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riding on the momentum of already-hyped community self-marketing is frankly a good business strat

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call a scam bro

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Thought this was fake. What the actual fuck

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Rev up the peepeepoopoo machine.

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pee pee poo poo

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sergey was the assblaster and dumped his coins on neets at some anime image board.

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This is it, I am selling. They're clearly desperate.
>muh "they didn't want you to know"

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Ah see they didn’t want us to know, the past few months was the final shake out, now they embrace the link marines that DR;NS

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>this timeline

get out of your basement

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always lean in to the curve

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>mfw its actually real
>mfw I see the comments on twitter
jesus chirst wtf /biz/


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twist: they've been kindling the hype in this community all along

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Imagine being such a shit-eating, shitcoiner faggot that you don't even realize the Link marketing team created the term "Link Marine" along with 95% of the Link meme images you see on /biz/

>the other 5% who makes LINK shill memes FOR FREE

I feel even worse for them.

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There's much less autism than I expected. The marines are getting soft.

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leave the bubble once in a while. those comments have been there a long fucking time.

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Not even a twist. It's common sense. Imagine thinking that all these altcoin threads on /biz/ were posted by "Your good fellow /biz/ bros!!!!" and not marketing shills from exchanges or the coin's team.

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I cba to make a throw away so everyone who does reply with the best "sfw" link memes

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>the past few months was the final shake out, now they embrace the link marines that DR;NS

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Obvious damage control trying to appease the stinkie plebs for continuously dumping 700k stacks on their masochistic selves.

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sending this

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honk honk

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It is beautiful anon

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dump et

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holy shit ass the guy from last night was real...

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We'll never really know for sure though.

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I actually think its embarrassing. It's a erc 20 token. And you call your self "Linkmarines" like its some transformers shit. Are Linkmarines unironically twelve years old

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well he did tell us there will be an art contest because sergey thinks we're creative and that we shouldn't be racist.

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It was obvious from day one.
Sad they had to manipulate to compensats for lack of usecase.

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>Link marketing team created the term "Link Marine"
No we co-opted it from the digi marines, retard.

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I think at this point anyone hodling link, including myself, has lost all dignity and is so invested that it’s moon or die. It doesn’t feel great to be held by the balls but I’m just gonna let this play out.

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If you don't know this you should be lurking moar.

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He read the schedule.

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If there’s anything all you LINK faggots are good for, it’s making memes. Good plan, maybe I’ll buy 100k.

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>s-senpai noticed us

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Look at this post. Holy shit. This board is fucking dead.

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Link marines in general are reddit tier

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Seething s󠀀oyboys

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It’s true tho you circle jerking faggots belong on twitter and reddit, not here

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So the guy, tat is dropping those "pills" is chain link twitter manager
top kek

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link is repeating what happened with eth here. they disgust you but they aren't going anywhere.

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lmao this is the biggest fucking scam I've ever seen on this board

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>the Link marketing team created the term "Link Marine" along with 95% of the Link meme images you see on /biz/

This is very obvious for someone who isn’t a 2016 r/The_Donald migrant. Nobody makes highly detailed images like that for some coin, not in this span of time, not all with the same level of detail. From day 1 there’s been some fag sitting in front of Photoshop receiving ideas and pumping out frog images. If this place didn’t strip the EXIF I bet most of the images would show up to have been exported in Photoshop.

Chainlink is the most soipacked thing on this board right now. If all you fags went back to Rebbit and whatever game forum you posted on we’d see a sharp drop in all the ‘how I get gf’ threads.

This didn’t happen with ETH. I shilled it since day 1 pretty much. Chainlink is overly forced and cringe. Post frequency and movement of the board was about 3X as slow before with Ethereum’s period. During the Chainlink time things here move faster than ever. It’s almost like we had a massive influx of posters from other places.

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lul you need to either go back or lurk more

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Based. Also, never buying

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I guess we remember it differently. I remember a lot of in depth ETH threads (and quantam computing/DAO FUD) and then most discussions moving to plebbit.

