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What is taking this faggot so long? He's been programming sharding for over two years now. Also he's not even a boy genius. He, 25.

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hes a vegan

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Vitalika is in all honesty shorting this shit to the ground right now. He has no incentive to finish sharding. Prepare for THE dump.

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>why is something that has never been done not an easy technical problem to solve
I really don't know... I just don't

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Unironically bullish. But fuck Vitalik. I know he comes here. HURRY UP.

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So what is he even doing? Typing different lines of codes and pressing enter to see if it works?

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He's incapable of making it backwards compatible. ETH2 will be a whole new chain.

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no, he is just only writing papers about on if writing different lines of codes and pressing enter would work
hint: all the papers so far have been a mess

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>vitalik is shorting eth
i unironically believe this. there's no regulation, you'd be stupid as fuck not to short and then sabotage your own coin if you were in his shoes

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This, I know Satoshi has the same plan. He will come out of the shadows one ATH to dump his coins, meanwhile shorting on BitMex to maximize the gainz.

Crypto is fucked up. Only coins with creators having no coins might survive.

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zoom out pajeet

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its a resistance line, not a support line, tard
and people whine on why their TA never works

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Due to his precipitated continual cognitive decline there won't be an ETH2.0 all operations will be suspended at 99.97% completion

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At least he is not Sergey and is not spending all the funds barebacking porn stars.

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Ya the longer it rests at resistance the higher chance it breaks out. Don't short now dummy.

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Hello man from the future

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oh you didnt hear?

they basically have to scrap ethereum and make a new 'ETH 2.0' and then a 'ETH 3.0'

essentially its a fucking mess

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Get ready for a financial shitstorm. Crypto is not a hedge.

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And ETH 2.0 will be ready by 2026 most likely. (No, staking in 2020 is not ETH 2.0). ETH PoS is vaporware at its finest.

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>Also he's not even a boy genius.
He's really not and he never was.
The only reason he's perceived as such is because he's the only programmer kiddie who even bothered to release and shill his own personal project, which by the way is nothing more than hobbyist crap and will NEVER scale to enterprise level.

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everyone who went to school with him regards him as a genius. Who the fuck are you?

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>yeah dude he was doing shit with computers, he did that coding shit, he was a genius!
t. every normie who talks about anyone who has ever programmed anything

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nice cope

eth is a timebomb ready to moon

>pos isnt eth 2
>sharding isnt eth 2
>world computer isnt eth 2
>$1tril isnt eth 2

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bc defection to Ethereum Classic

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you mean a CS program at waterloo?

read this post, which is 3 years old, and tell us what it means. I'll wait


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vitalik cope

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found the seething retard

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found the seething vitalik lmao

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Blockchain is full, only move left is exit scam

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>Only coins with creators having no coins might survive.
LTC wins again Lews Therin.

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fundamentally the blockchain is full, the worlds computer is not meant for transactions

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>literal communist shits the bed in pursuit of economic gain
Imagine my shock