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kot edition

Popular brokers:

Some basic stock market terminology:
(Please don’t use the N-word and remember to thank your januaries!)
Free advanced charting tools:

Real-time market news:

Educational sites:
>heh, nice touch

Stock screener

Premarket Data:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

Boomer Investing 101:

Suggested books:

List of hedge fund holdings:

old: >>15406670

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We laugh at GALT and pendy

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I told everyone to buy lci calls at the local low, who listened?

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Selling PREMIUM PIKE TROPHIES 100$ a pop.

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>your biggest holding
>one interesting fact about you

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stocks are for faggots and boomers like wtf are you in /biz/ for if all youre after is measly 7% a year lmao just look at these retarded boomers

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I love non-white women

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Good idea?*

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>7% a year

At this point I'd be happy if I came out with -7% for the year.

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>Lci calls
>I have a checking account balance of $0

My lci calls are gonna be up 200% tomorrow morning

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Me. Both those contracts are going to make me hundredaires. I'll have enough for coke and hookers for like a half an hour. Where the fuck is LCIguy at anyway? I would imagine he'd want to be here to gloat a little.

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I keep hearing the phrase "excluding levothyroxine" on the LCI call. LOL, this company's going straight to $3.

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>he bought GALT at 5

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I wouldn't worry about it, goyim.

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I have only had sex with prostitutes.

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i love cocks

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Most cryptos are down like 98% from ATH

T. I hold some crypto. Thank God it's only ~3% of my net worth

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Would weed stocks go down in a recession?

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>me shorting GALT to .10 cents

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iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF (ITA)

Up 87% from my initial.
I have a really dark sense of humor.

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Public school teacher.

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>rare pic of GALT shareholders

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Started new classes today, and the writing prof lady wants us to write about the fucking Mueller report. She got BTFO by such ignorant students just blathering in about rumors, and she couldn’t do shit about it because she can’t just say “you’re wrong, dummy!” I’m preparing my argument on how we elected trump knowing full well he was a criminal, so of course we don’t care, and that baby boomers mark the beginning of the decline in US supremacy.

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A wicked sense of humor, perhaps?

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>b-but the science is good guys you have to believe me

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since 2015 i have been in and out of temp jobs

and unemployment

work a year, take 6 months off for unempoyment

work temp jobs for a year than another 6 months of unemployment

cureently just started my 3rd round of unemployment

also get food stamps

i live in my aunts abandoned house just pay for utilites thats all

i have 15k link to my name that is all.

here goes to 6 months of nothing (:

i always tell myself this timme it will be different, this time i fiannnly have the time to start a youtube channel or to be a comedian or get famous

then i just smoke weed and listen to music.

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>to write about the fucking Mueller report.
is that a US politics class? what

the state of you for choosing that degree and your cuntry

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Congratz bros, We short galt down to 2 dollars. Next hit is 1.50 then we take her down to 0.20 cents

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>when me and the boys start shorting GALT

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>he didn't buy GALT at 3
None of you will ever make it.

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>have 15k in savings
>collects food stamps
fuck off with your sob story

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I'm glad I could make you some money friend, don't be afraid to take profits, lci frequently pumps and dumps

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>"hes a galt share holder"
>"oh, right this way boy"

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Trading at $7.59 after hours

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he's got 15k link, so that's like 3k USD.

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Nah, it’s just to satisfy a requirement that I can write English argument papers.

She just chose to make the introductory material very political. Does she really think these kids straight out of highschool give a shit?

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alright boys. where am I taking my LCI winnings?

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>"I'm just need to get some sun.... Get away from the GALT charts..."

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>Tfw bought 3 shares LCI at $5.23
Finally gonna make it.

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you from the US? what degree?

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I cant stay mad at a kitty that cute

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I killed 6 people in Afghanistan and now am a college dropout drunk but I do pretty good as a day trader. Thanks /biz/

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Do it and post your position so that I can add it to the collage
An actual short position would be a very welcome addition to it

keep em coming

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>I killed 6 people in Afghanistan
Israel thanks you

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Did you kill bad people

Just added your post to my collage
Keep them coming old boy

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Go back to school if you can, I know several vets who threw away the opportunity.

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Held calls through earnings. Made it boyo.

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I'm just documenting what people here are saying with this collage
I want to make sure people remember when this is all said and done
It's also part of the reason I've been acting annoying/condescending about GALT, to get people more invested in it
I want people to remember this one way or the other, be it a massive success or a colossal failure
And the nature of these biotech stocks suggests it'll be either one or the other
Despite the price going down, the company's fundamentals have only gotten better
I have no reason to sell, and I won't do so until the fundamentals change to the point that I do have a reason

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GIS (today was a fat red candle -_-)

I'm under legal drink age (US) but I've been on the chans since 2014. The interesting and abnormal thing is I have a healthy life

I'm glad I picked up some LCI, even if it's the same pittance of GME I have, but man those calls must look pretty good. Probably should put some into your checking account unless you're full neet

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campbells soup
Im absolutely pure evil

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I have a brown doggo named Bobo

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I jerk off at least 5 times a day

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I haven't spoken a word today.

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I spend most of my gains to fuel my milsurp addiction.
The kommando store just started accepting crypto so now I can finally unload my zoomer coins on some shtf gear

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I spy with my little eye

is your dick dead yet?

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Does this thread has some evilcorp list to invest in.

Buying stock in a medicine company that sells prices x10000 seems like a great idea.

Or perhaps AI companies that deliver to corrupt regimes?

Seems like great investments and dedicated people.

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I only buy stock in companies I buy products from.

>> No.15410760

mini dobreman

Monsanto maybe?

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Yes they do.
No just people most were poor farmers from packistain looking to make money like me.
Working on it looking at applying for surgery tech. I got arrested and had to drop out last time.

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Yes, great answer!!

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Your wife doesn't care?

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I'm 20, I don't even have a girlfriend. There's no one to stop me

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Not evil enough, their employees seem ethical

>> No.15410802

Checked and kek'd

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I have another one


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>How do I know if my REIT stock will get wrecked as well?

