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Congrats on this.

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This kills chainlink

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linkies are so dumb
imagine not selling this shit @4$

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I'm sending gay fat porn through nodes, it works great.

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Have sex

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Can't wait for riberio frenando to shill this shit to literally every company who calls oracle Sao Paulo

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Trolling used to mean something. It's pretty bad when a bunch of edgelord, high schoolers running around here in 2006 did it infinitely better.

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Maybe you should read Sergey’s blog post.
They’re standing by for open mainnet you tard.

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>No jobs
The NEET nodes have finally arrived. This is what it meant all along.

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>0 runs
They’re obese too. You’re living the dream linkes. Fat NEET nodes. The future is now.

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Honestly, why would you need 100 nodes to confirm eth prices? 10 is more than enough

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also go fuck yourself. You are even worse cancer than linkers. Schizo moron who can't even done his research properly

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Jesus Christ you are retarded. Nodes that haven't been listed on mainnet explorer currently don't show job runs.
You think no one even ran a test job on their node. Use your head you fucking tranny

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> being this upset over an allegedly irrelevant shitcoin
> he still hasn't figured out how to use filters yet
> he uses a trip because he needs an identity like a true plebbitor
*shclurpshclurpshclurpshclurpshclurpshclurp* yesssss faggot, tell us more about how you missed out on .30c link

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>It's just begun
>Therefore, it's over

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how many millions?

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Am brainlet. What is the incentive for someone to fud link rn

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Rupees and anti diarrhea medicines.

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Carthatic release after Sergey's dumps killed every pump for almost 2 months

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>can't even done his research
Shoo shoo chainJeet. No curry oracle here for you.

>seething this hard that you didn’t sell your ERC token at $4

Board cleansing.

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kys acap

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This is discord tranny acap that spends the whole day fudding link on every possible channel. A complete fucking retarded brainlet.

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>4 jobs
>1000 eoy

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Other spam groups are angry as they're getting reducing returns as everyone is invested in link. So instead of shilling their pnd projects they're trying to weaken link and then spam later.

Check the posting volume and check your filter list. My filter list typically blocks 30 or so threads but now it's about 10-15. Yet posting volume hasn't gone down much. That suggests those who spam threads that get filtered are still posting, but not on usual topics.

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>Nude operators will be paid in.. Lonk

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its not a conspiracy this is information accessible to anyone

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Probably in the top 3 dumbest discord posters, up there with poopscoop and brapmarine.

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They're just seething over their incompetence of never buying under 1$.

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They're still waiting for the dip to 30 cents after the mainnet announcement pushed it over 60 cents lmao.

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Holy shit what a useless idea

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You had 2 years acap you fucking brainlet

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ignore the conspiratorial answers. it's just shitposting by holders and nolinkers. no incentive required beyond triggered responses.

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>white owl
>running nodes to trustlessly gather data on nogs loading blunts with ditch weed in a decentralized fashion
Extremely bullish

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And he'll have 2 more. You on the other hand are trapped for the next 2 years seeing your StainStink dump having bought at $4.30

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Im so glad i sold how disappointing

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These are the 500 new oracle startups

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So it's the same people posting the spam for COTI and other shit coins? Makes sense honestly. A few of them seem genuine like the Nico poster but it seems very pajeety overall

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I just sold this old boat is out of steam

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Why is almost everyone who works at Chainlink a massive rebbitsoi bugman with a receding hairline? Pic related is their Telegram admin.

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3 month cumulative link rewrds $15? That is what $60 p.a profit. I think I can get better ROI from my bank account

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That is honestly fucking shit. If you're a "node operator" and you can't even put together a fucking test contract you need to gtfo

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>that little wave didn't even make me wobble, that means waves can never do any damage to anything

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That's got nothing to do with my post though i can immediately answer that. Most nodes go through a comprehensive test period before being activated.

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Jesus, at least Request Network lets you track fish on the blockchain.

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No, this is what the initial mainnet looks like.
Read Sergey's mainnet blog post.

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Thanks, good I sold everything and bought silver.

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>NEET nodes
>No jobs, no runs

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And that how it all ends, isn't it?

With the market realizing no one will pay a dime for API calls.


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this is why i sold

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At least rajeesh can fetch the price of curry now

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actually people are currently paying 2 dimes

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> m-muh board needs cleansing, this is OUR community, we must defend our sub fellow anons!
> I-Idon't know what an ERC token is but if I just say he's seething I will win

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peak delusion

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Another low quality fud thread had to die for this low quality fud thread to be born.
>never forget jpg

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Holy shit what an absolute trainwreck LOL. Bet you racist piss sniffing little faggots didn't expect your bags to feel so heavy.

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Fundamentally, Chainlink is a redditcoin. Stop denying who you are, it’s not good for you. You must have discovered crypto last year. Let me give you a quick lesson, a bit of advice. Nobody other than Rebbit cucks hold centralized coins. This board was literally created by thousands of Bitcoin threads on /g/. Bitcoin, Proof of Work made this board. Investing in centralized funding tokens with supplies over a billion like XRP and LINK is not a good idea. You can ride a pump here and there, but holding long term is a sigh of mental retardation.

That’s besides the fact ChainTwink as a system literally doesn’t exist. There are no decentralized oracles and Sergey is a known scammer. Pic related is Chainlink’s ambassador, apparently. Does he look like he belongs here, or a craft beer bar in a homosexual alley in a metropolitan soity?

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Why are people such morons.

Chainlink oracle network is the busiest and growing.

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I thought the JSON parser thing was a joke.

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I thought TownCrier and Threshold signatures was a joke.

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Lmao reputation haven’t implemented yet.

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Keep the spam to the 20+ other link threads, and put your shitcoin in the title please. Retards.

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link going under, abandon ship while you still can lol

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Oooooo sounds like someone got hurt by a Telegram admin. What did he do anon, did he reject your advances?

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cant dodge the hodge

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> posting shit about node
Meanwhile verified nodes are running jobs and get paid 0.3 link each 5 mins

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Kek that was good

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That's chainlink itself, essentially paying to spam ethereum.

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>In a few years, 200 LINK could be producing ~1 LINK per month in staking rewards, which may be worth enough to cover basic housing, food, and transportation costs for a household.
Jesus. I almost feel bad for the guy.

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If there were ever a sign that biz and crypto as a whole are done for, this is it

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I thought chainlink was supposed to validate all the sources in one single call. What the fuck is this, so if I want to query ETHUSD safely I have to pay multiple nodes just to get multiple responses? Then what the actual dick do I do with that information? Average everything? Holy shit that's retarded

lmao chainlink is absolute horseshit after all

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fully operational node centre

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> he's still building his retarded plebbit tier trip fursona around spamming allegedly irrelevant shitcoin threads with stale and impotent fud
> h-hah, chainlink is totally a plebbit coin, because plebbit was so early
> are you ready for my TRAP CARD? THAT'S RIGHT, I'll call one of their team members a HIPSTER
Woweeee just sold 100000000k

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I have been away for a while. Can anyone who holds like become a node, or is the network a centralized scam that requires (((approval))) to become an oracle?

>> No.15421638

I don't trust (you) so I don't use your node. End of story

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Literally any Neet with computer and internet can become a node ... Thats why this so fucking tarted :DDDD

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