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Fuck chainlink it’s going to 3 cents I hope sergay dumps on all these dumbasses buying erc20 tokens with a billion supply

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Guess he didn't like all of the memes

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>but ethereum
Chainlink is not ethereum you maroons! I love how this is the linchpin in most link tards argument. What a waste of time

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I am talking specifically about conversations on here spreading out to other platforms and anons not liking the nu people.

>> No.15310590

Checked and based

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lmao link marines are worse than jannies now
>not only they do it for free but also get dumped on

>> No.15310607

nah nolinkers are worse they flood the catalogue way more

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t.seething linker

>> No.15310629

You have to understand how stupid something is to truly understand how genius it is

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yeah I sold 25k link at $3.50 I'm absolutely fuming, still have 50k that I'm never ever selling, pretty good for a NEET

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Except there’s no “conversation “ but brainless shilling. Anytime you bring up a criticism it’s read the white paper and spoon feed that. Hell the link token isn’t even required, it’s not blockchain agnostic, and trans action fees are arbitrarily set by god knows who with no contractual backing. Nobody with technical know how would use link . ITS ALL SHILLS

They need to ban link shills here

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Hahahahahahah!! Enjoy your “investment”!

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>sold 25k link at $3.50
Even if you have 50k still this is low iq as fuck bro.

>> No.15310727

Rory is calling out to us. He’s been lurking on biz since day 1. Him and Sergey love the memes. The singularity is upon us

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no you are low IQ as fuck you have no idea what link even is you probably bought the top and sold around $2 then came straight from reddit to post here, I wish I could've held on to those 25k but I rather use my own money instead of leeching of my parents

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Has Sergey ever actually communicated w any biztard

>> No.15310753

someone who was around in 2017...
Remember Digimarines? Official twitter starting to use memes is the sellsignal

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Lmao you could not be more wrong. What do you stand to gain from larping that you were here during LINK's inception? Early LINK memes were crude as fuck and one of the reasons Linkies got bullied of this board after the SIBOS dump. The term Linkmarines was copied from the Digimarines since they also got JUSTed hard in the cycle before LINK.

It's obvious that you know nothing and you're trying to bluff your way through it by acting tough and accusing others of being Rebbit. I see right through you, you faggot Nu/Biz/let

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>Nobody makes highly detailed images like that for some coin, not in this span of time, not all with the same level of detail.
Was POO POO PEE PEE just a corporate ruse too and not actually r9k? Faggot.

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>If this place didn’t strip the EXIF I bet most of the images would show up to have been exported in Photoshop.
what does this prove? I use PDN anyway.

>> No.15311050

maybe but the sell signal was also the presentation being part of a contest, massive pnd. we'll see.

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Kill yourself zoomie, I’ve been here for 12 years.

Pretty much as soon as Ethereum gained some kinda traction and dropped all the ‘will it replace Bitcoin’ shit, contenders started popping up, like LISK. Remember that shit? Many autistic duels were had over which was a scam and whatever. It took quite a while for this place to be positive towards Ethereum. The whole way it still had people who didn’t like it, we all laughed at Ethereum’s first video where Vitalik was staring into the top corner of a room not facing the camera at all like a total retard. People were like, how can you invest in someone like this? They were almost right. Autists can do incredible work but they can’t lead, they are meant to be led. That’s why today the Ethereum foundation is a mess.

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No one would sit down and make something like this without getting paid for it. I never see discussions on the technical aspect of this project only the price. It's 13yrs screaming insults,dr:ns, and DYOR

If you were a serious investor this would be very concerning.

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Spotted the newfag

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All I'm hearing is that you are new, you have no idea what you are talking about.

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just sold my whole stack. I'm done. Don't want to keep going on like this bros

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Choose. >>15311192

>> No.15311282

Can we shitpost and pisspost enough to keep that machine functioning?

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This is the biggest red flag if there wasn't one already.