It comes down to what's in it. Non-mortgage REITs aren't bothered by rate cuts, but the mortgage bonds that mREITs hold will be hit by waves of refinancing with significant rate reductions, and so they lose the value of whatever cashflow they would have gotten from the interest payments between the end of the loan and the re-fi date. Even if they use the money from the paid-off loan principal to buy new mortgage bonds, they're still buying securities with lower yield and therefore lower value, so the net result is that their book value and FFO suffers.

If you want to keep exposure to the residential sector, apartment REITs (called 'multifamily homes') aren't going to be harmed by lower rates, because people don't (or shouldn't) pay interest on rent.

Then there are mall REITs. I wouldn't want to own these, because I'm assured that retail is quickly dying. My local mall usually seems pretty crowed, though numbers-wise that's the exception. In any case, an economic downturn could hurt consumer discretionary spending, which could see malls lose tenants and thus mall REIts loose FFO.

Industrial REITs may seem like a bad idea, but because they have a lot of commercial spaces used for shipping and E-commerce, a lot of them have done quite well recent, and could continue to do well. Same problem with consumer discretionary spending, with the caveat that a lot of industrial REIT customers run multiple shifts and may cut shifts but still be able to make rent. The inclusion of other commercial spaces may also offer a hedge.

Beyond that, you have bizarre specialized REITs. These are my favorite, because fuck it.

There are cell tower REITs, which own cell phone tower properties. These are probably strongly defensive, given that people are unlikely to stop using their cell phones (and ObamaPhones provide hedge against recession). They also have decent growth intentional, maybe, with the whole 5G thing.

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Sounds like you are looking for some of these. https://etfdb.com/search/?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=china&button=
I consider Microsoft evil too

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Not public yet.

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I'm a state worker.

Honestly the only thing that keeps me going is that only 13 more yrs to go till I can legit retire from that place w/full benefits. That and the Green Bags of cash AMRN will bring to me in the short term.

If it wasn't for the retirement package I'd be outta there a long time ago.

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T - Last div put me at 400 shares

I'm friends with dividends

>> No.15410887

>mfw $3 eoy came early today
cope harder galtfags

>> No.15410888

That looks great

>> No.15410905

Hmm mine might be one of those to sell. Still trying to figure it out.

>> No.15410928

If you have strong hands............

LCI to $60


>> No.15410937

Then you have healthcare REITs, which are probably reasonably defensive.

Data Center REITs own data centers. This is obviously a growth sector, but they're at risk of getting hit by any kind of major collapse in tech, but most companies of all types use data center services, so the downside is limited.

One of my personal favorites is DEA, which owns specalized facilities rented on a long-term basis by the Federal Government. I probably don't need to explain why that's so safe, even if it only yields 5%.

CoreCivic is a Prison REIT, which gives you all kinds political liability, given that they work with ICE. Most states are short prison capacity, so it's probably no as unstable as it looks. The need to lock up nigs isn't likely to to go anywhere, but the roller coaster is there. The same is true of other prison REITS.

Oil pipeline REITs have the obvious risks of political vulnerability to reductions in energy sector profitability. Farmland REITs probably have all kinds of complex factors effecting them that I don't understand, so won't comment on them. Same with timberland REITs.

TL;DR: what do you own, and what does it own?

>> No.15410962

>TYME technologies
>I'm trying to write a novel

>> No.15410976

Im a talentless NEET but im looking for work :(

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I'm gonna put some of my money in BUD and TAP for when the economy turns to shit, and people turn to booze.

>> No.15411053


I’m probably dying of some kind of heart problem but I keep smokin weed and don’t care just let it end baby

>> No.15411060


i am boring do nothing all day besides dialysis. disabled income so i cant make over 1200 a month without loosing the extra income and insurance

>> No.15411070

most people here are weak handed swing/day traders, many of which lose money, stop posting here, and are promptly replaced by the newest wave of newfags
we need more DD and strong handed long term investors here, that's my only complaint about this general

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>Shot Caller
great movie

>> No.15411076

woha Papa Johns got a new CEO
another victory for Starboard

>> No.15411087

UNH dropping down to around 220 seems like a great opportunity to buy in. They just beat earnings expectations and raised guidance last quarter, I have no idea why the market is so bearish right now.

>> No.15411088


I agree I have been holding since i turned 18. 35 now and still going.

but i have been researching and looking into the stock market since I was 14 and did a project in school with live trading.

>> No.15411135

Hey I'm writing a book too. I'm literally just winging it. Gave a few chapters to some friends and they said they really liked it.

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>your biggest holding
>one interesting fact about you
i'm not actually on the autism spectrum

>> No.15411145

>big pharma is evil
Fuck you libtard, Merck makes money because Keytruda is a miracle drug.

Also, they’ve stopped the Ebola crisis, so that’s pretty cool.

>> No.15411157

>CIA soldiers across the world securing opium fields

>> No.15411158

Read it was because of fear that Dems will fuck with managed care, but that doesn’t sound right or me at all.

Are we going to get levels like the Bernie Cheapies?

(Note: Merck still well above those cheapie levels, even though pharma has the most to fear)

>> No.15411161

Is there any reason to buy Merck now? Seems like it's already pretty high for the year.

>> No.15411169

Based, I wanted to add to SCHD but it meant taking more losses in SCHG.

I know indexing is probably the smart move, but at these levels, UNH and MO seem like fucking bargains.

>> No.15411179

I hope so, I added around these levels recently. I kept not wanting to violate my basis, but I think I need to learn how to add to my winners on the way up too.

>> No.15411193

Women who accept that they're not much more than fuck holes are usually better in bed, I don't think that you're missing out on much.

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Wewww that’s pretty bearish for NRZ

>> No.15411210

And yet a horrible trip.

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Whether SPX goes up to 2920 tomorrow or drops sub 2800 depends entirely on how the yen performs over the next 8 hours.

