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21K to make it, which should keep you in the top 100 until this cracks $5.

Make it so.


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Why would this ever gain some kind of market cap? It's a smaller and faster version of Bitcoin, no special features

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Implementation? Growth and building? Speculation? Take your pick. Very easy to work with (unlike Snowblossom). Many have tried and failed to keep this up, and this dev is obviously committed. Miners are following. The dev has mentioned privacy. Could implement staking but "not any time soon".

Besides...what does this remind you of? Bitcoin? Everything else people thought wouldn't go anywhere until it 100x'd? This is a good call across the board and if you can't see it, ya hopeless.

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Bitcoin was 10y ago. None of the "faster, better" shitcoins is still relevant today.

I just can't see how a solo developer can create something that will have its own ecosystem down the road - and without that, it won't be worth shit.

Sorry, I like the tech (like Snowblossom) but I believe we are no longer in the time where amazing tech is all you needed. Too much competition that has some semblance of a business plan at the least.

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>he doesn't think developers will get on board with this.

September should be fun for you.

>> No.15297157

What developers? It doesn't feature smart-contract capabilities.

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>he thinks development needs smart contracts

not gonna make it

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