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Hey /biz/, I'm a relative newfag to this board, got a question for the other fucking leafs here: What's the best source for buying crypto in leafland? Coinbase is blocking my transactions, so I wanna know what the majority of you guys use?

To make things more interesting, feel free to bitch about the Canadian economy and/or how it's nearly impossible to buy a home near the GTA or Vancouver in this thread.

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What's the best way to cash out in Canada?

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Bitbuy.ca - use email money transfer for deposit and withdrawal. Be a top lad and use my referral code


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Ya I like bitbuy.

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Seems pretty good after a bit of research, thanks m8, enjoy your referral bonus. We're all gonna make it.

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Cheers bro, appreciate it

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You made a sponsorship thread for bitbuy, leaf

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I use coinberry. its not the cheapest but its fast and works with large e-transfers.

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I used coinsquare and was able to etransfer deposit pretty easily. Have not sold/withdrawn at all though

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I didn't mean to I swear

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quadriga of course

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