Break out above: SPX 2920
Break down below: SPX sub2800

Extrapolate your opinions

>> No.15411231

But my 2nd largest holding is my T-babies. 196 point something with last Div payment.

>> No.15411253

>counting on USDJPY
Yup, us bulls are fucked

>> No.15411286

My REFR asspain is multiplying, this is getting painful. Watched it go up for a year solid, then it dumps 20% right after I buy into it.

>> No.15411288

7% a year is good, and you probably cannot do it

>> No.15411309

God, plz let AMRN hit least $50 per. That would deliver into my hands $20,600.00. If you could give the AMRN board a good kick up the ass to sell at $50 per so I'd get $100 per in cash that'd be nice to.

>> No.15411330

I think it's going to break out above tonight.

>Japanese finance minister Taro Aso said on Tuesday that he was monitoring the currency "with a sense of urgency." More Yen gains will be a problem for Japanese monetary policy which is already dealing with extremely low inflation even after many years of extraordinary stimulus. A stronger Yen will only depress imported inflation further.

The Japanese are going to take the yen out to the shed, as they have in the past.

>> No.15411364

Why buy the shares when you can just buy the November contracts like I did lol? Cheaper and WAY more money (estimated profit 5.00 per contract bought at .35 assuming AMRN hits 20 again) I’m bullish long term since heart problems are gonna run rampant on millennials and we love that fish oil lol

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File: 30 KB, 391x435, FA0A8705-FBF3-47C6-8826-A7E8A7881F6F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If this takes it any lower, it’ll violate the monthly BB...


>> No.15411385

>Wewww that’s pretty bearish for NRZ
I don't really understand their Mortage Servicing Right securities and how their cashflow structure works, so I don't want to comment. If they're voided when a load re-finances, when I'd be bearish, but I can't say for sure.

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>Merck makes money because Keytruda is a miracle drug

immunooncology is an important advance in the treatment of cancer, and Keytruda is the face of it, but 5 year overall survival in Keytruda patients is still 23.2% in patients who haven't been treated for cancer before and 15.5% in patients who have had other cancer treatments before (it's lower in this population because many of them are patients who have failed to respond to those other treatments), using NSCLC as an example
merck is doing combination trials with many different companies in an attempt to find drugs that can make keytruda more effective when used in combination therapy, GALT being one of them
galectin-3 is an essential part of the mechanism through which tumors hide themselves from the immune system, and inhibiting it could greatly boost the efficacy of Keytruda by making it easier for the immune system to find and kill tumors

some key evidence of the efficacy of GALT's drug and the mechanism of action itself (galectin-3 inhibition) is the finding that it significantly suppressed MDSCs (another key part of how tumors hide themselves from the immune system) in patients who were treated with it during their Keytruda combo trial

I know you don't know or care about this at all, but it is very much relevant


>> No.15411452

It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I don’t like buying companies that don’t even have a product yet. I also don’t like buying companies on the prospect of a buyout.

Despite that, I’m very curious about LPTX’s results from their Keytruda combination trials though. Merck is on the prowl for acquisitions.

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File: 58 KB, 640x1339, 69228528_10212006599080833_1856113938517721088_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When would be some good times to look for an entry point into NVidia and Nintendo? Any upcoming events that should lead to a decent temporary dip to buy?

>> No.15411529

>that don’t even have a product yet

except they do have a product, they just haven't brought that product to market yet
there's a lot of money to be made in pharma (obviously), and every blockbuster drug starts out with no proof behind it at all and proves itself in clinical trials
I do fully acknowledge that biotechs are speculative, but every investment is to some degree speculative, and like any other investment, you can increase your chances of success by doing good research
i'm confident in the research I've seen on GALT's drug, and until that changes, I have no reason to sell

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File: 265 KB, 512x512, oh yeah.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Greetings anons. Hope you're all doing well. Currently up 11% on my investments over the year. Besides getting a job I've been hitting the books and learning more theory. I thought I'd share something of what I've learned.


>> No.15411553

go away

>> No.15411587

Yeah.. for most people here it's more important to hold onto their virginity than their $100 stock position with their $500 robinhood account

>> No.15411589

>Tennesse Valley Authority Long Term Bonds
>I once called my state senator a snake within earshot of him


>> No.15411668

Dude....some people here...are poor. Like...that’s not their fault and they just want to....make money like us? Cut them some slack
And LCI is a terrible investment better swing trade than a long term

>> No.15411688

All the stock is going to snowball to my kids. I'm just here for the div's.

>> No.15411689

LCI is a terrible investment???

Let me guess... you told everyone that AMD was a bad investment when AMD was under $3?

Just go long man... why you gotta be a fucking buzz kill all the time?

>> No.15411700


Das Kapital was an instruction manual, not a critique.

>> No.15411708

you know what they say, communists make the best capitalists

>> No.15411729

>Things commies tell themselves at night

>> No.15411749

it's a little known secret that many successful investors use the kalecki profit equations and other such Marxist theories.

>> No.15411787

Hahaha...no. Absolutely not. If you can't grasp basic political theory and modern history then you're going to have a hard time navigating markets.

>> No.15411832
File: 101 KB, 736x416, everytime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>basic theory
every time

go ahead and flip through my blog if you don't think I know what I'm talking about, let me know where I steer wrong.

>> No.15411834

Outside of the small crossover of market literate and communist (Like 5 guys) who says that

>> No.15411845

>amazing disc golfer

>> No.15411849

people say it about the CCP all the time.

>> No.15411853

no seriously, read Das Kapital. the guys who get called out the hardest are the ones you want to be, those who collect interest and rent. everyone got it wrong with Karl.

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File: 53 KB, 640x520, 1565883063725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Be greedy when others are scared and be greedy when others are just be greedy"
The ultimate American
Fuck off you commie. Your ideology is based around being afraid so naturally you try to project your weak will on to others as a bully you all are just children.

>> No.15411917

Stop trying to force fit communism to make sense in your mind. Embrace reality.

>> No.15411932

so i shouldn't buy equities and real estate?

