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how do you cope with the fact that you're going to die, and be dead for eternity, like this life was just a meaningless blink and you never even existed to begin with ?

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I hope that singularity hits and gives me mind uploading technology to preserve my smartness.

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Didn't read; not dying

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Cope? I thank every day that it's all meaningless.

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When i die I will be reunited with God. so i don't have to cope at all

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I cope by buying more LINK

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You either go to heaven or Hell

A non muslim is gauranted hell though

And this post is trash

Belief in
Lailahilallah muhammad rasullalah

is the only thing that will help you when you are in the grave

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I think about that everyday to remind myself the more important thing in life is the experience

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My soul will be finally free from this prison of flesh and bones. I do not fear it, but look on to it with curiosity.
Until then, I will do what I can on this earth, living justly so, for one day I will be held responsible for what occurs in my life.

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True physical life is not important in all aspects, It is a tool for teaching. It has to feel real so that we play the game correctly, It's all for the advancement of the human soul, Which modern religion refuses to acknowledge. They have the audacity to claim jewish religions are good in nature while being tricked by these same religions into believing what is actually good and has been slandered as evil and believing it as such. A clown world we live in.

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The game is lame when the ladder board doesn't change for millennia. Jk my character unironically bested many fields of thought

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>>A clown world it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception. Those who will see it will be thought of as incels

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Death is relief from all problems. I managed 13.7 billion years of non existence so far, i can handle another infinity.

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Link Marines will be the only race to transcend death

did read; dying

I'm cool with it all being meaningless, but the feeling of almost never existing to begin (in the grand scheme) is a little bit weird

Correct answer

Don't believe things just cause it was written in a book dyor


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>13.7 billion
That's a nice guess anon

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Who gives a fuck. This is baby tier thinking who just figured out he's going to die after he had to flush his goldfish down the toilet. Are you some child who can't cope with the fact that he's going to stop existing someday and the world will continue to go on without him like it has for billions of years before he was even born?

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If there really is a grand scheme, then no matter how small your part is, you play that part.

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With the fact, that from my point of view, it's actually death for eternity that is a meaningless blink.

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based and meaninglessblink pilled

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OP if you climb a mountain and then die and blip out of existence for eternity, you’re saying climbing that mountain is drained of any significance. But what if you climbed that mountain and then lived forever? It would be similarly insignificant as you would presumably climb infinite more mountains, as well as other even more significant things. If you exist forever, everything you consider to have meaning is infinitely watered down.

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by buying more LINK

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>he hasn't taken the 42 pill

Oh ye of little faith...

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It's a relief to be honest

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there is a very strong mk ultra going on on all link holders about existencialism and nihilism, stay strong anons don't let glowies em get you

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Years of living on 4chan has granted me second sight. I fear nothing.

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I am going to fight death tooth and nail and prolong my existence for 100 000 000 years.

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I don't see it as a bad thing. In fact, being dead might be awesome, and we wouldn't even know it.

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