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We're all looking for the diamonds in the rough that will hugely outperform the market averages but it's fucking hard to get a x10, or even a x2 or 3 desu, no matter what any shills tell you. Give me some research material boys

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coti sir also vidt please buy

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If you don't already have a bag of XDB, you're doing it wrong and will never make it. It was shilled subtly the past 2-3 weeks and I imagine they were only getting started.
It's still sitting around $2.6m marketcap and they were saying major partnerships/announcements are coming.

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Sir you know buying coins wont give you enourmous wealth like winning the powerball lottery at the bitcloud?

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For sure Ultra, they start doing marketing and events. Also on gamescom, games will be the new adaption according to cz.

Ultra, the developers get more money , player get rewards , and 2nd hand games can be sold with blockchain and many more stuff . check it out

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Fantom mainnet soon
Coti partner , cotipay, merchants can already register

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RSR; reserve.org

RSV and RSD are stablecoins. Rsr is the erc-20 token that stabilizes them and makes you rich.

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also, checked

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Whats this bitcloud ? can i buy with crypto now lotteries thats new, sounds richy af

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Thank you my Indian friend I will make sure I go nowhere near either of these.

Trips plus green ID. Based and redpilled

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They will release mvp discussion network soon

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Bought a bag

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Based trips and checked, XDB is the chosen one desu

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XDB get

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here we go boiiiis

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buy NEW on hbg.com
as you can see in a previous video, he pumped XMX 5x in 5 weeks:
and Cardano ADA before:

his bots with dozens of bitcoins create liquidity going up and down for some days or weeks, then he pumps

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Anon. Check out Ultra, it’s an amazing project landing partnerships left and right. Market cap is also only 2 million

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Reminder, this board does not have enough volume to discuss rational doubt concerning targeted marketing campaigns. This board is exactly the wrong place to base your investment strategy off of.

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dubs checked

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Hoping for an XDB success, heard from long-time crypto friend that it will do nice gains.

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Oh shit that's harsh

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Max Supply: 4,200,000,000
Max Circulating Supply: 3,150,000,000
Team/Advisors (LOCKED): 1,050,000,000
Token Swap: 1000 SNTVT : 1 VIAT
Marketcap: $3,000,000

Current price 700 Gwei

Buy up to 7000 Gwei

Stop loss 0 Gwei
---Unofficial comments from the team---

Behind closed doors we have been approached by many Angels Investors, Venture Capitalists, & even yes... Google Executives that have caught on to what we’re doing. We are very cautious of choosing who we work with in terms of capital & have an extensive screening process so we make the RIGHT choice in guiding the project to fruition and eventually mass adoption.
We want to stray away from hype as much as possible and we will let our tech speak for itself. If you are concerned with our marketing approach it is best that you either take responsibility of yourselves and push our project through your mediums or sell your bags. Like I've said before we are playing the long game. Q1 of 2020 will be very interesting to say the least... we might announce something that'll make that DAG USAF R&D partnership dwarf in comparison ;)

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They just need a small slice of their target market and they'll be in the top 30 easy

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VIDT for sure. Top 100 EOY

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You’ve found me, this is Ultra.

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185m circulating, 100B total... explain yourself before I go all in

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40% is locked into an algo pool
Look out for a token burn article ;)


* The current circulating supply is 185,055,555 tokens. This is not expected to increase before the end of 2019. Committed capital from prior funding rounds totaled approximately $2 million USD (this doesn’t include token sales already included within the current circulating supply which amounted to approximately $500,000 USD). Prior funding rounds will have tokens unlocked over a multi-period release in 2020-2021 that is expected to result in approx 2 billion tokens put into circulation over that period.

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>according to cz
anytime the shills go on and on about "the cz says dis is good sirs" that's how you know to stay far away

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The tokens that are locked are locked for a very very long time.

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So what's so special about XDB? It's just a stellar fork right?

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It's a stellar fork with an inbuilt DEX that uses something called multi-hop tech to provide liquidity for digital assets that do not have much of a direct market. They're targeting the loyalty points industry as an initial usecase which is a sick idea imo. It's a nearly 50 billion USD market with 16 billion in unclaimed orphaned/forgotten loyalty points that are ripe for conversion. That's like 30% of the sectors value unredeemed and cast away. The main plus point of this approach is that it will migrate potentially millions to blockchain technology making it so that this massive market comes on chain, without the people using it even noticing.

Important points to consider:


XDB tokens required for participation in the digitalbits network

XDB tokens can be used to exchange any token or asset on the digitalbits network through the in-house descentralized multi-hop exchange

XDB tokens will work as the only fiat off-ramp for said exchange


the main usecase rn is the multi billion dollar loyalty and rewards sector, digitalbits will allow virtually anyone to launch a loyalty reward points program LRP

thanks to caddle, digitalbits will have a multi million userbase before eoy


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Yes it has 0.1btc daily volume

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Do research on Unibright, you won't regret it. Q4 will be huge. Basically these are the most important features:
1. Workflow design smart contracts.
2. Connectors to legacy IT-systems (any ERP system, like Oracle or SAP etc.)
3. Working with predefined templates for each use case. (Multi Party Approval, Batch Tracing, Shipping Process Monitoring and many more)
4. Blockchain agnostic (ETH, NEM, Hyperledger, EOS, Tolar, DAML (Digital Assets) Libra, cross chain possible, for example libra-hyperledger)
5. Monitoring tools. Easy to overlook, but imagine 100% of your company’s staff being able to monitor what is going on on the blockchain in real time, instead of expensive developers constantly having to translate everything to the rest of the company.