>> No.15411933

ATVI calls

I started fishing last year and it's been a lot of fun

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>> No.15412001

So your one the ones who still calls China's government 'real' communist?


>> No.15412019

THIS is a good question

>> No.15412044


>> No.15412080

Good to have you back gommie. You're going to be proven right in the short/medium term in your equities/bonds rebalancing shit.
Kinda depressing seeng all the newfags not recognizing you desu. Godspeed.

>> No.15412114

Of course Costco and market access keep going up up up. God dammit why do I always take the losing trade. I’ve lost so much fucking money.

I recognize him. I just don’t think he’s very helpful.

>> No.15412124

they are communist by their ideology, not system.

There is perhaps no greater antagonism against american greatness than the stock market.

>> No.15412183


im glad im not the only one

>> No.15412188

As long as you got some LCI anon you'll be ok

>> No.15412215

it's good to be back. I don't think we'll have to wait long. keep in mind it's already been about 4 months since the yield curve first inverted. maybe this time next year.

Personally I've been bad at keeping to my strategy. Need to invest more of my earnings into bonds instead of shorts and meme stock. Most of my investments are still bonds though, just need to make sure it stays that way.

>> No.15412224

If they manage to sell off this lci earnings I'm buying in.

>> No.15412225

Is LCI going to go back down for awhile after the jump up from earnings call?

>> No.15412230

Buy Galt. In large quantities. No joke.

>> No.15412240

already have anon, have 232 shares at average cost of $3.83. I think I'm good for now

>> No.15412247

LCI is undervalued as fuck!! Expect shorts to try and slow down any upward movement.. they are stuck as shit

LCI to $60

>> No.15412251

More. Mow some lawns and buy more.

>> No.15412257

Absolutely. These pops are the set up for shorts to spike it down. It’s earnings aren’t the problem.


>> No.15412259
File: 145 KB, 614x549, d389d6b-651acf2e-418f-4440-a3aa-655a95543a0f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now your getting the American spirit.
Push your head deep into the sand and scream with the rest of your kind but the end of the day money rules all here in the land of the free. And once you accept that you can begin to play.

>> No.15412315

Have any of your yield curve studies that establish that average been done on the part of the yield curve that inverted last quarter, or are they all based on the 10-2?

>> No.15412321

I dont know if u know this, but the entire understanding of socialist theory is premised on the idea that money rules everything

>> No.15412334

They were based on 2-10 since the postwar period, before that they were based on 1 year commercial paper since the 2 year bond didnt exist yet

>> No.15412350

What was the name of that commie in crime and punishment that thought pussy would be distributed to him once women stopped selling it under capitalist market forces?

>> No.15412363

That's all theorys. From what you said my understanding is that you believe the stock market and components of are keeping the adverage American citizen down. If I'm wrong clarify a bit more.

>> No.15412424
File: 47 KB, 720x447, 8EB18F21-54A2-4BDB-AE78-0395C71CF241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh shit... now I see it...

The market is pricing in a recession in the form of an election loss for trump, and a radical dem forcing through a single payer system that kills off the private insurers...

That’s why UNH getting rectally prolapsed, perhaps.

>> No.15412428

The stock market intensifies the boom bust cycle of capitalism, it drives companies to focus more on shareholder value than fixed capital investment, R and D, or wages, and the capital glut it creates allows low productivity companies to persist. Not to mention, venture capitalist "lean" ideology has helped to gut the innovation accessible tot he US govt thru defense companies. it's all here: >>15411534

>> No.15412439

Why are futures green, is it a trap?

>> No.15412451

LCI is a shitcoin

>> No.15412457

Will it hit 15 by eoy?

>> No.15412460
File: 29 KB, 360x170, trotskism in disguise.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

an odd logic there considering trump would have decent shots of winning without a recession.

>> No.15412465

Very very possible..

>> No.15412491

>simultaneously not real gommunism meme as well as good gommunism in action meme
Going to be honest haven't experienced this kind of mental gymnastic before. Do aesthetics double as ideology now?

>> No.15412507

I called this like 4 /smg/ threads ago
Market is pricing in something whether it’s the loss of trump, recession, war who knows but it’s doing something that has nothing to do with the trade war that’s for sure
i have 100 shares of LCI at 5.50 and still haven’t sold shut up

>> No.15412512

This doesn’t make sense to me, did you a word?

>> No.15412518

I think at least some of them are genuine in believing that they're building productive forces, that doesn't mean they're correct. even more probably understand marx's theory and use it to protect the state against worker class struggle.

I'm not so bold as to claim communism is simply "whatever is theoretically correct".

>> No.15412526

that sentence is grammatically correct

>> No.15412528

>I called it
>I called it but I didn’t know what I was calling
What exactly are you taking credit for here?

>> No.15412535

Hey hey. Calm down. :) I agree with you

>> No.15412538

Anon was referring to his meme stock being priced for recession not the total market

>> No.15412539

>I conned my way into mid level executive at a fortune 500

>> No.15412540

But what the hell is it there? Of course Trump would have a good chance of winning reelection if there were no recession.

>> No.15412544

All health care is getting brutally ass fucked.

But Trump will win again. Dems are crazy and would commit national suicide.

>> No.15412551

Total investment and economics newb here, I read your blog post and it's very interesting, thanks! Seems to accord with my intuitions but I don't know much yet so that may not be worth much.

What else do you think I should read?

>> No.15412552


I'm 99% sure Apple is a terrible company that will go to ruin soon

>> No.15412553

>UNH is a meme
Nigga what? Literally no one but me mentions it, and it’s a major component of the Dow 100

>> No.15412587

AAPL needs to come out with something innovative or they're pretty fucked.... but... like... that's just my opinion.....

>> No.15412588

u sure?

Ah so this is what soros meant by reflexivity? lmao

I appreciate it anon!

If you're interested in learning more, read the Myth of the Rational Market, The Drunkard's Walk, Contending Economic Theories and then Classical Econophysics. If you're feeling really adventurous then maybe check out Capital or The Philosophy of the Encounter.

