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F rating from the BBB

79% 1 star reviews

2911 complaints on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau site

Good luck if you ever have a problem with them. People wait months before hearing from anyone besides first line support with their useless copy/paste answers.

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I use BTC-E anyway.

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old fag detected

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Probably a bunch of normies who want refunds from buying at 20k lnao

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F from the BBB because it's AAA

Of course they'll flunk the ramps

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Thats why I don't keep shit on exchanges. Not even 'legit' ones like cuckbase.

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Never had problems with coinbase they even gave me 50$

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Coinbase keeps people from withdrawing their coins/tokens and then doesn't respond to them.

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I see conflicting things... pic related.

Also, I don't use the app either. I use the pro version you access online.

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Not defending Cuckbase but BBB is itself a scam as are the rest of these online review sites

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you think i'd believe BBB garbage specially when it comes to crypto? I think the majority of the issues probably come from them not understanding how shit actually works or how long it takes for money to transfer.

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>Coinbase keeps people from withdrawing their coins/tokens
How the fuck does that even happen when you can just access your address/QR code?

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I threw money on the 16th (hasn't shown up yet). I mean idk if I'll have issues, but I just wanted to buy btc and transfer it to binance. I better not get fucking problems from it.

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BBB is a literal scam
Trustpilot is a scam
CFPB is a scam

Good job posting sites that extort businesses.

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Those aren't govt bureaus too btw, they are for profit companies that extort businesses for money by tricking retards like you that think any of that is real.

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Tf are you gonna do about it, tough guy?

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>wrote to their support 3 weeks ago because for some reason I can't set a new password
>received a generic message from a bot
"Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Having investigated the issue, I am working with a specialist to address it properly. We will follow-up with you as soon as we have an update.

Thank you for your patience."

It's been 3 weeks now.
Stay away from coinbase

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that's the same generic email they send out to everyone. i don't think they have any 'specialists' .i've been waiting 7 weeks for my problem

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i know first hand it's real. cfpb is not a scam or for profit company idiot

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it's just a bunch of crying boomers, move along

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where should I be doing my trading then?

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Get out of here, kiddo. Most I would do is report them and maybe I could sue depending on how long. It still falls under the "3-5 business days" since I deposited on a friday so it's not an issue yet.

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haven't seen a thread like this in YEARS. Bullish af

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Only thing I can say that is shady is their wiring money option.
They don't tell you unless you go looking for it when it's too late, that you can't wire less than $5000.
I tried wiring like $300 because I was having issues for some reason with my money.
The wire went through on my end but then didn't show up ever in my coinbase account and I had to keep hassling them through emails, threatening an SEC complaint to finally get it back.
It took about 2 or 3 weeks to get the issue resolved.
Their customer service line and email help is pretty much all automated.
If you pick the wrong answer on the phone it just hangs up.
The email responses I got back were just circular and I could tell were being handle by a bugmen or pajeet.
I have a TREZOR that I take my things off to.
Other than that issue I haven't been too disappointed.
Maybe the only other complain is their "convert for free" option that doesn't specify there is a charge for converting between coins.

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Don't care, they wired me 40k from a 5k buy in in 2017, and now it's where I store my stink

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The BitchingBoomersBusiness is unironically a scam topkek.

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I wish they would fucking make a mobile app for pro, i mean it works fine on my phone's browser but I don't understand it considering how long gdax was around for

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fuck coinbase srsly tho, banned me from buying and cut my api access. they still let me sell for some reason tho.

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Why didn't you just directly buy btc? And since you're using jewbase, you must be a burger so tf you doing sending it to binance now?

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>their "convert for free" option that doesn't specify there is a charge

I don't like Coinbase but you are literally mentally retarded.

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You can't deposit usd into binance.
>newfag trying to act like an oldfag

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So what's the fucking alternative?


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you're retarded faggot who sits to pee
it's called false advertising
go back to redit

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>I called bitcoin

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Coinbase is the most normie friendly exchange. If you're finding it too difficult please invest in a helmet as you are retarded.

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It's just butthurt bagholders.

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The BBB is a scam.

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Who the heck would even report them to the bbb? Boomers, that's who. What do you think the first B in BBB even stands for?

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There is no charge. Calculate prices between the two assets you fucking mongoloid cretin. Do you know how to do calculations? What do you think 'free' means? Neck yourself.

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You do know you can't trade there past Sept right?

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lol im all in on crypto.com and have been for ages. coinbase fees can suck my dick.

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What are you talking about?

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I have deposited and withdrawn around 100k usd from from coonbase over the years. No problems.

Then again I am a white and trustworthy person with an established source of income and credit history and a clean btc wallet.

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Not a coinbase still but you’ve got to be one of the most braindead NPCs alive if you think the BBB fucking matters at all.

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All these review sites and xtort money to "help the busriness resolve complaints". They're the scams

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Just use Gemini

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No one listens to these silly sites. Valve has like a terrible rating and everyone uses them. EA has GOD AWFUL rating and people use them. Comcast was voted worst company a few years in a row I think and people still use them.

No one gives a fuck about these dingleberries and their dumb blog posts. Especially investors or people in business. You guys of all people should know this. It's meaningless. For fuck sake on Facebook when you sign up it's almost short of signing over your soul and it's at the top with the highest amount of active users it's ever had. No one gives a fat donkeys dick about this bullshit.

It's just virtue signaling and pretentious shit. Only a beta would be intimidated by this. If they are they're not going to survive anyways.

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They're blocking us residents from using their platform in September, this is old news