>> No.15311335

Remember when it was recommend to filter out chainlink posts because of the hardcore shilling?

How many of you paid shills are here? 15?

>> No.15311345

you are a retarded reddit NPC

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>believing an erc20 token will be worth more than eth

>> No.15311367

Fucking plebbit nigger, delphi makes the memes. You have to go back.

>> No.15311384

inverse 69 get checked

>> No.15311391

Whoa, the dev team is trying to appeal to their only investors. Us.


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All aboard!

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I spent enough that it won't ultimately hurt me if it goes splat, and if it goes moonward I spent enough to still just lmao either way

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They're literally having fun of bagholders.

Holding LINK is the ultimate cuck experience.

>> No.15311558

>Remember when it was recommend to filter out chainlink posts because of the hardcore shilling?
That was to keep newfags out. Remember the "he fell for the Chainlink is a meme is a meme meme"? Same thing. You got baited hard and feel like some vindicated oldfag because you've been browsing this board for a year. You're still a newfag and fell for every meme around Chainlink, except for buying it when it was $0.20. Now who is the retard here?

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cope harder dumbass

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How long till some retarded intern ends up tweeting $1000 EOY?

>> No.15311854

>What do you stand to gain from larping that you were here during LINK's inception?
>It's obvious that you know nothing and you're trying to bluff your way through it by acting tough and accusing others of being Rebbit

Looks like I’m going to have to go through with this shit again. Alright, old tripcode, /g/, archives, 2007, etc. Having an old trip is really useful when it comes to shit like this. Now that you’ve been absolutely fucking spanked, please leave my board. I opened this place with a bunch of other /g/entoomen.

You linkfags disgust me, how you talk about pre-link post-link shit here as a measure of time. You’re all fucking new, none of you belong. It’s only been 2 years. I have chats in my phone older than this faggot ERC coin. I know this for a fact because none of you give a shit about anime. While I myself don’t either, the obvious decline in animeposting is because all you linkie retards are new.

I just won’t stop bullying you dumb fucks until you don’t feel safe to discuss your centralized ERC coin here anymore and go back to Twatter.

>> No.15311955

>If this place didn’t strip the EXIF I bet most of the images would show up to have been exported in Photoshop.
woah you mean images would have been exported in the IMAGE EDITING PROGRAM? how insanely crazy.

>> No.15311979

>Now who is the retard here?

If you still hold chainstink then it's you

>> No.15311998

This. Holy fuck if you don't know this basic crypto history, gtfo

>> No.15312000

kek mentally ill schizo

>> No.15312014

Jessis these people are so unprofessional. One dude was drinking beer on stage. Like how stupid are they

>> No.15312042

Member when scamsetti posted biz memes? That’s your fate linkys. Sell now!!!!! ITS OVER

>> No.15312050

oh shit that was hilarious

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>> No.15312130

kek did that happen today?

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Kek, they're paying winners in link. Straight out of the developer fund.

>> No.15312398

they know

>> No.15312424

how do you hash that

>> No.15312588

Responses like this are worse than just pretending you left the thread. I’ll never get how retards think posting the equivocal of ‘no u’ salvages their dumped image.

Get the fuck off my board you stupid cucklink fag.

>> No.15312627

cope and seethe some more
you had 2 years

>> No.15312654

it wasn't a chainlink team member it was the ethereum cofounder who left the eth team. don't let retarded fud get in the way. serg doesn't speak till wednesday

>> No.15312664

>boasting about being a fucking tripfag since pre-chanology
Congrats on proving that your immense faggotry extends for over a decade. That lack of self awareness and your failure to extract value out of boards as time progresses says it all.

t. 2006 oldfag now all in LINK

>> No.15312692

All in Link bitch fuck you

t.2010 newfag

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>> No.15312729

I don’t make serious, long term investments in centralized ERC coins. I’ve mined and rode P&Ds while you’ve held onto your gay bag while doing nothing else. I bet you keep your shitcoin on Biscamse too.