>> No.15412589

thats my plan as well, small problem though, i need to get kids somehow

>> No.15412617

Gotcha so modern Christian rules where I can do everything and anything against the core principals but so long as I go to church occasionally and say I'm sorry every so often I'm a good believer. I do actually enjoy this more flexible interpretation it's a lot easy to work with.

>> No.15412636


Actually it's based on The Labor Theory of Value which is wrong, and is also why Socialism always fails.

>> No.15412660

I mean it is getting memed on

>> No.15412687

Surely you must have meant either “trump has a good chance of losing without a recession” or “trump has a good chance of winning even if there is a recession”

>> No.15412688
File: 25 KB, 474x464, 1563247534854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Threads have been pretty active for such a boring week so far. I guess it is fun to speculate.

>> No.15412702
File: 152 KB, 800x1162, 7366E28E-C351-4345-95D1-87D05F45A272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it’s just me increasing my post count. Kneepads and other of my favorite regulars aren’t posting much.

>> No.15412726

im so happy i only put in $80 in that shit. I was actually up like $10 for a long time but now im holding it to the grave

>> No.15412738
File: 72 KB, 475x297, something special about labor classical econophysics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LTV is empirically correct

Also, LTV was not intended to apply to socialism, it describes the way long term average prices operate under capitalism. It is not a normative proposition.

>> No.15412751

Tump would have a good chance of winning IF and ONLY IF there was not a recession.

>> No.15412772
File: 22 KB, 112x112, emote.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone here know Gearsm, Pimple, Noko, Lenny, or AMRS Shiller? Been gone awhile and these guys were legends

>> No.15412817

If Biden somehow becomes the nominee, then Trump will win whether we are in a recession or not.

A lot of people seem to be in denial of the fact that Biden is in the early stages of dementia. He will not be mentally competent in five years, and the Trump campaign will make sure everyone understands it.

>> No.15412837

>LTV is empirically correct

No Karl Marx it is not, Value is subjective, That is what the entire " Marginalist Revolution" in Economics was about.

>> No.15412879


Some impressive work. It's absolutely true that the vast majority of people aren't rational in their investment portfolio. Most people don't look at earnings, debt ratios, etc etc, they invest based upon hype, the herd mentality. This is not a Marxist revelation.

What's missing here is that during times of crisis in Capitalism, the population takes the liberty of installing social safety nets from the government in order to protect itself from the pitfalls of the market in the future. The only thing that will bring about the destruction of capitalism is the destruction of the institutions that support it: which ironically are just as much governmental in the West as they are private.

Which brings us back to the dollar, since the confidence in one's government is linked to a confidence in one's currency.

In essence: people (both inside the country and out) need to lose faith in the national currency itself, because as long as there is King Dollar there will be an ability of the Federal Reserve or the Federal Government to create zombie firms via the expansion of the monetary supply, or even fund the social safety nets characteristic of Western governments.

What's coming in the next recession will be a test for the dollar. It's either going be massive deflation or massive inflation.

What happens after that will depend on politics.

>> No.15412894

the marginalist revolution literally brought economics back 150 years. a subjective theory of prices cannot explain their long term, structural movements without reference to prices themselves. general equilibrium theory tried but collapsed under its mathematical instablity and lack of connection to reality.

>> No.15412904

>something innovative
Branching into finance and health apps. Their shit compared to MSFT, but not to be ignored.

>> No.15412909

I actually go into this with some depth here: https://bunkermundo.wordpress.com/2019/06/27/value-theory-classical-vs-neo-classical-thought/

>> No.15412910


Apple is trying to turn leverage it's reputation into becoming a service provider and even a fucking bank.

These firms are nuts.

>> No.15412924

Have you moved into bonds like your chart said to? Perhaps I will put my cash reserves into bonds since it's inverted. Then I can throw it into my equities after the crash.

>> No.15412941


They've lost their ability to innovate. The iPhone has been effectively the same product for 5 years now, probably longer.

They need new hardware otherwise they are going to find themselves in the same position they were without Steve Jobs in the 1990s.

>> No.15412948

>the marginalist revolution literally brought economics back 150 years

The Fuck. It solved the " Diamond / Water" paradox in economics, it was the greatest leap forward in economic thinking since the Division of Labor, you sir, have read the wrong books, and gone to the wrong schools.

>> No.15412954

I don't think the dollar will necessarily falter in the next recession. it may be that the rest of the world suffers as they take refugee in US treasury assets, where they would loose the least amount of money.

But who knows, it is certainly possible depending on politics. Either way, the next admin will have to raise taxes.

>> No.15412964

>5 years
More like 10, but most innovation is software now.

>> No.15412990

About 8k of my 12k portfolio is bonds. I think it's probably better than cash for sure. Go for medium - long term debt to get biggest yields and returns.

The diamond water paradox is only a paradox if you come at value from the belief that value IS just subjective. To adam smith, who first mentioned it, the answer was obvious. A diamond has more value because, on average, it is much harder to obtain. Water, which is much more valuable to us in a practical sense, is worth much less because it takes much less labor to obtain on average.

I assure you, I learned all about the marginal revolution in books and in schools written and taught by mostly its proponents. I also happen to have read its critics. Can you say the same?

>> No.15412995

yeah, just look at the apple credit cards
shit is a fucking joke

credit card companies are the biggest jews in the market

>charge extraordinarily high interest rates, in the order of 20%, compounded daily if late on payment
>charge a "merchant fee" for every single transaction using their card, usually on the order of 1.75% for doing absolutely nothing
>always increase credit limits, even to dumb consumers, to encourage them to spend
>ridiculous spreads on when foreign currency is used
>consumers are encouraged to get credit cards to provide credit history, giving power to card companies with the ability to report to credit bureaus, even falsely

>> No.15413023

You only have a 12k portfolio?

Do you have a job?

Why have you invested so little?

