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Resistance at 1.6k sats testing yet again. It's only a matter of time until it breaks. Just one or two developers on board with early, and we're in for a real treat.

Anyone else get the feeling "asdvxgxasjab" might be someone prominent? He's too knowledgable to be anon. If he continues full speed ahead, and this hops over Snow + Nyzo to Coinmarketcap and other exchanges like I think it might, it's going to explode.

$100 in 2021. Screencap this.


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just looked at the website. isn't this just bitcoin with a few modifications?

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For now, yes, it's an extremely light weight developer friendly Bitcoin, at 10 cents.

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>without all the baggage
>uncucked by whales
>fresh start

If you don't realize how big of a deal this could be (and that's all it takes), then you have to go back.

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but it's still a 10 minutes block time. so how does the average user see a difference?

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Litecruz is launching soon with 2.5 minute block time. Wait for that and it hasn’t already mooned to 1600 sats

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this has always been a game of speculation and "if you build it they will come"

kill yourself

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Bitcruz what a fucking joke of a name. I'm not buying this shitcoin on your no volume no name exchange sorry.

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Real question though, how did the launch go down? How fair was it?

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God can you faggots not for once. The developer (and communities) ability to latch on to this one is what will make it. Trust in people, or don't.

Remember Raiblocks. ...and I don't think this will take 2 years.

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Why don't you do some reading? Why even care if you can't look out the first 2 facts anyone looks up?

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Famous last words. ^_^ I love it. You losers love buying late.

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I did, confused how he says no premine while describing a premine having happened. Any more details on that? “It was born almost 2 weeks ago. No premining or any of that funny business.”

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"No premining or any of that funny business. The memo field of the coinbase transaction of the genesis block is timestamped with the bitcoin blockchain's tip block hash at the time of its creation. It's being CPU mined at the moment."


No. Premine.

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Also, read this : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5162083

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Uh that is a premine, couple weeks before announcement. Was it announced somewhere else first?

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Good info :

"Cruzbit is an attempt to simplify blockchain development. It can sometimes be the case that in order to develop new software for the Bitcoin ecosystem (for example) that a developer needs to practically be an expert on many ideas and technologies even to create the simplest of applications which will interface with the network. Having a discussion about "Bitcoin" involves many layers interoperating technologies to make transactions happen. Cruzbit attempts to reduce all of that noise to an easily understandable protocol, that can be consumed by simple and readily available tools.

A great example of this is the protocol itself. All messages in the network are simply JSON encoded strings, which are human-readable, and can be used natively in virtually every programming language. Another example is the use of WebSockets for communication. Your web browser, for example, already has everything you need to communicate with a peer on the network built in.

If you'd like to see a demonstration of the above points, have a look here: https://cruzb.it/#chat
With the above web form you can send any message you want to a real peer on the network, and will receive a real response, using a small bit of code that took me less than 30 minutes to build from start to finish, including incorporating it into the website.

....open up accessibility to programmers of all levels, increasing comprehension, reducing development time and, by effect, allowing more cognitive space to be spent on end-users."

"Due to inputless/outputless transactions being roughly the same constan tsize, it isnʼt necessary to restrict blocks by size. We do it by transactioncount. But this restriction isnʼt fixed. It moves with “piecewise-linear-between-doublings growth.” You can read more about it in BIP 101. With BIP 101 we know the maximum capacity of the network at any future block height and can plan for it accordingly."


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look up the information, dummy.

you think old heads wouldn't pick up on a pre-mine and immediately call foul.

this project is for non-brainlets only, and it is dawn.

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>Uh that is a premine, couple weeks before announcement. Was it announced somewhere else first?
bitcruz exposed as a 2 week premined scamcoin. thank you

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Scam confirmed

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Is this named after that school shooter? Nathan Cruz or something?

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the poos from sentinel have moved on already
how quaint

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ugh, 1k volume, no thanksi rather buy bsv

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All this fake FUD is bullish AF. Fill my orders now.

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Cruz/Crux means cross in romanic languages (latin).

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good to know.

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pee pee poo poo shitcoins will ruin you

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Crucifixcoin perfect

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I took part (and profit) in most of /biz/ PnD but honestly the Cruzbit shills are currently too low.
Can we all put a little bit more effort into it? I want to dump my bags after a x5 just like I did with VIDT, LIT, NKN and 0xBTC

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the 1 anon dev is a scammer.. in his ann post he said no premine.. but i checked for premine anyway and found it had been premined for 2 weeks. hes a fucking scammer and qtrade are probably in on it and these other scam mining coins like nyzo, snow, etc.

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Muh scams

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I don't see any scam going on here. I am filling my bags. The dev is a very knowledgeable person and very trustable. This coin will pump the price fosho.
Enjoy fudding and then crying once it will pump.
That's the way it works. Enjoy.

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> main dev name is asdvxgxasjab

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it was announced on leddit and hn

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