Why are you so upset? Why is it always like this? You’ve never been a chantard if you’ve never had a tripcode. It’s always been this way, a rite of passage. Even if just temporary for a thread. Now they’re pointless with IDs, they were reccomended for the purposes of the sole thread. Doesn’t take long for a thread to descend into a bunch of samegah accusations derailing discussion. Don’t mistake proof for a brag because there’s nothing to brag about, other than being superior to ERC shitcoin holding fags like you.

You don’t know any of this because you’re a 2016 migrant. And look, you don’t even have any proof otherwise. Don’t even bother trying to debate someone like me, you will lose every time.

Now you can leave and return home.

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File: 1.19 MB, 586x1043, king of macs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

42 anon should get at least 100 stinky linkys for his excellent marketing campaign and destruction of paid shillers/competition
also hellraiser anon deserves some credit hahaha

>> No.15312845

>you've never been a chantard if you've never had a tripcode

NIce spergout, I guess some things never change. Once an insufferable tripfag, always an insufferable tripfag.

>> No.15313002

Imagine trying to shame people for x10'ing in a bearmarket lmao. Extreme case of sourgrapes. Probably amplified because you were actually here during the LINK ICO and missed out, and then again during all of 2018's lows. Seethe and cope harder fag. Knowing that you've been on /g/ since 2008 and bragging about it tells me that you're some overweight neckbearded sysadmin anyway. Have sex, dilate etc etc

>t. 2010 newfag /fit/ /biz/ /pol/ chad

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>> No.15313107

Ya it was in the web3 cast, not one of the Chainlink guys at least but this other fucker. Like wtf are these degenerates. Being a speaker and going on stage with a fucking beer. Why is my money so tied in w some of these imbeciles. Seriously tweeting about link marines. I want us to have nothing to do with the record bc if we are mooning is never going to happen. Nobody wants to be associated w biz

>> No.15313161

>someone is submitting my OC
I feel like I should be angry but I dont have a twitter account so I hope you win faggot.

>> No.15313182
File: 642 KB, 850x478, 1565926196924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just gonna have to come up with new OC and make a shitter account

>> No.15313186


Is all you can say is "seethe".

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imagine believing this.
2 years.
priced out.

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File: 100 KB, 1881x349, linkers btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15314201

how can you say we were wrong? tell me a crypto that has performed better than link that came out in 2017

>> No.15314617


Holy fuck, this is the cancer that was killing us all along. Guess what? being an oldfag gives you 0 perks here, this isn’t reddit. We are anons here

T. 2008, I hold Link, XMR, ETH, BNB

>> No.15314619

When your army is build from /biz/ linkies you know you fucked up.

>> No.15314637

This is bearish

>> No.15314699

stole my comment

This is bearish as shit, exit now or forever hold your bags you stinks.

>> No.15314715

2005 oldfag here. Tripfags have always been gigantic homosexuals, even in the old days of 4chan.
Shoo shoo tripfags!

>> No.15314845

You don’t.

>> No.15315212

this. Linkies unironically made the biggest gains since Jan 1 2017

>> No.15315528

This might be my favorite FUD. There are call centers filled to the brim with Bangladeshis, all trying to comvert a bunch of NEETs into a cult just by being friendly.

>> No.15315577

Only said it once and for good reason. This thread is filled to the brim with coping sourgrapes fags who are seething so hard it's palpable.

>> No.15315634

Do you know how all in we are? How much of our life this takes? Of course we're going to have some fun and make "fan art" if you will

>> No.15315650

>it was recommend to filter out chainlink posts
By you I'm guessing? Fag

>> No.15315701

Kek link marines? We're stinky linkies always have and always will be

>> No.15315864
File: 147 KB, 498x621, 1561931342220.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm with you. Co-opting the digimarines seemed always like bad mojo to me. They got heavily justed. Also Stinkies sounds way cuter.

>> No.15316843

wow havent seen that trip in a long time.. damn that takes me back

>> No.15317136

Imagine being this much of a faggot.
Stupid kike.

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