>> No.15413044


You are literally living in an age where products can be created without human labor, but you are clinging to the labor theory of value, do you really not see how insane that is?

>> No.15413058


If you're using a credit card with the intention of carrying a balance, you're using it wrong. If you want short term emergency loan, you will get way better rates on a line of credit or a fixed term loan with < 1 year duration.

>> No.15413073

current job doesn't pay much. that should change in the next few months. I also have another 2k in an automated schawb portfolio tho.

the capital goods required to produce those products required labor, and in such situations it is either that or artificial monopoly which creates the value of such things.

A good which required no human labor and was accessible to everyone would literally be worthless.

>> No.15413097


Someone is Larping as a moneyfag, hows Mc Donald's treating you.

>> No.15413106
File: 169 KB, 646x700, 1564369812960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


is this what the demise of capitalism looks like?

>> No.15413112
File: 202 KB, 892x751, ABEF7010-B681-4353-AEBC-4B61F2628074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just described a fantastic revenue stream. I have no idea how you’re painting it as a bad thing for Apple to be getting in to that business.
Maybe I should be buying AAPL instead of MA.

>credit card companies are the biggest jews in the market
If I could invest in the Jews as opposed to investing in the population at large... well call me a fucking value investor :3
There is a lot of possibility for healthcare partnerships with the wearables, and boomers love simple tech that “just works” and looks expensive, so Apple could be making bucks off of monitoring their vitals. Maybe even partner with insurance companies to incentivize better self-care and lifestyle changes.

The TV thing could be VERY good as well. I’m still backing Disney, but if Apple goes after Roku instead, they could make a killing. Hell, they will still make a killing as one of the lesser streaming companies. With all that cash on hand, maybe even buyout Netflix when it becomes desperate.

>> No.15413114
File: 31 KB, 662x425, German1920sMonetaryBaseChart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>it may be that the rest of the world suffers as they take refugee in US treasury assets, where they would loose the least amount of money.

Periods of deflation have immediately preceded periods of mass inflation.

My theory is that inflation is more of a phenomenon in external actors recognizing the value of the system of the currency itself.

The value of the dollar isn't determined by the numbers of dollars in the system, but the system itself and how it rewards external participants in that system.

>> No.15413118
File: 1.15 MB, 1772x1400, jjl_color_v08_060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.15413125


>A good which required no human labor and was accessible to everyone would literally be worthless.


>> No.15413132

thank you for proving my point anon

>> No.15413133

So availabilty as well as labor determine value then

>> No.15413138


>There is a lot of possibility for healthcare partnerships with the wearables, and boomers love simple tech that “just works” and looks expensive, so Apple could be making bucks off of monitoring their vitals.


>> No.15413149

Marx notes that LTV only applies to competitive markets capable of equilibrium. Monopolies like intellectual property help to create rent.

>> No.15413164


What do we do with liberals after the revolution, gommie?

>> No.15413168

So only physical goods apply

>> No.15413193

BTW, China and America should be having a massive conference call today


>13 August 2019
>The Xinhua news agency said that the Chinese officials issued "a solemn protest" against the punitive duties set to come into effect on 1 September. Mr Lighthizer and Mr Liu have scheduled another telephone call in two weeks.

>> No.15413209


>> No.15413214

>Bottled water and bags of dirt have value

>> No.15413215

No, intellectual property doesnt cover all virtual goods

>> No.15413223

Force fem the men and make stem classes mandatory for the women

>> No.15413244
File: 16 KB, 400x400, smjvFvvj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Clear the way, 1k investor here. I'm about to get into this shit now that my life is a bit on track

>> No.15413259

People do pay for those things, yes, anon.

Well that's true to an extent but it's not just subjective, the us can back up the dollar with military force if need be. Therefore its fate is tied to the American empire

>> No.15413263
File: 72 KB, 1365x737, 1566356428230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yield inversion recession theory always involves a spike up to new ATH after the inversion before the Niagara drop. Seems like market wants to go ahead and get that done this time as well.

>> No.15413293

Wouldn't all virtual products just be superficial to rltge value of the thing they're hosted on. Also all but the massive products could be easily copied so without accounting intellectual property they are 'virtually' worthless using this line of thinking

>> No.15413312

Oh ok

Not really, it's just like, what's the point, you're barely going to make any money.

You need money to make money.

>> No.15413313

Are options a gambling meme? So far I've just been sticking to ETFs. Why does everyone call them for boomers, isn't it much safer and less time consuming than trying to trade?

>> No.15413316

Hey SilverCHADS, can ya'll explain to me why silver has gone up so much the past 2 months?

>> No.15413329

>Are options a gambling meme?
yes. its rigged.

>> No.15413340

Why do people keep trying then? Do we really have a chance to win against professionals and machines?

>> No.15413342
File: 35 KB, 640x640, 1C78E319-F8F0-42B1-9F42-C7685D14B98F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cramer no longer as bullish on Biden being the runner up, says he clearly had “a major misstep”
Fuck, Warren really could be the nominee. Which could really shake investor confidence, perhaps enough to precipitate the actual recession?

>Cummynist wants to ruin society
Wow, what a surprise.
I wish. But a soft death would be too merciful for these “people”

Firesale on MO and UNH.
Both have some govt risk, but are great companies selling at a discount.

Me? I’m keeping my eye out for a massive insider buy at UNH.

While I like this theory, I think futures traders are actually not the clever investors we think they are, and are often total retards.

This doesn’t make sense to me, better to own SOME stocks than no stocks. They always show ETF/MF performance based on a 10k initial investment, and I wouldn’t mind those gains.

>> No.15413344
File: 38 KB, 1078x681, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


> the us can back up the dollar with military force if need be.

See the decline in the DOW during late 1941-early 1942 period.

If America starts something that they don't have the ability to finish, the Emperor will be called out on having no clothes.

It will be a very similar situation to the mid 1970s when it became clear that American willpower and might were very much limited, and they weren't an unstoppable military Juggernaut.

>> No.15413348

Why do people keep buying lottery tickets?

