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Hello 4chan,

We are planning to do a lot of building on Cruzbit. It really makes sense, as the ease of use should draw people in time, and my partners like it when I look like a genius. This won't be the first time, and it won't be the last.

There's a reason Q-Trade listed this within 24 hours. Smart exchanges will follow. Aside from being ridiculously easy to implement, money will flow because it's simple coding measures that stack up to Bitcoin-esque protocol, except it's not overly complicated, and users should flock to "new and shiny" in 2020-2021.

Early miners have profited, but most are not going to sell. If you want to talk tokenomics, just look at the top 10's addresses grow. These will be unironically, a new global elite.

I see this has been shilled on here a bit, but I don't think even they know just how successful this will become. A light touch on this currently $100K market-cap project will be all that's needed until the 2nd round of speculation. Sure, the first cycle will be grand, but as always it's those that hold to cycle's 2-3 that will truly be rewarded.

Garzik is right. Follow the wormholes, and think for one second. You didn't think an developer this good would stay anonymous for no reason, did you?

I've said too much. Buy as much as you can.


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Could be interesting if you relaunch without the premine

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How do you live with being a pathological liar malignant narcissist piece of shit lmao

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There was no pre-mine. Stop ruining a golden goose with your baseless claims.

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The buys, holder list, and chart is everything you need to know. If this was going to dump below 1,000 sats, it would have already. Higher lowers, and now massive floor.

You all can do whatever you wish, but even if you just want an easy 10-20x within 6 months, this is your ticket. I'd highly suggest you hold some to 2020, though.

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Both announcement threads are dated far after the launch. Do you have another example that is pre-launch?

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Crickets. Thought so

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Why don't you come into the Discord and voice your concerns publicly, as you will be laughed out of the room, or was that you the last time?

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Just put a link to the announcement thread that is dated same day as launch or before and I will retract my comment

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I really don't think you understand how this works. Do you not know how to look this up? However, feel free to keep bumping my thread.

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Nice try. I have looked them up and both announcements are weeks after the genesis block. If you have one that shows otherwise please enlighten us

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Did you look at what was actually done?

We're done here.

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Okay, okay fine.

Here, retard :


ah 14 days is one diff, 2016 blocks
still 714 pubkeys
| f1pvY6Ll6EaT2pInyqHXeERPhY3nnu5vdyAiFQ1dOrk= | 712 |
712 blocks mined by this pubkey

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Qtrade lists mostly scam ninjamined shitcoins such as this Cruzshit

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Yes it showed the mining da ahead of announcement and clearly you have nothing to show otherwise. We are done here. We finally agree on something.

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scam confirmed

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lol. have fun watching this, and don't forget to buy around $4-5

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you guys are hopeless

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$1 in September. $5 EOY.

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no one wants to use a coin with 10 minute block time

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then y do u keep spamming, dicklet

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10 posts by samefag, what a fucking scam

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No real use cases thats not already covered by lots of other shitcoins.

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We need flags

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>Could be interesting if you relaunch without the premine
based and redpilled.

the dev premined this for 2 weeks before he announced it on bitcointalk. in his ann he said no premine. hes also an anonymous "sdfdgfghffgj". shady as fuck guy. stay away.

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>Qtrade lists mostly scam ninjamined shitcoins such as this Cruzshit
this. premined scams like nyzo, etc. qtrade are probably in on these scams.

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ever wondered how qtrade makes money on their 0 volume exchange? they are scammer. they create premined coins and they build qtrade because they need to get their scamcoins listed on an exchange to dump them.

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see you at $5.

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