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Is it true that girls can smell if you're a virgin?

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That’s what perfume and deodorant is for

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no but condom

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Ya know, girls are virgins too

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Men don't have virginity, dumbass.

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Femanon here. Yes, this is unironically true. AMA. Not larping

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Choke on my cock

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Choke on mine as well.

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you're not cute

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>yes anon, I like to rp as a girl to spread stupid bs, how could you tell

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yes its pure instinct like the dogs

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FIguratively, yes.

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not smell, but it's a sort of sense

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I must come clean, I was actually larping this whole time

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of course they can, why do you think this meme exists>>15288343

On the otherhand, it is also possible for guys to smell virgin woman, implying you are not a basedweller autistic videogame playing incel

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Not a woman but even I can tell if a guy is a virgin. Virgin dudes react to the world as if they are a child: when situations or the subject of sex/romance/flirting comes up they act/speak with the tacit assumption that they are exempt from the world of sex/romance. And they usually have subtly childlike mannerisms and interests, it's hard to point to anything specific, they just instantly register on my radar.

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>musk, dry semen, and whatever you last ate

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the verdict is in: transexual

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>they are exempt from the world of sex/romance

Effectively, we are.

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They can smell lack of confidence, which is pretty much the same.

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>when situations or the subject of sex/romance/flirting comes up they act/speak with the tacit assumption that they are exempt from the world of sex/romance
Very relatable from my point of view. I've had a few girls in the past that showed interest in me and I acted like this had nothing to do with me. I told myself there's no way any girl would want to have anything with a guy like me. Which of course it means I'm a virg in my twenties.

I am kinda trying to correct it, be more assertive and all that, but this is some shit that is deeply rooted in the unconscious. Virginity really is a state of mind, and a very fucked up one.

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shut up bitch

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