>> No.15413350

Oh, I forgot to ask, what fuckkng misstep? What’s Biden do?

Gaffs are part of his character, it’s like trump being a criminal, everyone already knows.

>> No.15413358

>Why do people keep trying then?
better odds than vegas

>> No.15413367
File: 83 KB, 1104x610, daniel-plainview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i want to be rich so fucking bad bros....... what do i have to do? ill sell my soul to moloch


>> No.15413370

man, theres gonna be a war soon about something.

>> No.15413391
File: 1.18 MB, 1938x1102, Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 11.15.49 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hmmm... Buy more LMT?

>> No.15413401

Very close to it, yes. But the cost of the infrastructure is real, and intellectual labor in the firm is real as well. But it should also be obvious that if ip didnt exist most of these products like software would be almost zero dollars in price.

>> No.15413425


Machines can't tell if someone is lying or not. (?)

I think, but I don't know, the Algos that Wall Street uses just trawl through articles and headlines instantly to gather news that is pre-programmed to be interpreted as bullish. Or they are processing audio/video in real time, but I'm not that educated on the subject to know.

Algos don't understand human nuances, like Trump's constant back and forth. Steven Mnuchin would certainly understand the limits of these algorithms and what makes them tick.

It wouldn't surprise me if they feed phrases into a localized emulation of these algorithms to see how the algo would react before they go about spouting their bullshit to the public first.

I hope I'm making sense.

>> No.15413435

all the computer mumbo jumbo is a smoke screen for insider trading.

>> No.15413448

work 16 hours a day and save everything

>> No.15413479

How is intellectual labor real if anyone can think it up or copy it and it costs nothing to generate

>> No.15413486

was FINALLY able to offload 5k I put into VZ months ago at a slight profit. Now I've got a 30k stack sitting ready for the crash cheapies.

>> No.15413490

It just feels like it's a zero-sum game so how am i suppose to compete without literally just gambling with no edge?

>> No.15413495

...I know people who have been waiting for years.

>> No.15413500

You need to learn and implement TA in a disciplined manner. That’s your edge.

>> No.15413514

Literally nothing

>> No.15413605

>I think futures traders are actually not the clever investors we think they are, and are often total retards.

Sure but the market's gonna get where it needs to go anyway.

>> No.15413618

>Not invested in stocks at all yet, I'd rather invest in BTC desu.
>I take small doses of LSD quite often, I go to the gym and work, nobody knows unless I tell them.
>I make drugs for a living.
>Once I broke into an army base with some hobos while tripping balls on magic mushrooms.

>> No.15413649

Fuck I really need to get my cash pile built back up. Only got 2k in the bank. Rest of my net worth is tied into investments of some sort.
(401k and Brokerage)

We live in an age where a single Trump tweet can either make you loads of Profit or send you right into the poor house.

I'm gonna hate my 401k statement when it hits I just know it.

>> No.15413690

Question to you shills such as LCI guy. If you honestly believe the stock is going to said price no matter what, why dont you go all in and remortgage your house? I mean you shill it to us like you are 100% certain it will reach said price.

For starters how about posting a screenshot of how many shares you own and avg price bought.

>> No.15413697

So what state do I move to for my fat pharma payout? I want to use some free Purdue Pharma money to buy more Merck and JNJ

>> No.15413705
File: 196 KB, 1920x1080, 1559087675680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hold long term treasury bond ETF
>Hold leveraged gold ETF
>Up 30% the past 3 months

It's really that fucking easy. Why are you fools fucking around with dividends or iron condors or selling options.

Ride the fucking tiger

>> No.15413803
File: 296 KB, 1462x516, smg board of directors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what the fuck you guys

>> No.15413817


Congrats friend, you did a good job.

Just watch out if deflation hits, Gold will sink like a motherfucker.

>> No.15413825

>Firesale on MO and UNH.
>Both have some govt risk, but are great companies selling at a discount.
I'll look into that

>> No.15413874
File: 12 KB, 480x216, i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.15413921

And Henry Kissinger was on the board of directors for Theranos

Gold did great during '08, I think the uncertainty and anticipated future inflation makes it attractive in spite of present deflation.

>> No.15413930

What gold ETF? NUGT? Scared of leverage decay desu.

>> No.15413977
File: 298 KB, 1403x2151, Screenshot_20190827-203807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright fellas wheres the guy or was it two, who were lshilling ODP a few weeks back when it was at/around $2.00 a share?

>> No.15414065


>> No.15414070


>Gold did great during '08

Look again. Gold had a decline of 25% in 2008 from $960 to $730, before immediately shooting back up again to $1900.

Just saying bro, a 25% decline in price in a leveraged ETF could be a very bad thing.

>> No.15414078


Decay only happens when the price is going down or sideways. The daily reblancing actually works in your favor if the price is continuously going up.

>> No.15414154

This is true. I'll have to be vigilant for cash-crunch induced drops.

>> No.15414355

Hey guys,

New investor here,

what happens when you trade on margin? Is it bad? How much can you lose?

>> No.15414393

>New investor
>trading on margin
These dont go together, trade for two years first

>> No.15414420

JD normally, but SPY puts lately.

I've had sex with over 15 different nationalities. I forget the exact number

>> No.15414428

Dont do it as a new trader. Unironically stick to chump change until you know what you're doing, unless you like losing your money. Especially in this market

>> No.15414442

WHat do you think about BTC? Gold?

>> No.15414446

Do you have a Twitter I could follow?

>> No.15414480
File: 44 KB, 668x711, wojak_pepe_eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is trading a scam or should i do it please someone help me i keep asking and no one is giving me a clear answer

>> No.15414519

If you're too stupid to figure out the answer to your question by yourself (nothing wrong with being stupid) you should stay away from trading.

>> No.15414526

actually $30k since it's $2 ea

>> No.15414530


Regarding how much you lose, it depends on your history with the brokerage and job (if you're a pro). Entry level margin accounts are usually 50/50 cash/margin. That means the brokerage will match the amount of money in your account 1/1. In exchange you have a liquidation point of 50%. If your holdings value and cash total exceed a drawdown of 50%, you get margin called, must sell all holdings. You have then lost 100% of the cash you started with.