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I'm about to do a trial run of an Edge host running on a Pi 4. If it goes good I'll add a few more and would hope to fully recoup the costs in about a year and a half depending on how the token value swings. Seems very much under the radar, but the anon that's been posting about it and some of my own research has me very convinced it has big time potential.

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Sorry sir I cannot buy this. Volume too low

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2x - 4x HT and BTMX
10x - COTI and FTM

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Congrats. You just lost all your money

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Well it depends on where he puts his money, if it's in the bank then yes, wrong wrong

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Off by 2 kys

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Cruzbit is the easiest 10x in the space. If the dev gets developers on board, easy 100x if you don't have weak hands. I have a holding stack and a flipping stack now. Buy before the breakout.


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Bitcloud pro has been subtly shilled here the past few weeks.... Just take a look for yourself. You probably didn't buy did you. It's not too late you can still get in

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Currently I'm balls deep in ORN via the seed round for the project

If you're serious, check out this potential gem
>orion protocol <-- buy this

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Damn coti is delivering. I hope i can use that coti pay soon. Not gonna waste more time on the scammy paypal and shit.

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Invest in Ultra, basically explaining Ultra will be next big thing disrupting $140bn USD gaming industry using blockchain technology to allow anyone to build and operate their own game distribution platform or virtual goods trading service. In doing so, it challenges the current monopoly held by industry heavyweights Steam, Google, and Apple. This will unlock new opportunities and create value for all the actors involved. The team consists of all-star executives and prominent advisors with experience at companies as Google, Unity, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Ubisoft, AMD and others. I did my research and it seems Ultra is a very successful startup aggressively expanding here in the US and also Asia. They're official partners with the largest game distributor in China, esports teams, gaming companies, game distributors and streamers.

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many events coming up for UltraT. hey finally starting the marketing campaign just checked it.
Before this shit reaches korea it will be undervalued.
COLOGNE20/08 - 24/08
Gamescom with Content Acquisition Team and CEO
BERLIN18/08 - 29/08
Blockchain Week with Lead CM Team
SEATTLE30/08 - 02/09
PAX West with Content Acquisition Team
SEOUL27/09 - 04/10
Blockchain Week with Crypto Team and CEO

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Get fucking Ultra on Bitfinex. Havent seen such a legit team since ages. But well my bag will get bigger in $ so fuck it :D You fuckheads can keep on doing your ankr buys and lose like 50% within some weeks.

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Coti will outperform anything. 2million marketcap and the team is full of jews. You really think this will stay?

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two tokens: SMARC (dividend token) and LOGI (utility token) - be on the lookout once they're about to be listed

>white paper summary: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/c0ae7f_93b3c1e068a54d2c9169a47e8fcf6992.pdf
>white paper:

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Did you guys saw the video for Coti? merchants can already apply this is so cool if we all use coitpay

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Give a lovely present to my wife. Now she knows what the most important thing in my life. Its not her. Its Bitcloud Pro. Fuck that wife. She is just eating money. Eating dick getting pregnant getting fat, shitting out children out of their pussy. I wish i could sell her for more bpro.

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XDB, 15% of my portfolio, high R/R

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Go to mummy

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30x EOY
30000x Q4 2020

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The left sure can't meme.

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Aergo: 7.4mil marketcap, 50+ devs, plenty of funding for longevity, Blocko's clients moving to the Aergo platform (see pic) and also bringing all the 25mil coinstack clients with them. Currently expanding in Korea, China, Europe and latest, the MENA region. Also one of the few blockchain projects adopting SQL to attract more devs.

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RSR is literally only a 10 mill market cap right now. It's insanely undervalued.

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im a technocrat u fucking zionist faggot.
learn to think critically and stop falling for zog candidates and their propaganda.

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cmc market data on RSR is incorrect and it has been for months.
check coingecko for correct market data

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how mad does it make u that im white, straight, rich, and 125 IQ?

keep voting for Jew candidates and you'll wake up homeless one morning u dumb fuck.

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$16M on coingecko
This changes everything

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It's a scam you all got it from airdrop fuck that

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Stop larping.

It's okey to be white, I should know.

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Fuck muslims, jews and you.

There, the world is saved.

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I can tell you coins that i think will PnD because I think that's what you're here for.

BRAPPER- Discord is getting ready to pump it again.
FUZE- market cap is very low again. Won't take much to pump it since it's on so many exchanges including Mercatox.
Bitcratic- Literal Pajeet scam coin. Will still pump with their new staking rewards and constant trading rewards.
STAKD- not really sure what to say about this one. It just has a nice design and website.
Bags coin- actually pretty funny and made by a fellow /biz/raeli wish that faggot would have said that he had plans to make the token something when he did the airdrop though. I think this token will have massive gains if we hit another bull run just for the keks.
That's all I got for you. If anyone else knows any other garbage tokens tell them to me. Dont hold out.

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me and my cat both think u are larping.

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Me know what's real.

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yep FUZE got arround 865 tokens right now, this thing is going to blow up for sure, the question is just when

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