to undo centuries of breeding for viciousness, though?

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George is based. Don’t know what George even has to do with this convo though. Your trying to emply a chow chow or any other breed would for some reason not have killed the little gangster ass nigga George. Dogs bite. It happens.

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it was to protect two young children, looking into it online kids get joker face for life or get killed by these

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should've given george a gun

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Current breeders are closing their operations because it's literally almost certain that pit bulls will become illegal to breed in the next 2-3 years, following the laws in many European countries.

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>swiping on dating app
>girl has a pitbull
its such a red flag

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Pitbulls need to be eliminated.

Fite me.

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not gonna lie, i would love to thow them meatballs filled with rat poison. those violent dogs should be killed on sight

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Any time I see a video of a dog attack, it's always a pit bull, and it's most often something like pit bulls attacking at a local elementary school or birthday party at the park, where they get excited and maul a woman in a wheelchair.

We did not breed dogs from wolves for this modern world, even humans have a hard time adapting. It's sad, but these animals are possibly the most dangerous of all breed of dog, because of their propensity to attack when no danger is present, and because of the ease with which they do damage.

Pit bulls are being put down in shelters for good reason, and it breaks my heart that empathetic people are putting themselves and their families in danger because they can't handle the emotional burden of canine euthanasia.

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They're already 50% of every single pound you visit in the US

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factual, she absolutely has issues
>"How strong do you think the market is for healthy, well-bred, and temperamentally stable pit bulls?"
>He thinks HIS dogs are different, because HIS dogs wouldn't hurt a fly and it's the owners fault that animals snap due to instinct
Same broken record again and again. These are the pets of hoodrats and the psychologically unstable.

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I dip the fuck out any time I see a pitbull in public. Most of the time it’s a chick holding the leash

I see them all the time walking in north/west philly, why the fuck are they still legal

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>he a good boy

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Guide on handling shitbulls.

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