>> No.15414540

literally just buy and hold and you'll beat 99% of the faggots in this thread

>> No.15414541
File: 109 KB, 1867x715, GSXE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I invest in the Guyana Stock Exchange? How do I look at the L2 data?


>> No.15414547

I've just been reading back and forth arguments about passive investing vs trading and I'm stumped I'm not sure if it's worth it or not

I have been buying ETFs but then I read about all these traders doing so well and getting rich

>> No.15414554

I was shitting on it a few weeks back seriously when was the last time you saw someone go into an office depot? Some anons went on about back to school or whatever but that's Target's domain not office depot

>> No.15414560

Such a cute cat. I want to rub my dick on its soft fur

>> No.15414566

>I've had sex with over 15 different nationalities. I forget the exact number

Why did you tell me that?

>> No.15414595

>Such a cute cat. I want to rub my dick on its soft fur

Why did you tell me that?

>> No.15414625
File: 510 KB, 1477x2238, 4C123BBF-10BB-44AB-9661-522499C5D8D0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Saw this at a local kaiser, guess they’re doing some partnering with target. Not sure why I haven’t heard anything about it.

Makes me wonder just what else they’ve got in store. Cramer was really on to something with his WATCH “etf”

>> No.15414644

How many books do you they write about those traders who lose everything and never make it back?

You forgot a few things:
1. Choose what to buy wisely
2. Keep buying, as long as you’re not going to need that money for a long time.

>> No.15414719
File: 112 KB, 1060x720, Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 10.22.55 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fugg, the japs need to hurry up and decide whether or not spx crashes tomorrow.

Every time USDJPY takes a dump, SPX dumps too. If the yen strengthens back to Sunday's highs, SPX will likely head down towards 2810. If the yen shoots through Sunday's high, it has a long way to go before hitting significant resistance.

>> No.15414797

look at futures and then your chart
notice anything?

>> No.15414802

>How many books do you they write about those traders who lose everything and never make it back?

true. what do i do anon just stick to my boring ETFs?

>> No.15414830

Too many variables. I have lost so much fucking money, but I always keep some in an index fund (at least 10k) and that has served me well. Buying ETFs is probably a good idea, safer than trying to shoot the moon with options or allocating a lot to any individual company through stock picking. You might want to try it, but you will end up paying your “tuition” sooner or later. The verdict is still unclear on whether or not the lesson is worth the price of admission.

Remember that good advice is seldom given in these threads, or in most forums regarding investments.

>> No.15414839

I wouldn't take my trading advice son, so neither should you.

I dunno, I was asked for something unique or interesting.

>> No.15414848

I've kept hearing people say "Take risks in your 20's!" but im not sure if the risk is justified here. I met someone the other week through work who trades options on the side I just dont want to be that boomer that just picks the easy path. I have about $50k in etfs right now.

>> No.15414885

I know I want to countertrade you lmao

>> No.15414892

I know a Nigerian price who could use your help

>> No.15414920

>working hard and investing carefully is the easy path
If you say so...
Just make sure you’re taking controlled risks, not “if I lose this I’ll be living or if my car” risk. Max our your IRA contributions every year, and use that to gradually buy buy buy (and reinvest dividends)

>> No.15414926

>The entrance to science is the entrance to hell
>Karl Marx
What a pussy lmao

>> No.15414927

I'm in Canada but yes I essentially do that. was just thinking to set aside a few thousand (or maybe excess of next couple of paychecks) to try my hand at it after i feel comfortable trading with a paper account since i feel like i saved up enough for now to feel secure

>> No.15414938

unironically forex

>> No.15414952

What do you do there? Short everything?

>> No.15414954

Cool. I don’t think the advice to take risks in your 20s is bad advice, this actually is the time to make mistakes, and if you’re interested in stocks go ahead.

But I think of it more like, now’s the time to try to work for a small startup or try to start your own business or spend a couple years dating a hairdresser or try out rock climbing.

>> No.15414980

>But I think of it more like, now’s the time to try to work for a small startup or try to start your own business or spend a couple years dating a hairdresser or try out rock climbing.

Fair enough, im working on that other stuff too. Im going to read up some more about options and try paper before I make a decision. It seems tough for sure.

>> No.15415034
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Is today the first day the 10-2 closed negative?

Shit. Gold, silver, and the vix are already so high, I’d have to be an idiot to go for that obvious 3X leveraged etf trade, right?

>> No.15415093


VIX has mooned so many times after it reaches the 10-13 zone in the last 5 years that it's almost like printing money if you go long.

Good things come to those who wait. If you think VIX is going to explode from these levels, ideally you should be shorting the S&P 500 too.

>> No.15415107


>to try my hand at it after i feel comfortable trading with a paper account since i feel like i saved up enough for now to feel secure

Trading paper is entirely different than trading real money. You'll be second guessing yourself all the time and visualizing any losses or gains in paychecks.

You've gotta block all that shit out and be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy.

If you can't hack a running loss of 30% in a trade until things come your way, you simply shouldn't be trading IMHO.

>> No.15415109

what's the difference between VIX and TVIX?

>> No.15415132


VIX is x1

TVIX is x2


>> No.15415137

Like the stock market except open 24 hours 5 days a week. Trillions of dollars in volume daily. Can buy/sell pairs more easily and also using margin. Very risky stuff btw so definitely start with a demo account. Potential is extremely high. Know someone who makes 10-20k a week. I have personally seen this guy make 50k in 2 trades.

>> No.15415198


NEW thread


VIX is an index
TVIX is an ETF

>> No.15415314

Have a free random share

>> No.15416604

retard here. what stonks should I buy? Im thinking of buying some dividend ETFs but no idea what. any recommendations? please no memery I lost enough money on biz memes already. I just want some rock solid shit that I can sit on for the next couple of decades and that pays dividends

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