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>/biz/ hasn't come up with a new meme since the 30 year old boomer and bogdanofs

Literally shorted 100K bitcoins right now because bitcoin is powered by meme magic and we are out of meme magic.

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what about the 700k meme that ive forced on this board, nigger? what about the drns meme that linkfags have been spamming as a result? eat shit OP.

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>what is the wagecage

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this one as well.

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Op is a faggot, welp im all out of ideas.

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I created the 30 yo boomer meme and helped spread the bog meme. I moved to /tv/ and pol, sorry bros.

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30 year old boomer was created on /fit/ not here

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>I moved to /tv/ and pol, sorry bros.
>not being a /biz/raeli /pol/ack

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I enjoy "have sex". Is that not a biz meme?

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>biz just convinced possibly thousands of people Satoshi is some pajeet shitcoin scammer in Pakistan

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/pol/ meme

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>moved on from /biz/ while on /biz/

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