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>you will never make it like pewdiepie has made it

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who cares

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>caught in a fishing net
>made it

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lmao I’d rather neck than be this beta

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kek this imagine making millions only to spend it reviewing memes or stealing content from 4chan. I already do that shit, feels good to make it

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His wife is ridiculously pretty. Hes a cool guy too, doesnt afraid of anything

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Anyone who claims they aren't in some way envious of PewDiePie is lying

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>Getting married
No thanks, but I do want to be rich.

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I wish him the best

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divorce rape in 4 years

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>made it
The dude is trapped on hell. Cannot even go on a vacation because he has to slave away like a show monkey for his subscribers. Cant even have an opinion or creative freedom with his platform because he might lose a few subscriptions so he panicks back into cuckholdry making minecraft videos with trannies. Fuck that, the guy looks miserable to me

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business and finance

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He's a political cuckold and she's a chestlet. He hasn't made it.

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He made it as a white person. He was an ugoo no friends autists, this alone is a basis for a shooting but here we are.

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you're metakor arnet you? or another twitter retard. What do you do browse biz and post content to youtube

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>unshaven on a wedding
absolutely degenerate

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grills who just married rich have got that extra glow about them

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>Great relationship, perfect (somewhat post-prime) spaghetti pussy, nearly 100 million subs, minecraft series is lit
>Pewdiepie: It's time to sign away all my rights

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Good, id hate to have to upload stupid videos to YouTube everyday.

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Not bad for a manlet

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>you will never make it like pewdiepie has made it
This is true, and I've even done pretty well for myself. That is fine, there are always going to be people better than you it's just the way the world is. This isn't something to be bitter about, you should still strive to be the best version of yourself you can be. I am happy for pewdiepie and glad that good people like him can still sometimes reach a high level of success despite how fucked our society is right now. Marzia is a great girl, pretty, and they've been together since before he was famous so she isn't some gold digging thot. About damn time he finally married her.

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>marrying a former instathot

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Source on that, seethnigger?

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I mean, probably not anon. Is this news to you?

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Look like a good lad, well done, good for him, congrats, but why post this I don't care and it's not business & finance related? I guess what I'm trying to put across here is: Fuck off OP, suck a fat cock shitting up the board like negro

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Selling your face and shit personality < Stay Poor

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That faggot has $20-35 mil savings and is currently at all time high views. He will retire within an year or two. How about you?

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just seeing how much cope I can generate

This, I really hope I'm not reading about Marzia stealing half his fortune in a divorce and then banging a black dude in 5 years time

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If he's rich why does he keep uploading shitty content
Think about it. He's boycotted by North American advertisers

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I'm almost a pewdiepie double, i fucked many roasties pretending to be him.
I'm thinking about some elaborate scam involving identity theft, my target is to fuck his wife too.

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Do a Vocaroo with the accent

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My voice is different, my face is pretty similar.

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>lmao I’d rather neck than be this beta

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I’m not a fucking incel you pleb, marriage with a non-virginal women is financial suicide.

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>t.triggered pewds fan
Lemme guess you are part of le pewds 9 year old army? You are a subscriber aren't you?

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I have more money and I'm better looking

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Marzia has the high-pitched molested voice.


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But are you famous? No.

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This guy would probably be happy with any pussy, he cute tho

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Homo, egalitarian, apolitical, homosexual. I'm happy for him, given the success he has, and I aspire to be like him in that fashion. However, I will do that and more while keeping my honour.

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>I’m not a fucking incel you pleb

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Genuinely happy for him, hope he has lots of handsome white kids

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The majority still hasn't accepted the fact that marzia is a man

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That makes me feel a bit better thanks anon

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>marrying a 4/10 when youre a 8/10 and a millionaire

fucking retard is headed to JUST

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>he was a friendless loser before youtube.
>met wife through yt
guys it's not fair.

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Honestly am I the only one who thinks her face looks deformed. No joke, look at it up close. It’s like some sort of fetal alchohol thing going on.

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she has small jaw dysmorphia but not many people see it

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>making it

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audibly kek'd

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>you will never make it like pewdiepie
feel sorry for the lad, he's trying to make up for it but it shows in his face and eyes that he is disillusioned with it all, I wish him all the best on his journey to discovery

>stealing content from 4chan
not possible, information is posted here for the purposes of dissemination

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Shes a disgusting med not white dont be jelly

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I love when schizo faggots like you think that someone that is successful is disillusioned. You sound like you are a poor lazy hedonist.

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You underestimate the power of NPCs desire to throw away money. He sells weeb and slavaboo clothing/apparel.

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>You sound like you are a poor lazy hedonist.
if I (((sound))) like that, imagine what I look like..
>hint: ask your mother

>schizo faggots
opinion discarded
tell the UN that they need to step up their game and not hire drooling barely literate ESL monkeys

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>you think that someone that is successful is disillusioned
happens all the time
furthermore, if they don't get back in line they get (((suicided)))

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Whatever happened to that scammy crypto project he was endorsing?

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They know they don’t have to let the husband put their filthy tiny penis in their hole ever again or they get 50% of their net worth

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Eh, I used to think he was secretly based and redpilled, but the way he handled that NZ shooting tells me he is a limitless cuck.

>Oh my god it is my fault that (((shooter))) did what he did!
Fucking cuck. What's with white people feeling guilty for everything?

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>I'm almost a pewdiepie double, i fucked many roasties pretending to be him.
Or... maybe you are PewDiePie. Now that is interesting

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*looks at meme*
*chuckles a little*
*drags it into a laugh for another 10 seconds*
*his editor zooms on him while he laughs*
*grabs head*
*put his thumbs up*

How do you think it feels to be this dead inside guys?

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>spend it
He isn’t spending his money to steal memes from here kek he makes even more money doing it

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Pewdiepie's entire career is fake laughing at shit memes.

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Only zoomers who lost in life follow this faggot while boomers sell overprices planet resources to them in eco-friendly package

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>has no kids and no plans yet to have kids
>his wife is pushing 30
No envy.

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stupid fugg ,makes a fortune from nothing lost the half of it with an ugly gold digger

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Are you shitting me? He gets to shitpost via video and gets paid millions to do it. Doesn't even have to come up with OC.

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>he does this 20 mintes a day and makes millions

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this thread is gay as fuck, fuck off OP with your eceleb shit

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wtf is wrong with her voice

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Pretty sure they were dating for like 8 years so she has to be a virgin unless she had her poochi pounded underage

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>doesn’t afraid of anything

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>22 years old is underage

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become an hero

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kek I snorted

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She is 26.

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>having children outside of wedlock
Terrible idea

Also pretty sure the reason he says that is to keep that shit private

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>wanting to have kids
kek get a load of this boomer

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yeah, imagine marrying a 7

fucking disgusting

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>atheist viking
>proceed to spend money for a christian ritual that will get him losing 50 % of his savings and give his woman an incentive to leave him

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>getting married
>no kids
Nothing stupider than that. That girl has 5 years to knock a kid out naturally before medical means become the only option.

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You sure you're not thinking of Varg?

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i never got this about atheists. Why do they get married under the eyes of god if the dont believed in the shit.

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>getting married

but either way I wish him and marzia the best

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you do realize a lot of his fan base grew up already right?

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When will he stop accumulating and start redpilling children en masse?

In 5 or 6 years we would have all jews hanged and all non-whites deported.

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>grew up
>man children
Biologically perhaps

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marriage predates Christianity by 10's of thousands of years

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>has $20-35 mil savings
that's cute. Hope he's been investing and planning his long term future.

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put me in screencap

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If I was him I'd be banging about three different 9/10 zoomer girls from TikTok every day, on the other hand Marzia has absolutely made it by marrying Pewds

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>Marrying a non-White Italian

Jesus. You call that making it?

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You gotta be happy for PewdiePie

Boomers remember where that nigga came from; literally dogshit annoying horrible YouTube videos. He's come a long way and matured a lot along the way. He never fell trap to the masses, he forged his own path and didn't let the disgusting mob rule change his videos/message. He did his own thing and he's been successful for it

don't mean to slob his knob because he's still a cringelord but he's done some respectable things, including getting married to a long-term sweetheart.

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Women change once they get married. You'll notice it. He'll notice it almost within a couple weeks.

Note how marzia had everything she could want in a guy. Tall, Good-looking, rich, high status, pretty alright personality. BUT NOPE SHE ALSO NEEDS A SIGNED DOCUMENT ISSUED BY THE STATE WHICH STATES HE MUST GIVE HALF OF HIS BELONGINGS, CHILD SUPPORT AND ALIMONY.

How can you see this shit and not think she's gunning for a payout? All women are whores. Remember that. So many times in my life I've been saved by it. ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES. Repeat it to yourself and you will find strength.

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oh man she has tattoos.

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ok, but here's the thing:

have sex

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It's not like he's still going to be a youtuber for 20 years or something, and as soon as that fame starts wearing off, she's exit-scamming, guaranteed. Smart girl, good for her.

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>>caught in a fishing net
>>made it

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Look at this incel that unironically thinks he's the pepe in that image for saying all women are whores.

How's that cope working out? Basically saying >Because I can't have a woman that won't leave me for my money because that's all I'm good for, NOBODY can

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Wish I could make that much money doing almost nothing
Like his videos are so low effort
Cool guy but man I am envious

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>all these normies laughing at this nigger shit

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>amerimutts claiming Italians are not white

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Why is nigger humor so funny? Is it because it's just so crude and dumb?

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Why are you a massive faggot? He has to say shit so he doesn't get banned and buried in media controversy

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Motherfucker made water come out through my nose
God damn that hurts.

Is there anything more symbolically correct than a man actually trapped in a net-like material after getting married? Life sure is ironic

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